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Thunder Cid for the Crew

"For the good of the community."


Desired Position: Council member who specializes in Elftowns history and competitions.


Elftown work related experience:
Member of the Elftown Guides, Seat on the Board of Governors, Member of the Patrollers, Columnist for The Town Herald, Member of the Festivals staff, Teacher and head of the Chemistry department.

Heddate work related experience:
Trainee in the Elf12 Council
Member of the Elf12 Patrollers


Extracurricular activities and awards:
Former featured member
Participant in Elftowns Valentines, Christmas, and Halloween poetry competitions.
Participant in the ET Roleplayers.
Photographer for the reference pictures
Poet for the Elftown Creature Marathon
Creator and Moderator of the Landscape Photo Contest 2009-2010, Haiku Contest, and Black&White photo contest 2008-2009


Career goals and objectives:
To build new role playing competitions.
To discuss ideas and build new marathons.

Who am I personally
I am an artist with a double specialty in sculpture and acrylics. In my free time I love to sketch Final Fantasy characters and hummingbirds. I'm also an avid writer working on my third book. Occasionally I submit a poem to the daily poem when I feel it's up to par. If I have the time I will participate in a role playing adventure on Elftown. In all honesty I'm a normal person, granted I do love being a nerd. I've been told I'm both hard working and a procrastinator. I'm typically a friendly person, though socially awkward most of the time. One of the things I am proud of myself for being able to do is problem solve in a logical manner. So in a nutshell I'm a awkward, hardworking, nerdy, logical artist.

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2009-03-18 [Thunder Cid]: Oh I see.

2009-03-18 [Alexi Ice]: Yep, thats fine though it is fun work, what I really want to do is become a daily poem mod...I even told Linderel that ^^ LOL.

2009-03-18 [Thunder Cid]: Ironic I want to do some work with the featured story.

2009-03-18 [Alexi Ice]: The feature story?

2009-03-18 [Thunder Cid]: Yeah have you not seen it yet. It is fairly new I believe, but i caught wind of it about a week ago.

2009-03-18 [Alexi Ice]: No! Could you send me the link?

2009-03-18 [Thunder Cid]: Sure can featured story

2009-03-18 [Alexi Ice]: Thankies!

2009-03-18 [Thunder Cid]: Yep yep ^^

2009-03-18 [Alexi Ice]: I feel dirty. I just nominated my own story...>> Normally I would never do that but...that badge is cute.

2009-03-18 [Thunder Cid]: No worries I did the same thing.

2009-03-18 [Alexi Ice]: Lol! Thats ok if it is new they probably need nominations of anykind >> and it wasn't prohibited.

2009-03-18 [Thunder Cid]: I can't wait to see when they will start putting stories up.

2009-03-18 [Alexi Ice]: Me either! Chimes is a genious!

2009-03-18 [Thunder Cid]: Kissing up much?

2009-03-18 [Chimes]: :P It's 'cause she knows I pop up everywhere.
Also, yes it is new, hence why it doesn't have a mainstreet slot yet. :] Cid, you found it a couple of days after it was set up, I think.

2009-03-18 [Thunder Cid]: Yeah I have a nose for things like that.

2009-03-18 [Chimes]: Or you saw it in my diary? :P

2009-03-18 [Thunder Cid]: Actually I didn't.

2009-03-18 [Chimes]: Well, you saw it somewhere. :P

2009-03-18 [Thunder Cid]: I saw [Linderel]'s new badge and was wondering where it came from to be honest.

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