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Welcome to the Club for the Vain and Egotystical Beauties of Elftown! Do you take a million pictures in the mirror daily? Do you spend more on your hair, make-up and clothes than our Governments spend on military? Do you spend most of your time looking in the mirror? If so, join us, and revell in your own beauty!

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Vain Bitches:
[Little Red Riding Hoodrat]
[Miss Brightside]
[lusci0uz X playmate]
[scum buckett]
[Sica~The Obsessionist]
[Mikhul, the Bard]
[H.R. PuffNStuff]
[Chynadoll] i love you sean! ^_^
[hella nervous]

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2004-09-22 [Mikhul, the Bard]: I wanna joinn, sean!

2004-09-23 [Little Red Riding Hoodrat]: No problem... I'll add you, just be sure to put up the banner and link yourself... LOL

2004-09-24 [kenai]: link yourself.. sounds disturbing :p

2004-09-25 [Little Red Riding Hoodrat]: It is... it involves chains and such...

2004-09-25 [Miss Brightside]: K...Um....BIG SIS PRESENT!!!!!!! Don't make kik some ass up in here!!! I'll cut a bitch!!! Bitch, did you hear me!!! I will cut chu!

2004-09-25 [Little Red Riding Hoodrat]: I'll cut chu wich yo OWN razor, you skank heyfar! I knwo you ain't be tryina get all up in mah bidnass, rubbin all up on my man in shit! shit, he illiterate, but he all i got bitch, and the boi bring home da food stamps! Shiiiit....

2004-09-25 [Miss Brightside]: You can keep his Naz D ass!!!

2004-09-25 [Flor]: you make an incredible duet you two,LMAO!

2004-09-26 [Miss Brightside]: indeed we do ^_^ *huggles her brover*

2004-09-26 [Little Red Riding Hoodrat]: Yeis... *huggles my sissy*

2004-09-27 [Nyki]: Can I join if I spend huge amounts of time staring at my reflection and love taking pictures of myself, but think I'm ugly?

2004-09-27 [kenai]: sure you can, I am a member, and I am convinced of my ugliness :p

2004-09-27 [Flor]: what's wrong with the banner???

2004-09-27 [kenai]: I don't know, it wasn't working when this site was first started either

2004-09-27 [Miss Brightside]: My banner works...hahahaha....*dances around*

2004-09-28 [kenai]: only cuz you're seans's other sister :p hehehe

2004-09-28 [Little Red Riding Hoodrat]: The banner will work soon, fear not. Photobucket is the suckiest site ever!!!! I'm just gonna save it to my comp, upload it to Elftown manually and then it will be here permanently. Just be patient, my internet connection is fucked thanks to my sister's little boy toy... ;)

2004-09-28 [Miss Brightside]: lol....hahaha....whatever!!! My little boy toy is my future husband!!! And you should find a new name for him, cuz I already have a boy toy that might get jealous...although, my announcing that I have a future husband might be just as bad if not worse ^_~ Oh well....I love all my guys!!!! Some just a little more than others ^_^ Hey...If you can be a hot guy displayed in MY wikiMy Hot Elf-Boys!!! Just message me with a pic and what not, oh, and be hot!!! *hugs n kisses* 

2004-09-28 [Little Red Riding Hoodrat]: You aklready know I'm hot, bitch. Whatevah! yeah, I need to be ont hat wiki. Just take the pic of me being cocky at Coffee beanery, where the coffee of the day is Hawaiin Kona!!!! *slurps* (second from the top in my house)

2004-09-29 [Miss Brightside]: lol...but how weird would that be?? I'm yer sister for Christ sake!!! lol...yea...I said it ... for Christ sake!!! I'm so freakin done with all of the fucking hypochrites who claim to be of Christ, and then try to get down my pants!!! Grr..sorry you guys had to endure my ranting, I'm just high as hell, and well...I'm not in a good mood. So yea...and I'll put you in the wiki...I just had to say it would be weird...cuz that's the christian thing to say. God knows if I say my brothers a little hottie I'm going straight to hell with all the other incest bastards and "pastor" calls them faggots, to a whole chruch full of people...FAGGOTS!!! FUCK HIM!!! 

2004-09-29 [Miss Brightside]: Seanie...I hate people, please save me!!

