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2011-05-14 16:21:58
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Think Before You Think review

Think Before You Think

Have you seen that little ad at the bottom of some wiki-pages, that tells you to Think Before You Think? Do you know what happens when you click it? It takes you to the website of Think Before You Think,

Think Before You Think is a webcomic about Julia, who has a problem: she keeps making a fool of herself in front of Brian, the guy at the coffeeshop who is suspiciously amazing at getting people the order they want before they order it. Well, turns out that not only does having a crush on someone make you do awkward things, it also makes you think really awkward things - and that's a problem when the object of your attraction can hear your thoughts. Let hilarity, that amazingly awkward cringe-inducing version of hilarity ensue.

There is just something very natural about the stories of Think Before You Think, they have that kind of anecdotal everyday-feel to them that I particularly enjoy. It's a very down-to-earth exploration of "what if someone actually could hear people's thoughts."

As a sample of the delightful things that Think Before You Think provides I would like to share this strip from earlier on in the series. Then while you're there you can click and read a couple more :)

/ [iippo]

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