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Thor review

If you are indeed a true comic book nerd, you should advert your eyes now. This movie would have done much better without the 'Marvel' stamp upon it. Like many of the 'comic into movie' genre films, it does not deliver the true Thor to the screen. But, if you take the 'Marvel' out, it is a magnificent film.

The first thing that grabs the audience is the music. Many movie producers do not fully realize the importance of proper background music in films. Because of this, the music will fail to match the scene, or it will lend the wrong emotion. Thor, however, delivers the right music at the right time, setting up epic scenes with epic music.

Properly done cinematics and special effects are key to a good super hero movie. And Thor properly delivers those as well. The computer generated scenes meld exceedingly well with the actors in those scenes, and everything looks so realistic (and if you saw it in theaters, 3D) you just want to live there to see it for yourself.

The actors chosen for the roles were also perfect. Chris Hemsworth, who played Thor, pulled off the arrogant and cocky god to a tee, using his good looks (and perfectly sculpted body) to convince viewers that he is the thunder god. Alongside him is Natalie Portman, who plays the love interest, Jane, Anthony Hopkins, playing Odin, Thor's father, and Tom Hiddleston as Loki, Thor's brother. The actors all have the perfect chemistry that makes the characters blend seamlessly.

Overall, the only thing that brings this movie down is the 'Marvel' stamp and the let down to the true comic nerds. Otherwise, it is a great movie and I highly suggest seeing it if you haven't already.
/ [Flisky]

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2011-07-30 [Lord Josmar]: How can you take the Marvel out of a Marvel comic?

2011-07-31 [Flisky]: The movie doesn't exactly follow canon Marvel Thor. If it was just a movie about Thor, the god, it would have been good. But Marvel's Thor is different. If that makes sense.

2011-07-31 [Lord Josmar]: What your saying is that the mythological Thor is different then the Marvel Thor?

2011-07-31 [Flisky]: Not exactly. I'm saying that the Marvel Thor is different from Mythological Thor...which is not the same thing.

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