2004-09-29 [Flor]: if you love yourself,then you don't hate ppl you just hate the others;)

2004-09-30 [Little Red Riding Hoodrat]: He called them faggots? His father should have shot the sheet! And You can laugh if you want, but I'm actually going to go to church with my manager Angel, cause her religion makes so much sense to me. She says if you don't understand everything about your religion, there's really no point in following it. She says her religion can answer any of the questions you have, but not in such a way that you don't have to lose faith. So I decided to go with ehr sometime. It's a Jehovah's Witness hall in Detroit, and it sounds really cool. She's all telling me about it and stuff... It sounds so cool, and if she can be one, they can't be all that bad! LOL

2004-09-30 [Flor]: do tell me your experience after your "visit"huney!!really i'm inmtrigued!the jehovah don't allow premarital sex,lies and staff!and there're soooooooooooooo strict!

2004-10-01 [Little Red Riding Hoodrat]: That's not really true. Only the hard-cores... We're going to the Witness meeting and then we're going Salsa dancing! LMAO

2004-10-01 [Miss Brightside]: What! I can't believe you would follow that cult! Do you know they think you shouldn't donate blood, or get blood transfusions! They think there is no heaven! At least not for you or me, just the "hardcores". You do understand that no matter how you cut it, religiously speaking, you're living in sin and it's a hell worthy one,or grave worthy! If you continue to choose it.Ya know, I sound like a christian puke, I'm in so fuckin deep I can't see the truth anymore. O well, I'm goin to "hell" too Seanie! I'm back into the stuff, ya know, not the "juice", the "STUFF". I just got sick of living "their" lies, and lives for that matter. I just need a break every now n then, I can't take their shit!

2004-10-02 [Little Red Riding Hoodrat]: NO!!!! Stop it!!!! Don't let their words taint you! Seriously! Don't let them drive you back to shit when yoiu were doing so good! And by the way, Jehovahs' Witnesses don't believe that the hardcores are the only ones going to heaven, they believe that 140,000 are chosen for heaven because it says so in the Bible. I'll find out the verse to show you, it's true. And they believe that those who are good are to remain on Earth when it is good and pure again, which is "Paradise" Heaven wasn't meant to be Paradise, it's the Kingdom. But we're supposed ot be discussign vain things here! LMAO! Bought my red cashmere sweater today!!! *jumps for joy*

2004-10-02 [Flor]: hihihi i love cashmere!!!!would you change my pic sunshine??i prefer my current version!!!;)

2004-10-03 [Miss Brightside]: like, I totally have nothing cashmere!!!! I have nothing good in general!!!! But I'm pretty ^_^

2004-10-03 [Little Red Riding Hoodrat]: I fucking hate cashmere. One day of wearing it and it's already covered in fuzz balls. It's getting returned tomorrow.

2004-10-03 [Flor]: oh pitty,i just adore the sense of it!!:)

2004-10-04 [Little Red Riding Hoodrat]: Well, I guess the problem isn't so much the cashmere, it's the fact that I wore a white dress shirt under it, and since it's 85% silk and 15% cashmere, the silk fibers got all ove rmy shirt and fucked it all up, and I'm pissed and I hate the sweater, it betrayed me so I'm returning it. Grrr...

2004-10-05 [Chynadoll]: *licks my sexy sean* hey baby!!*pets the cashmere before the dreaded returnage*

2004-10-05 [Little Red Riding Hoodrat]: LOl.. Not much babay, what's up which you? LMAO... I returned it today and since it went on sale they just gave me the sale price back, which was ten dollars more than I paid for it! LMAO

2004-10-05 [Flor]: hehehhe,lucky you!!:) buy sth really nice!!!!

2004-10-05 [Little Red Riding Hoodrat]: Actually, that money's to pay for lunch until my next pay day.>> LOL... Damn this mall and it's enormous food court! I'm again all sorts of wieght!

2004-10-05 [Flor]: you speak about weight and food?i cam hom for one week and in the first three days i feel so huge!! Mom always makes sth!!

2004-10-05 [Little Red Riding Hoodrat]: Well, I can't even walk near the food court without people chucking samples at me! Cinnabon, Mrs. Field's Cookies, Rocky Mountain Chocolatier, CHINEASE FOOD!!! It's a smorgasbord of FATNESS!!!!!! *hides from the fatness* *wimpers* *eats a piece of cookie* *drools*

2004-10-05 [Flor]: hihihi i am gonna have another lunch homemad by mommie...which means moe calories!!hehehhe!

