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2008-06-27 13:35:24
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Current WIP for my prototype that I do for uni. It's an app to build your inner machine. Let me know what it's like to use/play with. What's it make you think? Tell me stuff!
-Note. Don't press start a second time. I haven't been arsed to fix the start button yet, so just don't click it. If you want to play again, refresh or reopen the window.

Current most important WIP is NumberPedia and I need help with it! Yes, from you!!

Another thing in the works right now is post-modern-olympia (but you don't get to help with that one, except with C&C :P So if you only click one thing, make it NumberPedia :P)

Here's my work in progress:

For Darkness come to life.
Based in FAR GAllery 9

For Song Styles
Based in FAR Gallery 17

Current project is the Bunny Project. ([on hold I'm afraid])

Self-reminder to polish this up:

"Guilty but not to blame."
GIMP-painting on scanned sketch. Made the mistake of putting the greenness and the figure on the same layer... No matter, will be interesting this way... Also traditional art-ish. :P
Going for a sort of interior-phased-forest look (toggle with the images of guardian angels in the forest and the security of the home, etc... Can't remember the artist's name who did these drawings of houses blending to nature and all sortd of odd things...)

For the EVE round 3.
That scorpion is excellent, but as you can see, the bull is not. The bear is going towards the same situation as the bull is, the lion (red one) was too difficult so I'm at a loss with that one. The outlines are a must otherwise no one will get what the hell is going on. So what to do to it? I want them all to be awesome like the scorpion.

For EVE final round

Having a faff around Photoshop, 'cause I'm out of practice. Callum Keith Rennie. My favourite cylon in Battlestar Galagtica. :P

<img0*60:stuff/558FavouriteCylon1.jpg><img0*60:stuff/558FavouriteCylon2.jpg> <img0*60:stuff/558FavouriteCylon3.jpg><img0*60:stuff/558FavouriteCylon.jpg><img0*60:stuff/558FavouriteCylon5.jpg><img0*60:stuff/558FavouriteCylon6.jpg>

<img0*60:stuff/558WIP1XO.jpg> <img0*60:stuff/558WIP2XO.jpg> <img0*60:stuff/558WIP3XO.jpg><img0*60:stuff/558WIP4XO.jpg><img0*60:stuff/558DarlingXO.png>

-"Marco... Marco. Marco!"

Brian Setzer. What can I say, I love him to bits. <3

(Small version of the reference picture: )

This drawing is doomed to eternal limbo.

Doing a request for a guy here.

A postcard for my dad. The theme is "Hamina (=my home town) without houses"

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2006-05-19 [SilverFire]: *haunts*

2006-09-12 [SilverFire]: Me likes the background.

2006-09-12 [iippo]: Danke. Me not really. o.O I's a bit... "where did that come from". I'll see if I faff with it tomorrow, if not I'll submit that.

2007-01-22 [SilverFire]: I can understand why that guy thought it was a pastel work. *nod* looking good.

2007-01-25 [Draugluin]: o.O I hate to be the critical little shit, but mreh. I've been told. The nose has shrunk again. Otherwise it's looking awesome.

2007-01-25 [iippo]: But I wuff it when you're a critical little shit :3

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