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Learn to bend the wild, use it for your purpose,
But more importantly, learn that the wild cannot be repressed,
It does not enjoy to be caged, and its retribution is both swift and terrible

Shalar Angeti

As the Lizard folk army of Ovidius marched against the Nai'ithar capital city of Yath'al, A'shekaz Thadre a young general and the late Emperor Ly'mahs's right hand called all Nai'ithar to assemble a last and desperate defense. The emperor's daughter, however, had never trusted Thadre, though she was his fiancée, princes Sei'anna Angeti faced Thadre and was placed under arrest. Fortunately, as Thadre gathered all Nai'ithar to himself, a small group of loyalists rescued the princess, and lead by her, they fought their way out of the city, and into the fell woods of Rysallis. Sei'anna understood that the Nai'ithar's bond with the primal energies had been broken, however, she believed that by communing with the land, and returning to the old customs they could reforge these bonds. So was it that the Sei'anna's Nai'ithar befriended the great cats who dwelled Rysallis and had been hunted to verge of extinction by the Lizard kin. The people of the flame befriended the lion, the people of the earth befriended the tigers, the people of the wind befriended the panthers and the people of the water befriended the lynx.

They left behind the name of Nai'ithar and took up the name of the Clans of Ash'yth the clans of the cat people. However the clans were not set for an easy life. As some of Ovidius's Lizardkin warriors, as well as Ovidius himself has survived Thadre's mighty wrath and sought refuge in Rysallis. As generations passed the Clans changed, as they regained their bonds with nature, but no longer with the elements of old, but with the beasts they had befriended, as their live spans shortened their physiognomy and their attitude changed. The lions became violent, slow to friendship and quick to anger, the Tigers became loners, and did not enjoy the company of other catfolk, the Lynx became skilled with magics and mysticism and the Panthers became as shadows. One thing, they had in common still, their reverence to the Cat Goddess Sei'anna and her descendants, who lived amongst the Panthers and were recognized as the supreme leaders of the clans.

However, down to the south of the Gigantic Rysallis forest, a new lizard kingdom had arisen, Scaurus, ruled by the descendant of Ovidius, Calvas. The lizards were territorial and hungered for conquest. Soon war exploded between the Lizards and the clans, the clans had already forgotten their Nai'ithar ancestry, for they listened only to their hearts now, not their heads. Their bodies, however, had not forgotten their former strength and the lizards were once again battered. They had to retreat as they were expelled from Rysallis. They fled then south, to human lands. As time went on, the clans fragmented further and they expanded their territories to the Cornin plains in the east and Dreias hills to the north. However, when the times are dire, their Nai'ithar blood calls them together to serve their queen, Shalar Angeti.

And, indeed, it was not long before dire times came to the clans. The foolish Antiscius, human king of Nerva, awakened the demon Thadre. With his army of Tharezian Lizards from the North, the ancient evil faced the clans. Yet his power was too great even for them. Shalar was forced then to join in an alliance with the noble Claudia Orator and the devious Nim'ael of the Dah'kin. With their help, the remnant of the once mighty Catfolk pushed back the demonic invader. But they were betrayed, as Thadre fled, Shalar Angeti stood in his way, waiting to be supported by the forces of Nim'ael. Yet the wretched Dah'kin did not show, Nim'ael abandoned Shalar to her luck against the battered, yet terrible Thadre, so fell the brave Angeti.

Tiger Clan: The Tiger claners possess great physical strength. They can measure up to 2.15m with very pronounced muzzles and claws and stripped furs and tails.
Lion Clan: Lion clansmen are slightly smaller than Tigers. They have no stripes but style great beards ans manes.
Panther Clan: Panthers are more humanoid than the Tigers and Lions. They have darker hair and skins and are not completely covered in fur.
Lynx Clan: Lynxes are the smallest of the Catfolk, they are slender and delicate and posses very large ears. They have little fur compared to the other catfolk and are the most human-like.
All Catfolk have amber coloured eyes.

Lion Clan Culture
Tiger Clan Culture
Lynx Clan Culture
Panther Clan Culture

Racial Skills:
Catfolk (Lion):
- + 2 CON, -2 INT
- Can use Scent Skill
- Can see in the dark
- + 2 to Listen, Spot, Jump and Climb.
- Can roar to intimidate their enemies.

Catfolk (Tiger):
- + 2 STR, -2 CHA
- Can use Scent Skill
- Can see in the dark
- + 2 to Listen, Spot, Jump and Climb.
- Can roar to intimidate their enemies.

Catfolk (Lynx):
- + 1 to MAG and CHA, -1 STR and CON
- Can use Scent Skill
- Can see in the dark
- + 2 to Listen, Spot, Jump and Climb.
- Gain the Magic Resistance Skill.

Catfolk (Panther):
- + 1 DEX and MAG, -1 STR and CHA
- Can use Scent Skill
- Can see in the dark
- + 2 to Listen, Spot, Jump and Climb.
- Gain the Camouflage Skill.

Allegiance - Catfolk can follow The Clans, Human Caessen or None.

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