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2004-11-10 03:38:16
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Welcome to the Club for the Vain and Egotystical Beauties of Elftown! Do you take a million pictures in the mirror daily? Do you spend more on your hair, make-up and clothes than our Governments spend on military? Do you spend most of your time looking in the mirror? If so, join us, and revell in your own beauty!

To see pictures of our Gorgeous Club Members, visit The Vanity Club Member Pictures

Members' Banner (designed by the wonderful [xXManicKittyXx]):

Vain Bitches:
[Little Red Riding Hoodrat]
[Miss Brightside]
[lusci0uz X playmate]
[scum buckett]
[Sica~The Obsessionist]
[Mikhul, the Bard]
[H.R. PuffNStuff]
[Chynadoll] i love you sean! ^_^
[hella nervous]

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2004-09-13 [Little Red Riding Hoodrat]: Okay, we need members! Embrace your egos!!!!!!!

2004-09-13 [Flor]: mememememememememememe!!

2004-09-13 [kenai]: I demand entry hehehhe

2004-09-13 [Little Red Riding Hoodrat]: First two members! Yay!!!!!

2004-09-16 [xXManicKittyXx]: ooo pretty ful

2004-09-16 [Little Red Riding Hoodrat]: I'm recruiting new members, trying to fill her up a bit... no pun intended... LOL

2004-09-16 [kenai]: too bad your banner doesn't work :p

2004-09-16 [xXManicKittyXx]: photobuckets been down alot latley for me anyway

2004-09-17 [Little Red Riding Hoodrat]: Wow, Jess... Let's be a little more negative, huh sweetie? We'll fix it... Even great beauties have down days!

2004-09-17 [lusci0uz X playmate]: hello people

2004-09-18 [xXManicKittyXx]: yay everythings working now

2004-09-18 [Dinaer]: i'll join as soon as i can get a decent picture :-)

2004-09-18 [Little Red Riding Hoodrat]: I'll add you now and we cxan add the pic later...

2004-09-18 [Little Red Riding Hoodrat]: Hey cutie Immortal! What's up?

2004-09-18 [scum buckett]: Wow I would love to be a member.

2004-09-18 [kenai]: its possible to be a vain bitch and pessimistic, Sean. I prove that every day :p

2004-09-20 [Sica~The Obsessionist]: hrrmmm.....mirrors......I think I qualify.....hewwos....

2004-09-20 [Little Red Riding Hoodrat]: Why hello! I'll add you!

2004-09-20 [Miss Brightside]: Hi there!!! Face here!!! du nu nuuuunt!!!! And you're watching...Nikki Junior!!!!!!! 

2004-09-21 [Little Red Riding Hoodrat]: LOL... Leave it to my sister...

2004-09-22 [Sica~The Obsessionist]: yay....thank yous tres much!!!.....*revels in own narcissism*.....

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