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The Accidents Rp

Accidents happen every day. Accidents big and small. But what happens when an accident takes on universal proportions? Things tend to get a little strange.
  A group of friends. All with one thing in common though they don't know it. Their lives, normal for the moment are about to take a drastic turn.
  They are about to find out that a single accident can drive normal life into memories.


New announcement:

WHOAH WHOAH WHOAH! Another new announcement. OK, so business first. The inactive players, have been eradicated. I used the power of the delete button in conjunction with my index finger mouse clicking power and killed them. *EYE GOUGE GESTURE* Ok, so not really, but they're gone. So new members are needed, which is where I need you guys to help. I've already done a few things, but to no avail.
Secondly, I just wanted to say that you guys are seriously the best RP crew I've had in any one of my wikis. I truly couldn't ask for a better crew. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! ^_^

The Rules of Accident- Yes, there are rules. There are always rules.

The accidents- The member page for the accidents of this wiki.

The others- This is the member page for the others, those who are trying to stop the accidents.

Power of the Gods- The list of who got what gods abilities and powers.

TAR Character pics- if you have a pic of your character it goes here.

The Accident's Chapters

The City High-Where the story starts.
Base of Operations, Accidents- Estidny has the first of his group together and takes them to the hideout. What is this man's deal?
Base of Operations, Accidents2- Estidny's group tours the hideout.
Getting Settled- Estidny's group is shown the real reason for the hideout and Estidny begins to tell them what they are.
Unforseen Disaster - Estidny has died. His killer Elson is holding Tank's parents, but a new girl, Hannah got the drop on him. How will the Accidents deal with his death?
The Aftermath- The group is shocked by Estidny's sudden death, Tank and her parents are safe, and the group has found out who their enemy is. What will they do now?
Romance Among the Ruin??- Friends are being made and the truth is becoming apparent. Can they deal with the gravity of the situation?
Retaliation- Gansters and guns.
meliorate merger- The Accidents are in chaos, but it's not the god's fault this time. How will they handle two of their members being hurt?
Helping Heroes- In which the gang comes together (finally and fully) and new friends are made. Will they be kept and will the Others be doomed as a result? Or will the Others prevail over the broken up heroes?
Anatomically Correct-
A Deadly Dance- Elson shows up at the headquarters and a fight ensues with Elson getting the upper hand and ending up at Hannah's house.
BOYFRIEND?!? WHERE??- Once at Hannah's house she reveals that Eva isn't there, and Hannah's parents show up.
Let the Games Begin- Hanah goes through with Elson's deal even though she said she wouldn't. Once loose, Eva attacks Hannah and knocks her unconcious. She also calls Elson and tells him. Shortly thereafter Elson and Tank show up and Tank let's Elson in so he can save Hannah. Chance also encounters another chosen and convinces him to meet everyone else.
A Warm Welcome- The new Accident, Lysander, gives Hannah a time but doesn't seem convinced. Selena, Chance and Tank are all getting upset and handle it in very different ways. What happens when actions oppose each other?
Riddled with riddles- Things start to settle down when Chance and Tank recieve a phone call.
We've got a problem-current page

The Other's Chapters

The Other's Hideout- The Others slowly gather and begin their attacks on the Accidents.
A Man Named Schao- A man named Schao turns up. Ren and Spark know him it seems, as for the others...
What? Practice?- Schao goes missing and Ren is hurt. Elson's starting to question the game.
Fighting is for Friends too - Tank shows up at the other's hideout and speak to Elson. His doubt is becoming more apparent, and he finds out what his true god power is.
To save an enemy- Elson saves Hannah, then returns home only to be confronted by Eva becuase he knocked her out. After that Elson's training begins in earnest, but is interupted by his concern for innocents. Ren begins to doubt Elson's commitment to her team and talks to Spark about it.
The hero- A couple of new comers appear while Ren begins to 'trust' Elson a little more. Perhaps a bit too much more. Is all going according to plan?
Drinks on the House- current page

Somewhere in the cosmos....- A short prestory.

TAR Index

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2008-05-05 [~Acidelf3~]: I agree in a way. Its weird yeah but It makes sence.

Have you though about getting on something to help you sleep at night? I know that no one wants to admit they have a problem but its common when people come back from war situations and they do make stuff now for that kinda thing. Maybe it would help you sleep...

2008-05-06 [con_fus]: nope everyone one of my buddies that got on that ended up flipping out on someone close to them i will just not sleep that much im kewl with that lol.

2008-05-06 [~Acidelf3~]: Logical reasoning.. lol

2008-05-08 [con_fus]: I thought so and its been working so far lol.

2008-05-08 [~Acidelf3~]: Hey guess what??

2008-05-10 [con_fus]: What??

2008-05-10 [~Acidelf3~]: Well.. to be honest.. I dont remember... lol!!

Love u

2008-07-17 [Ms. Steel]: Things are moving a little slow right now, I realize; in case anything picks-up over the next few weeks, though, I just wanted everyone to know that I haven't abandoned my characters. Currently, I only have internet access a of couple days a week.

2008-07-17 [Artsy]: Oh, I don't think we're gonna go anywhere....

2008-07-18 [Nuktae-tal]: aahahahah yeah this place isn't moving

2008-07-18 [Tekkon KinKreet]: it so sad... TT_TT

2008-07-20 [~Acidelf3~]: maybe if we had some riddles to figure out we could get things going on the accidents side

2008-07-20 [Artsy]: I'm working on that... *mutters*

2008-07-20 [Tekkon KinKreet]: still doesn't help the others side...

2008-07-20 [Artsy]: That's true... I'm not sure who's turn it is there.

2008-07-20 [Tekkon KinKreet]: i posted last. so its between everyone else.

2008-07-20 [Artsy]: Not it! *points to other people*

2008-07-20 [Tekkon KinKreet]: bahahahaha

2008-07-22 [~Acidelf3~]: and I was the one that posted last Chance I still am the one that posted last.

2008-07-22 [Tekkon KinKreet]: i was talking about the other's side, not the accident's i know you posted last on there

2008-08-12 [~Acidelf3~]: okay then................. i got nothing else to say...

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