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The World thus far...



Purity is only the state prior to corruption; the incorruptible soon becomes the extinct
A'shekaz Thadre

In the beginning, the world was wild an untamed, and great beasts roamed the land. In that moment, in the peak of mount Ki'Afisal appeared the planetarii the ancient Nai'ithar (the people of the planet), the Nai'ithar soon realized their superiority over the other species of the lands. However, as they were pure and good the Nai'ithar called them to their side, and taught them the ways of the gods, and the other races were grateful and loved them. However, the rumors of the abundance and plenty on the new lands soon spread to the elemental planes, home of the Nai'ithar and a flock of planetarii arrived to the new lands. However with new planetarii came new demands, the Nai'ithar needed more territories and one after another they conquered those who used to love them. Soon enough the Nai'ithar became greedy and tyrannical and enslaved the races that used to occupy the recently conquered territories. A group of Nai'ithar however rejected the imperialism of their Brethren, and as the name of Nai'ithar became a curse and a synonym for enslavers, these dissidents called themselves Planetarii, they returned to the ancestral peak of Ki'afisal and settled there, and remained true to their doctrines and dedicated their life to atone for the sins of Nai'ithar.

Although the Nai'ithar were enraged for the dissension of their brothers, their conquest was far from over, for their powers were great, but were waning, soon, the Nai'ithar were forced to rely on machinery and technology, for as they became apart from their elemental origins, their power weakened. And as they drove their enslaved servants with their whips farther and farther, these began to die and the Nai'ithar were forced to enslave their own kin, and banish them to the confines of the earth and they were stripped from the name of the Nai'ithar since it was forbidden for the Nai'ithar to harm their kin, and were only known as the Weaklings, since they had no strength to fight their masters. And in the darkness of Skarrad mines the Weaklings worked for their masters.

50 thousand years had passed since the rise of the Nai'ithar on Ki'Afisal. Their magics by now were so weakened; the Nai'ithar no longer manifested the power of the elements on their bodies. And without their mighty powers and the insufficient labor of the Weaklings, their empire soon began to collapse under its own weight. The races of old, the few who had survived secluded and hidden, began to strike at the empire's borders. The Nai'ithar soon became desperate and there began the war of Ly'mhas, who was the Flame Nai'ithar Leader of the Empire. For the first time on their history the domain on Nai'ithar was challenged, as the united armies of the Lizard King Ovidius marched against the capital city Yath'al and Emperor Ly'mahs Angeti was killed in combat, a young general called Thadre gathered all Nai'ithar to himself, and asked them for the last of their power to repel those who threatened them. However they were deceived, Thadre stripped the Nai'ithar of their powers and became a god amongst the mortals, and none could contend with him. Thadre quickly wiped out the army of Ovidius and moved his sight against Ki'Afisal, the ancestral home of the only ones who could contend with him, the planetarii.
However Thadre underestimated the planetary, for over 1000 years he waged war against the forces of Ki'Afisal. Until finally his persistence broke through the defenses of the planetarii, and he reached the rift on the heart of Ki'Afisal, which had brought the Nai'ithar to the world and there he found out that this time, he, had been deceived. Since the inhabitants of the outer planes who never crossed over had never been corrupted, the unstained they were called, and their power was enough to match Thadre's, with the immense power of the rift, and the aid of the Planetarii, Thadre was bound to the core of the earth, where he was doomed to fight the Unstained ones for eternity, meanwhile the Planetarii remained to guard the rift of Ki'Afisal so Thadre would not be released into the world ever again. Nevertheless, the scars of Thadre's corruption were still fresh in the land, and yet another 20 thousand years later, the consequences of the fell Nai'ithar were still to be seen.


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