2004-10-06 [Little Red Riding Hoodrat]: Well, today we set up the huge clearance sale for the season, and the company sent us this bucket of candy that had "Race to the Runway" printed on it... I was like "Who the fuck races for the runway eating candy??? that's an oxymoron!!!" LOL... And in addition to the huge bucket of fat, the pretzel place across from us sent a box of pretzels over, our managers brought doughnuts and pizza, and I had already eaten dinner at Stir Crazy with Eddie, which is this great Chinese restaurant in the mall..> MI felt like such a cow... But we were there until about 1:30 am... So my food intake was well spaced! LOL

2004-10-06 [Flor]: lmao! i loooove chinese!!!

2004-10-07 [Little Red Riding Hoodrat]: Me too... But if I ever see a 5th Avenue candy bar or Krispy Kreme doughnuts again, I'll seriously vomit! LMAO

2004-10-13 [Miss Brightside]: SEANIE!!!!!!! I miss you...I got an interview tomorrow ^_^ G-A-P ^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^__^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_________________________________^

2004-10-14 [Little Red Riding Hoodrat]: Coolies! You better get it, then we could be retail rats together!!!!

2004-10-14 [Miss Brightside]: no doubt!!! and guess what else...I got another job offer...full time at wal mart...not great....but hey...a job none the less ^_^ WOOOT FUCKIN WOOOT!!!!!

2004-10-14 [Little Red Riding Hoodrat]: Take it! Then you could afford to get your own place and mom and Tom could kiss your azz... Full time is rare, I say take the bitch, regardless of where it is. It creates windows of opprotunity. Look at me, I started at KMart and now I'm at Express... *woot woot*

2004-10-14 [Miss Brightside]: woot woot indeed ^_^ I'm taking it...I'm as good as in. A friend of mine's mom is doing the hiring, so yea. Plus, I'm already getting out of the house...steven said I could stay with him (worry not folks, he's a christian, but more than that, he leans toward the gay side, so I'm sure my kitty is safe) but yea...he said I could stay there, and drive his dad's old car to work n stuff. His ma and dad said it's fine's the preciousssssss

2004-10-14 [Little Red Riding Hoodrat]: When are ya going out into the big old world?  Oh, get this shit! The new schedule is fucked, and now I know the store manager hate sme! He scheduled me from 5 pm until 1 am (most likley I won't be out until 3 or so) on Sunday to do the new holiday floor set, and then he scheduled me from 8 am until 5 pm on Monday Morning!!! Only 7 hours at the most between two 8 hour shifts!!! can you believe that shit??? And of course, he made it just the legal amount of required time between shifts!

2004-10-14 [Miss Brightside]: what a jackhole!!!! That's some shit seanie boy. But's hours and hours is money and money is stuff and stuff is happiness ^_^ So in're crappy hours are happiness ^_^

2004-10-14 [Little Red Riding Hoodrat]: Yeah, and rent's cheap... Only 160.00 a month... Add thta to my credit card bills, Sprint bill, and saving for a car, and that gives me... -$400.00 happiness...

2004-10-14 [Miss Brightside]: yea...but soon it will add up and you'll get out of that minor debt and be happiness full of ^_^

2004-10-14 [Little Red Riding Hoodrat]: Yeah... I hope so... I'm gonna cut up the Express card Brandie got, can't use my discount with it anyways... And I'm gonna get rid of my Capital One as well...

2004-10-14 [Miss Brightside]: You don't have to get rid of them....jsut use them is a good you're okay...jsut do't get crazy with it

2004-10-14 [Little Red Riding Hoodrat]: Okay... Think about who you're talking to... Now imagine that I work in my favourite clothing store. And it's in a mall. And I get discounts. And I have no will power... ^_-

2004-10-14 [Miss Brightside]: lol....oh yea...where are those scissors????

2004-10-14 [Little Red Riding Hoodrat]: Funnie you should say that... Have you seen Aunt Pam's kitchen scissors? We can't find them ANYWHERE!!! LOL

2004-10-14 [Miss Brightside]: hahhahaha.....surprise surprise....aunt pam lost the scissors...the KITCHEN SCISSORS at that!!!!!

