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2005-08-18 10:45:00
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The network

This is the banner!! woo! feel free to take it if u r a member

  Hi this is a wiki page created by me [midnight sky] and is for anyone who likes the band the network.

  Heres a little about them:
The network are a punk/techno band form outer space and are here to make music dangerous again (according to their site).

The members are fink, van gough, the snoo, captain
underpants and Z.

They only have one album and it is called 'money money 2020'

oh and one more thing.. they are actually green day with masks on but no one is supposed to know so shhh!

The network members

The network gallery
the network lyrics

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2005-08-29 [midnight sky]: happy birthday nikki!

2005-08-29 [abcd400009]: thanx..tht was a bit creepy lol..i just looked on the wiki n u sed happy b'day...

2005-08-29 [abcd400009]: <b*> </b*>...the tag tht makes the writing bold lol take out the stars tho..

2005-08-29 [abcd400009]: see hint:hint..make the writing bold or something haha

2005-08-29 [midnight sky]: moo?

2005-08-30 [hippychick]: moooooo *runs round chasing the cows* wooooooooooo

2005-09-02 [abcd400009]:

Hint hint

2005-09-03 [midnight sky]: he he he i have new pictures on here

2005-09-04 [abcd400009]: lol and some new members,be proud

2005-09-04 [midnight sky]: really? cool!!

2005-09-05 [hippychick]: lol, heeeeeyyyyy onto the wiki driver, wiki driver, wiki driver, heeeeeeey on to the wiki driver, wiki driver MAN!!!!!! lol abby's a weaaaaaaaal boy

2005-09-05 [midnight sky]: yesh!

2005-09-07 [hippychick]: lol u smell soooooooooooooo bad

2005-09-07 [midnight sky]: i no :) woo! coz im special

2005-09-07 [hippychick]: lol, so vewy vewy special lol

2005-09-11 [midnight sky]: woo! my head hurts!

2005-09-12 [hippychick]: gooooooooooooood *smacks her head* mwhahaaaaa now it hurts more mwhahahaaaaa special widdle girl mwhahahaaaaaa

2005-09-17 [midnight sky]: art sucks! god damn tomatos!

2005-09-17 [hippychick]: lmao they taste good though *eats the moldy tomato shes drawing, pukes up* draw that!!!!!!!!!!! lol, go on, u can call it 'better out than in'

2005-09-17 [midnight sky]: :S noo kate gross lol ewww

2006-10-16 [black atom]: lol heehee abby smells :P

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