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Caution! Witch at Work! Pages May Appear Without Notice!

Merry meet, and welcome! If you are interested in the religion Wicca, or maybe just
someone looking into the art of Witchcraft, you're welcome here! I hope you can find what you're
looking for here. If you have any questions you're welcome to send them to me at any time, and
if I can't answer your question I will try to find someone who can. Thank you for visiting, again, and enjoy your stay!
Blessed be! -- [Bookwyrm]

Please do not distribute the content of this wiki or any pages associated
with this wiki without the express consent of the author(s).


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I will not tolerate liars, "playgans", or hateful people. This includes members. If you
cause trouble on my wiki, you will be reported and removed from the wiki. You have been forewarned.
Also, to forestall any potential arguments on the matter, Wicca is not the oldest religion
on the planet. It is entirely a New Age religion, created on the basis of witchcraft.
If you start that argument here, you will be re-educated.


[Disclaimer:] The purpose of this site is to give general information to the reader.
I, Elftown, or any directly, or indirectly affiliated entity disclaim any liability to any person,
arising directly, or indirectly from the use of or from any errors or omissions in the information
within these pages and their links. The adoption and the application of any information
is at the discretion of the reader, and is their sole responsibility.

This wiki is a Safe Zone.

About the Author:
I am not a leading authority on Wicca, Witchcraft, the Mysteries, or anything at all really.
I am not a teacher of Wicca or Witchcraft. I am not a High Priestess. I am not all-knowing,
and I am not "always right". I am a young woman winding her way down her spiritual path.
A young woman who would like to share with others her experiences and information, in
hopes of learning of their experiences and information as well. I am a young woman searching
for others of like-minds and similar beliefs. I am a young woman who is dedicated, intelligent,
and devoutly spiritual in her own mind. I am searching for spiritual satisfaction and happiness.
I hope that this is enough for my members, friends, and family.


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2009-10-28 [Bookwyrm]: -pokes new graphics- :)

2009-10-28 [Ravendust]: ooh, graphics are very nifty :)

2009-10-29 [Bookwyrm]: Thankee. ^_^ Was my first experiment with photoshop. My boyfriend has it on his computer and I fiddled with it for a bit.

2009-10-29 [Ravendust]: you did a lovely job :3

2009-10-29 [Bookwyrm]: Thankee again. ^_^ So how've you been? I haven' heard from anyone around here in quite some time.

2009-10-29 [Ravendust]: I've gotta wait for a new pc to be able to play with graphics again... :( A few more weeks...

2009-10-29 [Ravendust]: had a bout of bad luck for a while, but things are steadily improving :) how about you?

And I know, it's been a while since I've seen any activity here...

2009-10-29 [Bookwyrm]: Oooh, what's happened? I'd love a new pc myself, but we're still paying for this laptop is next. ^___^

I'm sorry you've had bad luck, but glad things are improving. It's been pretty much the same for me. Things got real rough during my divorce, but now that I'm free of that relationship...well...I've become a much healthier person for it. Despite some of my current health issues. XD Let's just say my mental health is much more on the incline.

Yes it has been very quiet around here. :( I think that's mostly due to the loss of [Eloura]. She was one of the sweetest, most talkative members, and was very welcoming. I still miss her. I hope we can bring some life back to the wiki, though. It'd be nice to keep things active. :)

2009-10-29 [Ravendust]: My computer's just way old and outdated, I'm getting a trade-in for a much newer model, it's just gonna take a little while.

Oh believe me, I'm glad things are improving too, my health as well. Hey, we've all got our fair share of problems, mental or otherwise. I certainly hope things continue to improve for you too.

I'm sure we all miss [Eloura]. But I do hope that things get active around here again, I'd like to see how everyone's been. :)

2009-11-14 [Bookwyrm]: -nods- So would I. It'd be fantastic. :D

2009-11-14 [Ravendust]: So, my luck's been a bit mixed, almost lost a friend due to a third party's instigating and lost my job for no apparent reason (they won't tell me why I was let go, stopped giving me hours for two weeks, and I kept trying to get ahold of my boss... Finally I was told to return my stuff and get my final pay...) However, I have a new laptop, which is so much faster than my old pc...