2004-10-14 [Little Red Riding Hoodrat]: She asked if I had them in my room, and I was liek "No... I normally don't cut apart poultry inmy bedroom." She was like "You're a sarcastic little fucker, you know thta???" I love her so much, she's so cute...

2004-10-14 [Miss Brightside]: I love aunt pam....she is great....I love that she's so cute n forgetful, and curses and tells people like it is....she's the best

2004-10-14 [Little Red Riding Hoodrat]: Almost as honest as Aunt Gaynol... She's an entity unto herself... LOL

2004-10-14 [Miss Brightside]: she's awesome though....we have a great family, you know that???

2004-10-14 [Little Red Riding Hoodrat]: Yeah... All FUCKED UP and stuff... Liek Uncle Jesse and Uncle Roger... Queen dancing circles around me... *shakes head8 Then when Uncle Roger pushed me on the luggage rack downt he hallway at the hotel... LMAO... And when he drove over the median... LMFAO

2004-10-14 [Miss Brightside]: LMAO...I know it....we have good times...until nikki becomes an ass -.- *is ashamed* "tsk tsk"

2004-10-14 [Little Red Riding Hoodrat]: What happened again? I thought that was ancient history. No offense, but you becoming an ass after awhile is kinda expected now I think. Kinda liek Uncle Pete being asshole, me saying something flaming, Aunt Tammy acting uppitty, Uncle Roger looking handsome, Mom wetting herself... We all have our own expected actions. *grins*

2004-10-14 [Miss Brightside]: that you put it that way...I don't feel so bad ^_^

2004-10-15 [Little Red Riding Hoodrat]: I thinkt he main problem is in everyone expecting you not to be, cause they get their hopes up just to be let down. Kinda liek if I say in myhead while mom is in a fit of laughter "Hold it in, mommy... HOLD IT IN"... Then it all comes rushing out, and it's like "DAMN YOU!!! Couldn't you just have squeezed a little tighter????"

2004-10-15 [Miss Brightside]: i know. SOme people just don't understand that I'm an ass, and I always will be...I'm only human dammit!!!!

2004-10-16 [Little Red Riding Hoodrat]: but hen you have to accpet they'll always be upset about it.e only human dammit... lol

2004-10-17 [Miss Brightside]: yea yea yea

2004-10-17 [Little Red Riding Hoodrat]: well, you know it's true... LOl..> How goes things?

2004-10-17 [Miss Brightside]: yea I know

2004-10-17 [Little Red Riding Hoodrat]: i'm freezing... it snowed a little tonite... SNOWED!!! Can you f-in believ eit????? Not even November yet and it's snowing... I went out for a smoke and it was lightly snowing and raining a little... I hate it... Good thing we got big warm scarves at Express... And I paid just enough on my credit card toget one tomorrow... LOL

2004-10-17 [Miss Brightside]: yea...lonnie came to pick up the guys from the radio show, and there was snow on his a good three inches fell here. So I got a face full of it of course. They all beat me silly tonight...tackled me, kicked me...I swear...they're like a bunch of pre-schoolers...damn retards

2004-10-17 [Little Red Riding Hoodrat]: I'm feeling flu-ish too... Which isn't good, considering I have to work those long shifts the next two days... *ugh*

2004-10-17 [Miss Brightside]: that sucks

2004-10-17 [Little Red Riding Hoodrat]: yeah, but that which does not kill us makes us stronger... *knocks on wood*

2004-10-17 [Miss Brightside]: tee hee hee...a pirate walked into a bar with a steering wheel in his pants. The bartender looked up and asked the pirate.."why do you ahve a steering wheel in your pants????" The pirate says "Argh!! It drives me nuts!"

2004-10-17 [Little Red Riding Hoodrat]: LMAO... You're too much... My new saying instead of liek "Holy Crap" or whatever is "SWEET BUTTERED ASS!!!" But you have to lisp it and sound all gay and look all shoicked... LOL..> me and DB say it at work every two minutes now... LIke "Sweet Buttered Ass, that's a cute sweater!!!"

2004-10-17 [Miss Brightside]: that's awesome...LMSBAO

2004-10-17 [kenai]: lol I'd steal the saying from you sean, but my lisp needs a lot of work :p

2004-10-17 [Miss Brightside]: Practith maketh perftect thweety!!!

2004-10-17 [Flor]: hey beauties i want advice?may someone be kind enough to help me??

