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It is time I took action, I have been uninvolved too long, sometimes you must rise up and discover that you are not alone, that as a community we can be strong! That said, I am devoting time and effort to organizing "World Sofa Cushion Fort Building Day"! Gather your blankies, quilts, pillows and sofa cushions. It doesn't matter if they incorporate cardboard boxes, kitchen chairs, clothes-line or twine. Fill your living room with a comfy shelter glowing with the power of cheap flashlights! We can change the world, one sofa at a time.

Make your forts, and post pictures for us :D

Members just add yourself
[smakeupfx]  if you don't make a sofa cushion fort...the terrorists win!
[Trennas] Instead of hammers and sickles we would have cushions and teddy bears.. our Red Comrades will piss their pants:p!
[travs the bean] arm yourself with pillows lads and aim for the whites in thier eyes!
[Saray] Cushions are hawt.
[Kelaria] When your cushions are taken away, improvise with pillows, sheets, blankets, and chairs!
[irulan] Having huge sofa forts won some important war, duh!
[Nostradamia] sofa forts is the s***.
[shir t.] Alright... we'll give it a shot... *starts deodorizing the doghouse*
[Delladreing] and if you add an umbrella you can make a tower!! *squee*
[Kileaiya] For the cushion fort is essential.
[Daisy le Fleur] *Readies the marshmallow hand grenades*
[elphaba]... I once made a couch-cushion Japanese tea house, for educational purposes...
[Deadlock jester] f34r my heart-shaped pillow-walls!
[Captain Rachel Black] when all else fails build a couch cushion fort.
[Igorina] Come comrades and build cushion forts for a better tommorrow!
[Jewl] *peeps out from under her pile of cushions* Mwahahaha... yes, soon all sofa cushions will be mine, MINE! Bwahaha--Err, I mean, ours, yes, ours....
[~Lady Morgana~] *donates a huge old sofa* YAHR! >:@
[moonscale] *collects stores of chocolate for the siege*
[Cassave] Red Velvet Berlin Cushion Walls and Draped Iron Curtains.
[Atreides] America needs YOU to build cushion forts!
[spincrus] The cushions shall protect us from our parents!
[Bladieboe] Oe, an Marschmallow gun
[Elisha Kelly] Closes eyes and refuses to think about the mess...
[Bratt] peer pressure got me sorry..... *clings to throw pillow*
[Gypsi] I shall make a fort of futoncushioniness, and attack all who dare encroach with my gun of marshmellowblastingness. Huahuahua...
[Yuriona] Constant rebuilding after acts of toddler XD
[Penfalathion] Let's all build a giant cusion fort, TOGETHER!
[Kitara Softpaw] From cushion forts to bunk-bed forts...I build them all...
[Akayume] the cushions..they are mine! *grabs* >:D
[Artsy] off enlisting sister and her futon for help
[Mekashef] In my mind I'm always in a cushion fort.
[Schob] A 3 tiered fort made of stacked upside down couches and thick green blackets = HEAVEN
[Kai Crewger] ever made a fort big enough to cover an entire basement?
[Mom] Viva Le Revolution!
[Lothuriel] Have a cushion fort in my living room as we speak!
[Neziah Espiritu] Rainy days are the best building days!
[Tails Of the Revolution] Hooray for couch forts!
[Stray Kitty] Nooo! I just cleaned my room. Oh well, I can still build paper forts on my desk.
[Kyrinn] I really need to FIND my floor in order to make a fort. >< Darn kid...
[The Fuzzily Psychotic Llama is Dead] The founder of (hopefully) the WSCFBS Mobile Infantry Corps. Just have a look in the comment box. ^_^
[Charybdis] x)
[sky fox] sofa forts.... great fun, but be careful, an electric heater can set them ablaze, and then your whole house could go up in flames as mine did 16 years ago.....true story.
[The Scarlet Pumpernickle] Awesome! It's been waaayy too long. :) Wheeeeeeeeeee!
[Paul Doyle] Grawwwarrr! Why didn't I join sooner? o_O
[Elodicressida] Jello. Lots of jello.
[Radioactive Flea] Not only is my sofa fort better than yours, it's got indoor plumbing and super sonic sound barriers
[earthkynd] Oh gawd, I burned my sofa, so I can't build any sofa cushion forts anymore ;_; help?
[sequeena_rae] I take no prisoners >:D
[seripa]^_^ i love to build sofa cushion forts!!
[Jessika Maria.]Where else can you hold a secret meeting?! Tree fort?! I think not! Sofa cushions or nothing!..Because hammers and nails are for the weak!
[Oh, this is still active? Lol] Rawr! ;o
[Zapinc] - FOR MOTHER RUSSIA!!!..I mean - PILLOW FORTS!!!
[Plastic Cup Politics] OMG FORTS!! I bulid 2 story forts with flashlight chandellier! YAA FORTS!
[Duke Devlin] It's so funnnnn =3
[Chimes] Lmao... I've actually done this. It's amazing. :P
[hopscotchnerd] we need sofa fort fast food
[LynnAnneBrown] Come on Kids, Stop talkin, Start Buildin' Already
Well 'cept for you short ones of course. I see you've got a head start on everyone.

