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Civalya De Sairafaen, royal princess of the House of Aquaea, and the royal Family Vxa.

User:  [Sairafaen]

Race: Aquaean Elf
Age: 304 yrs
Gender: Female
Rank/Class/Title: 19th lvl. De, translated to Aquaean Princess/Druid/Parazha/Acanthalid ~(just recently aquired! woot woot)
Appearance: 6'0, about 135lbs., Olive toned skin. Iridescent white hair with an ashen streak in the front. Purple and silver eyes. She has tattoos of her family crest braided around both upper arms. She also has SEVERAL scars, including a burn from a fireworks mishap on her right hand, where she is also missing a finger. She has a scar on her left shoulder from Jack for shutting up his idiotic girlfriend with a sleepdart. There are more scars, but those listed are the interesting ones.
Affinities: Fae Blood, Platinum
Skills: Shapeshifting (any animal of tiny to huge including dire,large medium or small sized elemental, and plant creature; augmented shift list at bottom**), Augmented Companion Atreya, Sidestepping, Craft Origami, Knowledge Inath, Poet/scribe/Artist/Messanger (sigils and signs), Infinite Language Knowledge (minus Aleph but I'm working on it!), Thousand Faces, Druidic Spellcasting, Basic Telekinetic (10lbs for min/lvl).
Personality: Annunciates very clearly when speaking, Whistles when happy, Royal, Proud, Uncommitted when it comes to relationships, Strong, Drinks heavily when distressed (which is a lot these days), and is hell bent on saving every living soul on the material plane (now you see the reasoning for the drinking).
Origins: Tiahaara Civalya was born on the island of Vxa, as a Princess of the Aquaean Nation. She is the daughter of the Oryar Toran, the Oriaya Leelani, and sister to Anaiya, Saira, Torrence, and Dyrivian (rebel). Upon denying her betrothel to the Prince of Mer, Oran, The Oryar and Oriaya sent her on a mission the save their floating island of Vxa from crashing into the cliffs of Eastonia. During her travels, her father falls ill and dies, leaving the position of Oryar to her. On her journey, she finds the most unusual aid to hr task at hand, in the help of two Drow and a Dwarf. (ARRRGGGGGHHH). Upon her return, with the safety of her island assured, and her island just recently made freely mobile, she begins traveling the world. If only she new at the time, the troubles and responsibilities that lie ahead.
Other: Her Augmented Companion, Atreya/Atreyu is her only true friend. Given to her at birth, Atreya is the only reminder that she has of her beloved Uncle Myeere, who disappeared shortly before her childhood ended. (dun dun dunnnnn)

**Inath Augmented Shift List:**
(original shift to augmented to Inath powered)
Panther to Destrachen to G'ni
Snake Constricter to Couatl to Shadar Couatl
Dire Bear to Behir to Yuan'Ti Anathema
Large Octopus to Cryo-Lernaean Hydra (7 heads+breath) to same Hydra with Mana Point Head Conversion
Giant Owl to Roc to Chaos Roc (which rocs)

***This is the tabletop version of this character. There will be a wiki specific rendition that will be more balanced as a playable character. But, for now, this will do.***

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2005-12-22 [xido]: This character will have a modern wiki-version and a real-world updated version, for player tabeltop game use. The wiki version will be a bit younger and not as powerful as the character's current status.

2005-12-22 [Tranquility]: wow you should write a book...

2006-02-25 [Sairafaen]: Thank you. I'm actually in the process of writing a novel, but there will be some time before that is completed. If you would like to view an intro, check it out! Civalya De Sairafaen

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