2004-10-17 [Dinaer]: Whatever we can do, we'll do it for you! ^^' what seems to be the problem then?

2004-10-17 [Miss Brightside]: lol....umm....kk ^_^

2004-10-17 [Dinaer]: *grins* i like unusually weird entrances :P it adds to the general aura of idiocy,which i have taken so long to acquire ^^' nevertheless, Din to the rescue! and the problem is about sex! *smiles* gooood...<.< >.> i mean...*coughs*

2004-10-17 [Flor]: hahah,well,i ike to have fun with someone...taht we are kinda friends!two days ago,we played truth or dare,me ,my best friend and her sister and two boys,the one i fancy...and turned a naughty want to ahve private fan,but i don't know how doing it!i seem to loose my seductive skills when it comes to ppl i like!:((

2004-10-17 [Dinaer]: that's why, in my opinion, seductive skills are only to be used on people you want, but don't want to keep. no matter how many times you'll try to charm this guy with your seductive behaviour, it'll fail, because you'll make yourself nervous, and it won't ever work. so what you should do, i think, is simply be yourself, or try to be. that way, no seduction will mess things up and you'll (hopefully) act normal around the guy :-)

2004-10-17 [Dinaer]: what i'm saying is, don't seduce him, be yourself, and he'll like you for who you are. and other than that...hey, it's love, baby ^__^' that's what it does...

2004-10-17 [Flor]: well,yup that's the prob...but he is cool,anyways...not too serious about those stuff and i only wanna have some fun;) and i know he's good at having fun...but how to approach him? me nervous coz i feel like ppl know what i feel and want!like it's written on my face or asth!!

2004-10-17 [Miss Brightside]: awww....I have a little problem similar to yours, and if you want it, all you have to do is be sure he wants it too. Which you seem to be sure of. And go form there. You have to have a ton of confidence in yourself, but it'll work out the way you want, if you make it work out htat way. I don't know about you though, but just having fun always feels good at the time, but afterwards it's pretty degrading. I always wind up feeling small, and used. Even though I used him too...still...never a good feeling afterward...but hey that's just me ^_^

2004-10-17 [Flor]: well,i dunno if he wants it...we are like friends and in the truth or dare,we were just messing with eachother but it was in the game....i know...i don't use to do that,i prefer being and love and staff,but with's lust,it's fun and i know we couldnt actually be dunno about the after feeling but i'm not in love or sth so...i hope i wont feel bad:)

2004-10-17 [Miss Brightside]: Prolly not...I dunno, I guess I just have some silly ideas about love and lust and being happy. Lust is something that passes. It's a fleeting moment, that in the end, leaves two people scarred. Even if it's a little scar, it's still there. And someday you may regret that little scar, like when you do fall in love. I'm a silly girl, a dreamer...don't mind me ^_^ Go for it!!! The least you can do is try, if he shoots you down...say you were messin around...jsut kidding with him. Play it off and stay cool. Don't get offended, don't get was all for fun.

2004-10-18 [Flor]: you know Nikalena...reading what you wrote it was like hearing myself thinking:) i have the same stupid ideas,which makes it even more difficult for me to be with someone,if you also add my weird taste in men then ,the mixture is leathal and...painful...i don't do things by lust only coz i never only feel lust,it's always attached to love,passion etc.but there atre two-or three cases...that i would make an exception...and one of those is this particular one! we ahve a brasilian party on thursday...we'll see...:0

2004-10-18 [Miss Brightside]: Ohhh!!!  We shall see indeed. lol I'm a silly girl. I end up developing feelings for guys that are great and funny and genuine, but never really nice, or smart, or caring. I dunno, someday I'll get it right. I hope everything foes well for you with this guy. I say, do what makes you happy, not what makes someone else happy. But I defintley don't live that way. I should start listening to my own advice once in a while ^_^

2004-10-18 [Flor]: well,i'm afraid that goes for me too....damn i someotimes wish that i wasnt so sensitive and sentimental....

2004-10-18 [Flor]: HE WON'T COME TO THE PARTY:""""((((( and i made all those plans...:(( now the party seems purposeless...

2004-10-18 [Little Red Riding Hoodrat]: Awww.. there will be other times babe, maybe he was just busy?