don't forget to arm yourself with your trusty marshmallow gun or a least find protection with the MBS

Get your weapons here at the MBS

**all images found on this page are for your own personal elftown experiance- use them well...promote the cause....and defend the mighty sofa! ***

Fort pics here:


My son is so proud of it. He built it this morning, lol..


Kimber's fort Updated


Her trusty blanket "Wookie" is the key here. /[Daisy le Fleur]


Raven's Fort

What Fun!


A lamp, A Book, A Picnic Lunch and A Fuzzy Pink Dragon to Guard the Place,
What more could a Faerie Princess Want


And Looky, Look,
I'm still not to Big for This


It fits Just Right


Fort Building is Hard Play,
I think I'll take a nap


Bye Bye for Now


[Jitter]'s son

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2007-07-30 [Kyrinn]: Can you tell mine to come back? I miss them. <:C

2007-07-31 [Gypsi]: Yeah, ditto. =\

2007-09-19 [Elisha Kelly]: wow! I must have stopped watching this page!

2007-09-19 [smakeupfx]: people must be asleep in their forts, we this page needs is new fort pictures! (or... more! :D

2007-09-19 [Elisha Kelly]: I should put my daughter to it, she is constantly building new structures around the house!

2007-09-19 [Daisy le Fleur]: lol Kimber and I built our first one today. She quite enjoyed hiding under the coffee table with her "mimi" (thats what she calls me) although Im not sure I can keep getting down under that thing much more. Might hurt my back lol

2007-09-19 [smakeupfx]: You took a picture of it right??? ;-|

2008-01-25 [Daisy le Fleur]: *Tooooooo quiet in here ****

2008-01-25 [smakeupfx]: comes and goes doesn't it?  it's time we got some pics in here of some forts!  come on people... get to stack'n those cushions!

2008-01-26 [Gypsi]: I would definitely make a cushion fort and take pictures of it... if I had a couch. -_-

2008-01-28 [Daisy le Fleur]: Salvation Army... $20! go go!

2008-01-28 [smakeupfx]: there are always chairs and blankets.... a fort builder will not be stopped!  :D

2008-01-28 [Radioactive Flea]: Ohh, we had a house full of people and we've got 2 couches and 10 extra cushions.

2008-08-10 [hopscotchnerd]: we need sofa fort fast food

2008-08-25 [Daisy le Fleur]: Hope you dont mind, I resized yer pic [Kyrinn], added my daughters fort/castle thing and centered them. ^_^

2008-08-25 [smakeupfx]: woowhoo! look at all those fort builders now! you guys are rock'n my socks :D

2009-01-22 [Skydancer]: Hmmmm only thing is... I do not own a sofa, couch nor loveseat... only an office chair... :)

2009-06-23 [Akayume]: ...O.O You poor person you...

2009-06-24 [Captain Rachel Black]: psh but you can spin on office chairs Akay *poke* do not underestimate them XD...unless of course yours is the kind that doesn't spin. In which case you have my deepest sympathies!

2009-06-26 [smakeupfx]: don't forget tables, pillows and sheets... :D

2010-06-22 [smakeupfx]: Ok m'friends,  it's been awhile but I think it's time for some fort building.... I put it to you all!  go forth and pile those cushions!  drape those blankets!  find your jammies with feets built in, a good book and a flashlight!  Tell some spooky stories, eat lots of candy and I want to hear giggling from those forts!

thank you, that will be all :D

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