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The Wolves of Karn


Hosted by [Vou].

Thousands of years ago, before mankind got up the courage to venture into unknown territory, there was a magical island. It was nonexistent to the world, but to its inhabitants, it was named Karn, after the original wolf. No one knows how he arrived there, but he did and with him, he had a mate. And from those two, the Niveus clan was born. They became the Wolves of Karn after many generations. As a large family of wolves, they were content and happy with their lives and well-nourished surroundings. They had a high birthrate, meaning a larger, more powerful clan of wolves.

Over the years, other wolves found themselves on this island and they were brought in without a second thought. The bloodline became more diverse and interbreeding was not so apt to occur. And so, for a time, the wolves were happy. There was never a war since the beginning since their ancestors arrived and leadership was constantly battled for. The most violence that was wrought these days was the rights for a mate or a scuffle amongst the cubs. . .

However the Fates decided to take away the Alpha Pair on short notice. Both passed on in their sleep without a warning. It was supposedly common knowledge that neither Alpha had named a successor. They had many Pups together, but none had been named for successor. The Alpha Female did not, for sure, but the Alpha had done so in secret. The beta wolves moved up to take control, the female sliding into place perfectly, but when it came time for the Beta Male to take his place in charge of the clan, the real successor stepped forwards, announcing himself and showing proof that he was the successor, as well as one of the Alpha Pair's own pups. In turn, the successor denied the former Beta Female access to the title of Alpha Female right away. He wanted to make certain she was right for job and that they would get along for they were to be the Alpha Pair and expect to produce new pups. The Beta wolf fought against this and was in turn banished for his treachery.

But the ex-Beta was not satisfied with this. Oh no. He persuaded a few wolves, both male and female alike, to form a clan with him, with him as Alpha. More wolves moved over till the family was split, brothers against sisters, cousins against cousins. It was bound to be a horrible battle, and it was. The old beta male, Hern, was killed by Vatheris, the young Alpha, and so they thought the battle was won and the wolves would merge together once again. The Orinthos wolves were outraged at the death of their leader and war was once again claimed, as they appointed a new Alpha, a successor named by Hern himself. It was a wolf named Gurei.

Only one clan can survive, so will it be a merging? Or a slaughter?

But to make things worse, a new threat has emerged from across the great seas. The humans have found their magical Island and have made plans to explore it, and eventually claim it for themselves. Perhaps a resort? So in order for the humans to be kept away, the wolves of both clans will have to work together. . .

. . .but can they settle their differences before it's too late?

Okay people, it's like this:
If you're going to join, then join. Be active, stay active.
And if you think you'll have a hard time, don't join.
I'm not going to lose this rp again. o:
It's been 2 years. XD
Some changes have been made to the plot.
You can now join as a normal human.
I also wanted more people to join, too... so you have more
room to get all creative and whatnot. <3
Have fun!

So, newcomer, which do you choose?

Niveus, Orinthos, or The Invading 2-legs?
Or will you be apart of the Animal Spies?

Consider all sides before you decide.
There will be no turning back.
Are you ready?

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2009-08-17 [Erubeus]: I guess we don't need to bring out the crash cart just yet. d:
This rp is coming back to life steadily. Yey~

2009-08-17 [Vou]: lawlz. XD I'm nearly done with it.. x3

2009-08-17 [Erubeus]: Yey. <3

2009-08-17 [Ramirez]: I think I got discouraged since it was like... a non-humanoid character theme

2009-08-18 [Vou]: Lol. xD

2009-08-18 [Ramirez]: Yeah I suck lol

2009-08-18 [Vou]: Well, I added the option of playing a human. It could be modified, but yeah. :C

2009-08-18 [Ramirez]: But would that fit your theme to modify it?

2009-08-18 [Vou]: You could, I think.

2009-08-18 [Ramirez]: Say what now?

2009-08-18 [Vou]: ._. you confused me Nii-san.

2009-08-19 [Ramirez]: I am more confused than you. I promise.

2009-08-19 [Vou]: Lol. I love you. XD

2009-08-19 [Ramirez]: I love you too <img:stuff/shadN-gif.gif>!

2009-08-19 [Vou]: <img:><img:>

2009-08-19 [Vou]: People join. . ? ._.

2009-09-27 [Vou]: ;o; join peoples...

2010-01-18 [Erubeus]: So, is this going to start, or are you going to wait a little longer for more people?

2010-01-18 [Vou]: i want it to start... but no one wants to join. =3='

2010-01-19 [Erubeus]: D=
People are butts.

2010-01-23 [Vou]: Hai. Hm. o;

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