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Thomas S. & James P. Spradley: Deaf Like Me review

I chose this book to read for my sign language course . Didn't regret it at all.

It's a true story of a little girl named Lynn who's born Deaf. She still can hear a bit, but it won't help her in her daily life.
Her parents (the father Thomas is the other writer of the book) don't know how to help their child. They end up taking her to several experts of educating and helping Deaf children.

The book tells how the parents try so many ways to understand and communicate with their child until they finally find the way and can ask Lynn "how was your day?".

It's touching and it really makes you think: to take a step from your normal daily life to the life without sounds.
Though it takes place in the 1960s, it's still a good remind for all of us of how little time it has been since some people were regarded as inferior.

(Deaf is written in capitals for purpose. I read somewhere that it's the word they like to be used on themselves. You can correct me if I'm wrong.)

/ [Caterin S.]

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