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2004-09-25 17:06:27
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Welcome everyone. This is the very first Deftones fans wiki page! If you love the deftones please join then! And help me celebrate the greatness of this band! Just tell me you wanna join and ill join ya. A banner will be up in the next weeks so keep and eye. Tell your friends about this, the deftones are here in elftown. Any sugestions or comments, please post them, is like to have a co founder to help with the stuff...thank you....

Co-founder[PrahneeSHARP] awww, pins and needles ~_~

[Miss Pinkki Doodles]
[Acomplished Exile]
[Mercy's Angel]

Heres this...its temporary

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2004-10-04 [Pale-Suzie]: if it's always cold here? i guess... well no not really, but it is october, and then it starts to get all windy and stuff... so it's not really cold, but it feels like it... it's like, we have mild winters but cold summers... never really gets higher then 30C, and never really gets love then -20C.... but that's also the absolut maximum... i don't think i've ever actually experienced it being that cold....

2004-10-04 [triad]: lol, its always hot here.

2004-10-04 [Pale-Suzie]: i don't think i would like that. o_O i mean, sure it's nice it's warm sometimes, but sometimes it's nice it's cold to... a nice cold windy fay in fall is always nice... except for if i'm going out rowing at the wawes are like a meter high... then it's not so nice. XD

2004-10-04 [triad]: awww, you ahve strong arms from rowing right?

2004-10-04 [PrahneeSHARP]: Heyas!! I'm not grounded anymore!!! WOO WOO!!!

2004-10-05 [triad]: yey!!!!!!!!!!!

2004-10-05 [PrahneeSHARP]: I know, isn

2004-10-05 [PrahneeSHARP]: I know, isn't it awesome!?!?

2004-10-05 [Pale-Suzie]: hehe, it's great, congrats!!!

2004-10-05 [triad]: Yey its awesome. this is interesting. . .deftones to reasle album early nxt year.

2004-10-05 [PrahneeSHARP]: *drools* Mmmm deftones.. yummy....

2004-10-05 [triad]: yeah they r grt

2004-10-05 [PrahneeSHARP]: Dude, they're fareakin ORGASMIC!! LOL

2004-10-05 [triad]: yes lol, grt voices, so original

2004-10-05 [PrahneeSHARP]: exactly! ohh.. I love that song, Change.. I love it...

2004-10-05 [triad]: yeah grt to fuck somone too. . .

2004-10-05 [PrahneeSHARP]: heh.. indeed it is, indeed it is.. *ponders*

2004-10-05 [triad]: lol wat did you ponder?

2004-10-06 [PrahneeSHARP]: Nothing, but almost

2004-10-07 [triad]: grt grt. . .

2006-08-08 [lilbryan]: does anybody know about a all black band with a female lead singer?

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