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2007-10-14 15:55:00
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Estantia's Stories

The Wheel Turns

Due to the near-constant sketching and my friend [ArchangelGabriel]'s comic I suddenly found myself drawing a storyboard for the 11th Clan story I've been writing. It's ONE of the possible futures that could come from the 11th clan saga.

I apologise for the bad scanning and illegible writing, it's written beneath.

Note: This is being entirely redrawn from the start of the story so it follows the edited plot.

Estantia's Stories
The 11th Clan


Amanda Swansea is a scientist working to create an mental instant messenger with a group of 'psychics', living for the present and deliberately letting her past drift into oblivion to be forgotten and ignored.

However the past will not lie... Amanda is forced to seek the protection offered by her abnormal co-workers and soon becomes entangled in a mess that had been closed long ago.


Amanda: *sigh*
Mark: *opens door* Working late again?
Amanda: Yeah, seems so...


Mark: You need to give yourself a break.
Amanda: I can't, I need to finish this for the group... sorry.
Mark: Just get some sleep, okay?
Amanda: Okay...


*Necklace forms around neck of sleeping woman*


???: It's been 6 long years since you vanished off the face of the earth. But now I have found you again... Estantia.


Estantia's Stories
The 11th Clan

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