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2005-07-26 04:41:02
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         An evil darkness is enclosing the world. Though it can not be see, it has a feel of despair to it. For years, the darkness has been settleing over the world but now that it's bigger than ever, people are beginning to lose thier minds. Men are attacking innocent woman and children while children beat pets alive and pets chew their master's fingers. Horror was upon us all as the world began to crumble inside it's very own walls. Now it's the post-apocalypse and only a few lucky survivors are whats left of the human race. But not for long. The darkness consumed them all, while trying to destroy them, it accidentaly gave them super natural powers making them into meta humans . Once the transformation of every single survivor was done, The darkness enclosed them and then vanished. Returning everything the way it was right before the darkness ever came. The memorys of those survivors were completely erased of the events that happened to them. Except one girl. She managed to hold on the the truth. Now it's her duty to find all the other survivors and get them to join her in fighting against the darkness before it can destroy the world for real.

     Join here and help protect the world from repeating it's disturbing fate!

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2005-07-11 [ElfMaiden1313]: The one girl who remembered the truth:Sakura Chaotic

2009-09-05 [Yume Youki]: Uh...

the link [sign up here] isn't working...

Just thought you should know. ;)

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