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The World of Vampyrs!


Welcome, my seductive, blood sucking children of the night. I am Countess Amyntas of Transylvania. Please, before we go any further, I shall need your name in Human blood. Please if you want to be apart have a blood bath with [Kiss of the vampyr]...... she does not bite..... hard........

Blood and Bites Always,
Count Dragonic & Countess Amyntas


Our Guard try to mess with us....
you'll have to go through him (and stakes will not work)


Head Vampyrs:
[A Dragons Hero] Count Dragonic
[Kiss of the vampyr] Countess Amyntas

Welcome those of the night,Please sit, drink and enjoy the red wine of life.Please for those of you that join go through the pics and choose your vampyr character.

Night walkers:
[Pyro Princezz]
[CherryChik3] - Dampiel, more or less
[katriana_borgova] - vampire with vengeance
[punk tinkerbell]
[J. "dragonruler" Rouse] Reyven (looks like Christian picture for description pictures)
[Gemini of the Black Rose]
[Cougar] is the original of the Heat Vampires. mistess of her own brood and interested in alliances.
[Effulgent Vampyress] Eternal Darkness Bathing in Blood
[ali the green frog]
[Shadow Minx]
[Mother of the shadows]
[Lola S.]

Vampyr characters Chicks
Vampire Characters Guys
Our Vampyrs


Residences are now being set up that a house is to be chosen for them to reside in.


Derricks Mansion


Kiss of the Vampyrs Mansion


Gunlouc's Mansion



suspended in Dusk wanna become a vampire? talk to [katriana_borgova]

The World of Dragons Love dragons? here's where you can adopt them! talk to [A Dragons Hero]

Username (or number or email):


[Earoluim]: I am the new head masterso if any questions feel free to ask.

[Earoluim]: I am the new head master so if any questions feel free to ask.

[Earoluim]: Well how is the other wiki coming along I haven't seen a change in a while

[katriana_borgova]: alright. I've been unbelievably busy as of late but I am starting to get caught up on all my ET stuff.

[Earoluim]: coolers . well make sure you get the link change this one is going to be closed

[katriana_borgova]: I will change it right away. ^_^

[Earoluim]: Thanks

[katriana_borgova]: no prob. ugh, i need sleep. School sux and sleep is vital. Too much school, not enough sleep.

[vampire_wish]: *smiles* hey! how are you people?

[Effulgent Vampyress]: I'm sick :S ...

[katriana_borgova]: See above comment.

[The 5 Elements]: whats been happening, i havent been on for so long

[Gattsuo]: i was accepted...go me

[whispered_pain]: hey everybody

[Earoluim]: hello this sight has been moved to The world of the vampires due to the fact that the heads here haven't been seen for over a 154 days

[The 5 Elements]: whys that

[Earoluim]: bacusae the other 2 head masters have neglected this page and reoded the paswwords before they left

[The 5 Elements]: ok then

[katriana_borgova]: hmmm...odd.

[The 5 Elements]: i know

[Earoluim]: ...............

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