2004-10-19 [Miss Brightside]: Or maybe it's for the better. Everything happens for a reason. Maybe someone was watching out for you, and they knew you'd end up in trouble if he went. Look at it that way. ^_^

2004-10-19 [Little Red Riding Hoodrat]: OOoooooo.... So cryptic in your words, sister.... LOL

2004-10-19 [Flor]: oh dears,you knwo how to make a person smile and looking things from another point of view,well i'm going to have fun,to dance(drink!!)and i got a hairdresser appointment,wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!

2004-10-19 [Miss Brightside]: Whheeeeeeeeee for dancing and dressing and hair and DRINKING!!!!! Woot woot ^_^ And yes asshole...I think it was GOD!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA....GOD IS TELLING YOU TO SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!!!!!

2004-10-19 [Miss Brightside]: Seriously, the Holy Spirit just hit me to get my attention, said he had a message to me from God, He said : "Aside from how wonderfully proud of you I am Nikki, I want you to know that your brother needs to shut the fuck up. Watch out for the ice on the roads this winter, and look out behind you, there's a huge hole there. Have a great day, and thanks for your worship." That's what he said!!!

2004-10-20 [Little Red Riding Hoodrat]: Well, my holy spirit looks out for me too ya know... Just today at work he gave me a lil ring on my imaginary cell phoen and said "Thweet Buttered Aysss, gurl, that scarf is just PRESHUSS!!!!"

2004-10-20 [Miss Brightside]: THEY AREN"T PROPHETS!!!!! Prophets are given power to speak a message to the simply had a visit from an angel. Most likely Gabriel. But it could have been Elijah. Most likely not though...he's too busy to talk about scarfs, ya know since it is THE END OF THE FUCKING WORLD!!!!!!!!

2004-10-21 [Little Red Riding Hoodrat]: Everybody wants to think it's the end of the fucking world, but it's not. It's only the beginning. I highly doubt the end of the world will be here anytime soon... I mean, c'mon, Express's Holiday Line sin't even out yet!

2004-10-21 [Flor]: Lmao!!

2004-10-21 [Miss Brightside]: Oh, just watch, there will soooo much smiting!!! and you shall be smitten...hey wait...smitten is a good thing... I found my smittens!!!!!!  WOO HOO!!!!!!!!

2004-10-21 [Flor]: i am almost ready to go to the Brasilian party and you are all welcome!! any last advice;)?

2004-10-21 [Miss Brightside]: Don't drink the kool-aid ^_~ Other than that...have fun ^_^

2004-10-21 [Flor]: what's the kool-aid?

2004-10-21 [Miss Brightside]: lol...just a joke...there was this cult in the US, I'm sure you've heard of them, and the leader brainwashed them into thinking the end of the world was coming, and the only way to get to heaven was to kill yourself before the end he made all these stupid kids drink kool-aid together, and they all died. FOr nothing...obviously, cuz the world has not ended. FREAKY!!!! He also castrated the guys and stuff. Anyway..that's how they killed themselves, they poisoned the kool aid

2004-10-21 [Flor]: damn,yeah i heard it so freaky...well the party was...not a success,but i went to drink a beer near to thew party to a friend's bar and i had my share in dance and fun!!hheheheh!

2004-10-22 [Miss Brightside]: Yay!!! wouldn't ahd as much fun had you been stuck wit a guy to

2004-10-22 [Little Red Riding Hoodrat]: Welcome to Misses Nikki's Neighborhood, boys and girls!!! *hums a little tune and plays with a puppet* Yay!!!, let's all renounce Satan and get slapped by Gaurdian Spirits!!! Who wants a communion wafer???OOo, I do! I do!!! LMAO...

2004-10-22 [Miss Brightside]: FUCK YOU FAG!!!! *huggles* what's up mah little jipshit of a brover??? (btw...go fuck yourself)

2004-10-22 [Little Red Riding Hoodrat]: Not much, just going my first full day without a cigareete since you an dJessica got me hooke don them..> It's really not as painful as I thought, either... LOL

2004-10-22 [Miss Brightside]: it isn't!!! I once went like three weeks. It wasn't hell like I thought it would fact...I'm really close to quittting now

2004-10-22 [Little Red Riding Hoodrat]: I have no problems with it when I'm doing it for myself, and not for everybody else.

2004-10-22 [Miss Brightside]: funny how that workd huh!!!

