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2005-11-19 16:19:18
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Jobs for thiefs among elftown.
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Job: Ebony ring
Reward: 100 gp
Description: An expensive ring is inside an chest in a large tower, it is guarded by one mage wich has the key to this chest.
Progress: With the cover of night Shadow Stalker climbed the wall she carefully looks through the window. The mage is standing facing the door the is a sword at his belt and the key is clasped in his hand. Shadow Stalker takes out her blow pipe and with silent accuracy she fires a homemade poison dart. The dart lands in his neck killing him instantly.
Shadow Stalker climbed through the window took the key and opened the chest. She grabbed the ring and climbed back down the tower and stalked off into the night.

Job: Riaki's Umbrella
Reward: 100 gp
Description: Riaki has lost her umbrella she is offering 100 gp to the first thief finding it. Be carefull other thiefguilds will be present. Nobody knows where this umbrella is. I've got a anonymous hint it is hidden in this town. But is being guarded more than just guards. A room without windows with one door and one key. None of the guards cary keys. The umbrella is trapped, when removed an inferno will be unleashed into the room and an regiment of warriors will search every inch of the building.
Progress:mina run up to where the umbrela is being held and looks at the door and stand back and shoots an arrow which blows it up before takeing the umbrela she looks around and plugs up all of the holse where the fire will come out and take the umbrela and switch is it with an i dentcal one and runs off snickering

job:the jewaled sword
description:a sword is being held in a wizards tower in a swamp. the sword was stolen from dwarven forgers in the high mountian range's.within tower there are for 10 wizards and 5 dragons gaurding the room where the sword is held.
Progress: [Shadow Rakasi] Rakasi studys the floor plans of the tower and after I feel like I can find my way around I head for a long journey to the tower. After five days of rough travel the tower comes into view, knowing it to be certain death to show myself in the middle of the day I rest untill night fall, then after the sun has gone under, I fill the gap that was between me and the sword, I look for the door,there seems to be a door there I check its locks, not locked.. I oil the hinges and open the door, the door still squeeks a little. Then When I am inside I survey my surroundings, I see a wizard laying back in a chair asleep not asleep... mumbling a spell and in deep consentration.. I take out Dagger of Shadows and filtrate behind him. I slit his throat and geltly lay him down so no sound is made. I check his pouches . nothing much I can use but 4gp. I then make my way down a long hallway. I reach some sprialing stairs and slowly climb them, testing each for traps. when I get to the top I am met by a door. I test it for traps and lockage , locked , but no trap. I take out my lockpicks and pick the lock. I then oil the hinges and slowly open the door.. Befor me is a huge chamber filled with gold and many prizes. a great red dragon looms befor me also. I shrink back as the dragonfear grabs me. I try to ignore it and suceed a little. I walk in and call upon Shadow Dagger, I move around to the other side of the room and see another doorway, I walk through and see 4 wizards at a table talking. "I havn't heard from Ziltha at the door yet maybe somethings wrong." said a short halfling looking wizard. "yes we should check on him" said an older wiser looking wizard. they get up and walk slowly to where I stand (good thing I am a shadow) and walk into the dragons lair and to the door "ITS UNLOCKED!! yelled a wizard. I filtrate out of this room to the next where I see 3 dragons of a much smaller size laying down sleeping. one raised its head at the wizards shout. not hearing anything more it layed its head back down. I went to the door on the other side of the room, carefully turning back to a solid I test the door, unlucked thankfully, I open it and shut it swiftly and quietly.. forgetting to oil and paying the price as a shreeking squeek sounds out. I call upon Shadow dagger and rush up the stairs that seemingly go up forever. at the top I turn back to flesh. The door in front of me is HUGE! theres no way I will be able to reach the handle and pull it open befor morning! then I notice theres a smaller human sized door hidden in the darkness at the left side of the door. I slowly open it not worrying about traps or oiling, the door swings open and bangs aginst the wall, I rush in no longer trying to be stealthly, befor me is the biggest, meanest, looking green dragon I have ever seen, the dragon opened its mouth to blow its green gasy breath at me , luckily I had sence to call upon Shadow Dagger and filtrate to the dragons belly, I stabed upwards and quickly dodged the green acid that poured out of the wound, I rush to the dragons tail and jump up onto its back making my way to its neck I am almost thrown off as it swings wildly about. I get to its neck and stab many many times. after what seemed like 40 slashes and gashes it droped its head to the ground. I hop down and look around. I see a sword sticking out of a pile of gold. it matches the discription... I walk over to it and grab it. I then start to loot the gold pile. all of a sudden I hear a loud roar and whirl around . the dragon it not dead! he starts to pound his feet into the floor and swinging his tail at the walls, they start to crack. then suddenly the dragon falls and creates one last giant crack, the whole tower is deathly scilent. then it feels as if the world were falling, I realize that if I don't get out I will die under many tones of rock tower. I see a window,thankfully already shattered, I start running for it. I pull out Shadow Dagger and cling to the sword in my other hand. I leap far out into the dark void and start to fall a long fall, just befor I hit the ground I call upon Shadow Dagger one last time befor I black out. I awake the next morning to find the tower has fallen and everything within it is now gone forever. I still have the sword I set out for in my hand. I sheath Shadow Dagger and make my way back to get my reward, on my way back I count the loot I managed to grab befor the tower fell, 78gp.. very nice..I return to the dwarfs and collect my reward..i hope ^^
writen by [Shadow Rakasi]

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