2009-11-14 [Bookwyrm]: Ugh, that's exactly what happened to my boyfriend. It was ridiculous. And worse, his bosses were friends of the family. >.< Kudos on the laptop though. I'd love to get a new one myself since my ex broke mine years ago and never replaced it. -_-

2009-11-14 [Ravendust]: yeah, I'm just hoping I can get things completely turned around for the better sometime soon...

2010-01-03 [Bookwyrm]: -nods- Me too, hon. :) -crosses fingers for you-

2010-07-05 [Bookwyrm]: Okay so here's the deal, I simply don't keep this page updated as much as I want to. This isn't because of a lack of interest in the wiki, but rather difficulty keeping things updated, fresh, and also fixing errors on two separate wikis--as this wiki is operated on both Elfpack and Elftown. This wiki is approximately 300 pages in size...that's a LOT of pages to keep updated!! is my proposal...

I'm thinking of creating a blog or website on which all this information and more will be available. I will be taking direct copies of everything here, and keeping them on the external site--with the fixes, corrections, and updates that are needed on the wiki. I already have all the pages from this wiki copied down and they are being reformatted and rewritten as necessary.

I'm thinking I may recreate the Grimoire on a website, which will be connected to a blog that will have regular ramblings, tips, and extra stuff from me...that way I'll always have something to do.

The website/blog WILL have ads, but they will be ads pertaining to our subject if at all possible. I know this may gain some groans, but at the present time I'm unemployed, and really need to find a way to make at least a little income, so I hope you'll forgive me from trying to keep food in my stomach--especially when there's a little one in there too. :P

Also I hope to create a "product-testing" part of the blog, where I purchase something from popular online witchcraft supply stores (hopefully ones that are on our ad list), test them out myself, and write an honest review about the product in question. I know there's a lot of issues with faulty witch-suppliers online, and I'd like to help with that myself. But first--I need an income. :P

There will also be a weekly "advice column" section if I have enough followers on the blog.

So my question to you all is...would you visit the site? Would you visit the blog? Would you be interested in seeing this happen? This is my first step to my online witchcraft supply store, and I need some feedback. What do you all think? :)

2010-10-31 [Ryu-tenshi]: I rather enjoy the idea of having everything in one place that is outside of Elftown. I unfortunately do not visit as often, since the passing of my dear sister [Eloura]. So an external page would be very helpful to me, and my students.

2011-02-02 [Bookwyrm]: I have a hard time coming here too without [Eloura]. She really kept the community here together.

As a note, I am still working on the rewriting of the ENTIRE wiki. I've got it all up in a word document on my laptop, so I can work on it even when I'm not able to access the internet.

It's taking longer than I expected it to with the arrival of my little one, but I promise it's still being worked on, and I'm on page 200 of 800. XD

ALSO! Please note that I will most likely be making ALL of the pages in the Grimoire private and inaccessible. I'm having some issues with plagiarism, and if I'm planning to publish any of my own articles anywhere--even over the internet--I need to ensure that they're not circulating around the internet already. It will take me a while to get this done though, so it won't happen immediately.

2011-06-08 [Bookwyrm]: /is having fun working on revisions

I wish I had internet at home again, it would make things much speedier. As it is, I have to do all my research on my phone and try to read that tiiiiny writing. :P Then get back on the laptop and type type type!

I know it sucks that I haven't put any of these revisions up, but with the amount of my material that's been stolen I want to make sure I have the final cut ready for publishing before I put anything up, and I want to have what I can copyrighted.

2011-06-09 [Ravendust]: Take your time and no worries. :) waiting isn't such a big deal. Plus- I'm stuck with only phone net at the moment too, so I get where you're cominh from.

2011-06-09 [Bookwyrm]: Yeah that's what I've got too.

Luckily I can bring the baby to see my grandmother and use her internet a little here and there but I can't get much done since I'm supposed to be visiting. :P

2011-09-13 [Bookwyrm]: Everything but this page, and the few pages that do not belong to me, are now password-protected and not-viewable. Don't fear, though! When the website comes up, there will be a direct link posted right here! :D

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