2004-10-22 [Little Red Riding Hoodrat]: Yeah... I'd still kill a man for the nicotine on his fingers righ tnow, but if someone aske dme if I wanted a cigarette, I'd say no... LOL

2004-10-22 [Miss Brightside]: isn't that about a bitch

2004-10-22 [Little Red Riding Hoodrat]: Yeah... I want nicotine, but i don't wanna cigarette... I need the patch or the gum... or the pill... DUR!! I NEED THE PILL!!!

2004-10-22 [Miss Brightside]: dur...fag...hey...join my wiki...cuz you love me, and start getting others to love me as well...I need love!!! Nikki's Unworthy Followers

2004-10-22 [Little Red Riding Hoodrat]: *rolls eyes* Fine... Even though you won't join mine... Bitch...

2004-10-22 [Miss Brightside]: UMM........WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS!!!!!!!

2004-10-22 [Little Red Riding Hoodrat]: I meant my Tori wiki, my very favourite, most beautiful, most time-consuming wiki... You butt slut...

2004-10-23 [Ilivethelushlife]: is the banner of a drag queen or a real woman?

2004-10-23 [Miss Brightside]: Dude...I went there...and I don't see a fucking member jackhole.

2004-10-24 [Sallywag]: I'm surprised [Aristotle] hasn't found this place!

2004-10-25 [Little Red Riding Hoodrat]: Try reading the fucking page you lazy strumpet! It's under Toriphiles

2004-10-25 [Little Red Riding Hoodrat]: It's a real woman, materialboy... And tell him about it sallywag!

2004-10-25 [Miss Brightside]: dang...put away the claws kitty's!!!

2004-10-25 [Little Red Riding Hoodrat]: Well, if peopel would READ the wiki, I wouldn't retract them!

2004-10-25 [Miss Brightside]: Dude...chillax bro!!! It's just a simple comment!!!

2004-10-25 [Little Red Riding Hoodrat]: Chillax? You're such a concubine...

2004-10-25 [Miss Brightside]: indeed

2004-10-26 [Little Red Riding Hoodrat]: But I find myself in dire need of using thta word... GUESS WHAT??? I gots me a fake ID.... . But the guy I got it from... His name is... BRETT MIDLER!!! LMFAO... The Divine Mr. M!!!

2004-10-26 [Miss Brightside]:'re shittin me!!!!!

2004-10-27 [Ilivethelushlife]: hehe

2004-10-27 [Little Red Riding Hoodrat]: No, I swear it!!! He's Natalie's boyfriend, his name is Brett Ryan Midler!!! My ID works at Meijer, Hamlin Pub, and Miyako... So far.... *grins* I can drink!!!! Yay!!!! And I can buy it myself!!!!! The only sucky thing is that it won't work at my gay bars, cause they all know me!!! LOL

2004-10-27 [Miss Brightside]: LOL...awwww. That sucks!!! heheehehehe

2004-10-28 [Ilivethelushlife]: yea that really does suck

2004-10-28 [Little Red Riding Hoodrat]: That's oaky, i always seem to find a few creepy old guys to buy me drinks,.... heheheheheheeeeeeeee

2004-10-28 [kenai]: lol same here

2004-10-29 [Ilivethelushlife]: ewwwww old guys

2004-10-29 [Miss Brightside]: I get guys of all age, race, and religeous backgrounds to buy me drinks. Ya know what my goal find a young jewish black guy that is a homosexual, and get him to convert to a white christian hertero...jsut long enough for hm to be okay with buying me a drink...then he can do whatever he wants...but I would never accept a drink from a chinese muslim in a paper hat, skipping pebbles in a catholic well, wishing he was a purple sock monkey, eating toast butter side down.

2004-10-29 [Miss Brightside]: those guys are just creepy

2004-10-29 [Little Red Riding Hoodrat]: O.o? Really? Those are my favourite types... LOL

2004-10-29 [Flor]: drinkies...drinkies...drinkies....i met three handsome guys....aiaiai and the one has the tendency to kiss on the neck for saying bravo or hi or whatever!!!!!!!!!!isnt it cute??

2004-10-30 [Miss Brightside]: indeed

2004-10-30 [Flor]: hehehe!:) i amleaving for my home now and it sucks coz i wanted to spend some more timewith them:(( time!

2004-11-01 [Little Red Riding Hoodrat]: LOL... So optimistic... i met Sweet lady Yagermeister!!!!! She thinks I give good head!!!

