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Norma Jean Baker (Marilyn Monroe)

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1. Add your name to official members MUST get a badge from our banners



well [Foamy] is your only leader now b/c [moopie.] decided to not be her freind anymore. how immature!



The wiki will have a new layout
please excuse the mess that
might be here today!
Also i won't put descrips of the
pages up here anymore, the
ones under the links are enough
and this section of the page will
be used for updates from now on

I made this banner to celebrate:
(the code is on the banners
page if you decide to use it)



<img:>Official Members<img:>
members, (add yourself).

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recognition for members who
have contributed to this wiki

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Blonde jokes..add your blonde jokes!

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 do our polls!!!

<img:>Blonde Stories<img:>
share your stories here!

<img:>Your royal Blondeness<img:>
pix of our blonde minded members

<img:>blonde comebacks<img:>
your dumb sounding comebacks!

<img:>LoudMouth Comments<img:>
rude comments that you'd
like to make about anything

<img:>reasons to join<img:>


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2005-06-23 [~* Tyler's*Princess *~]: YEA I DID TOO~!~ hehe...whatch out for a boxin glove one might hit you in the

2005-07-05 [ill be your number 1 with a bullet]: lol ok sao whast up?.......idk todays gonna rock

2005-07-07 [*!* LoverDuckie *!*]: yeah i havent been to walmart in forever~!~*LOL* J/K

2005-07-08 [.Fear Of The Dark.]: hi hows every1?

2005-07-13 [werewolf grrrrl]: hey does anyone no how to make banners?

2005-07-13 [~* Tyler's*Princess *~]: absolutely computer stupid~!~

2005-07-16 [*!* LoverDuckie *!*]: I dont know how to make one either... im not good w/computers**!**

2005-07-16 [*!* LoverDuckie *!*]: So how r u with being Tylers Princess~!~

2005-07-16 [~* Tyler's*Princess *~]: im very good w/ being tyler's princess~!~ yayness

2005-07-19 [*!* LoverDuckie *!*]: Thats VERY good ~!~ :)

2005-07-21 [*!* LoverDuckie *!*]: So...Whats up everybody~!~

2005-07-21 [~* Tyler's*Princess *~]: noda loda home dawg

2005-07-26 [*!* LoverDuckie *!*]: soundsa kool my homie g

2005-07-30 []: im blonde and have blonde moments but im not anything close to preps

2005-07-30 [*!* LoverDuckie *!*]: Thats good im not anything close to preps either~!~lol

2005-08-21 []: lol... alright all is good

2005-09-05 [Anti-Username]: I found a funny link for all of us blondes! . check it out!

2006-03-16 [BEATBOX ROMANCE.]: <img:>

2006-05-24 [.imREALdan.]: God. It's been forever since I've been here.

2006-06-20 [Foamy]: hey, it's the "founder" of this wiki, i'm not on here almost at all so who wants to run this wiki???

2006-07-11 [.imREALdan.]: I'll take over and [maggie the pie] will help a ton too. All I got to do is ask.

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