2004-11-01 [Flor]: meaning?????

2004-11-01 [Miss Brightside]: LMAO...Sean...GO TO HELL YOU JW!!!

2004-11-03 [Little Red Riding Hoodrat]: I wa sjust being an asshole, Flor... yagermeister is West German liquor taht gets you all fucked up... ANd you go to hell nikki... ;P

2004-11-03 [Flor]: sorry hun:)i just didnt get the phrase"gives a good head"stupid hah?:))

2004-11-04 [Little Red Riding Hoodrat]: Oh, it means I suck dick like a professional... LOL

2004-11-04 [Flor]: hahahahahhahahhaahahhaahhahahahahahah!!!exceptional phrase!!

2004-11-05 [Little Red Riding Hoodrat]: Why thank you, i always thought so myself! LOL

2004-11-05 [Flor]: one day you might teach me all the...tricks;)))

2004-11-06 [Little Red Riding Hoodrat]: *garbs a carrot* Let's start now!!! :D

2004-11-06 [Ilivethelushlife]: someone needs to put my prettyful pic in the members pics section of this thing damnit!!!!!!!!!

2004-11-07 [Little Red Riding Hoodrat]: Okay, calm down hun... Now that you have one I will add it as soon as I can... LOL

2004-11-07 [Flor]: heheh,yup why not start right now!!i am waiting anxiously!!!

2004-11-08 [Little Red Riding Hoodrat]: Okay, first you must remember to treat his preshus as if it were preshus to you. Love it, caress it, get to know it... LOL

2004-11-08 [Ilivethelushlife]: hehe i no that pisses u off sean.....hehe

2004-11-08 [Little Red Riding Hoodrat]: What pisses me off Material Boy? LOL

2004-11-12 [Miss Brightside]: EVERYTHING PISSES SEAN OFF!!! He's such a bitch!

2004-11-12 [Little Red Riding Hoodrat]: Not everything pisses me off, don't lie... onyl two things truly piss me off : 1.) goth kids, and 2.) Stupid midgit sisters who talk too fuckign much!!! OOOO.... BURN!!!!

2004-11-12 [Flor]: hehhehe,that was good!!!hey guys guess what! today my capoeira festival/seminar starts off and except of the already handsome boys of my school,there will be cute brazilians(they rock)french,germans(they don't rock),a spanish teacher who aiaiai....;)and cute greek boys fdrom other cities!!and i can't wait!(for the seminar ofcourse!what have you thought?i am innocent girl only interested in capoeira!!Hey sean i will send ya the new pic(not very new ok)of philip and Chris!oh and philip got a nazi haircut....again!!!

2004-11-13 [Little Red Riding Hoodrat]: I dont' like the nazi look... make sme think of Apt Pupil... O.o... I'm growing my hair out,... it's straight and down to my eyebrows already... I look liek Christopher Robin... Yay1!!!

2004-11-13 [Flor]: who???

2004-11-13 [Ilivethelushlife]: haha yes thats right i convinced sean to grow out his hair!!!!!!!!!yay

2004-11-14 [Little Red Riding Hoodrat]: Flor, Christopher Robin is a boy from the "Winnie the Pooh" stories... I don'tt hink it's as popular in Greec eas it is in Britain and the US... And yes, Materialbopy, you did, and I thank you... I've been hit on so much at work lately, it's ridiculous!!! LOL

2004-11-14 [Flor]: oh yeah,i remember honey!! it's popular but it's been ages since i last saw it:)

2004-11-15 [Ilivethelushlife]: hehe take advice from a hottie like me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!hehe

2004-11-15 [Little Red Riding Hoodrat]: Well, actually, until i see a pic of your face, you under what i call "Hottie suspicion." LOL

2004-11-15 [Flor]: "deus grego"aiaiiaia,where is he now?hehhehehe!he's a true hottie my friend,like....pure lust and staff!

2004-11-18 [Little Red Riding Hoodrat]: WHo is deus again? LOL

2004-11-18 [Flor]: the one and only Foca/Chris! you knwo him,i sent ya a million pix babe!!! you knwo what deus means right;)?

2004-11-18 [Little Red Riding Hoodrat]: Not sure what that means...

2004-11-19 [Flor]: it's a brazilian expression for men really hott! it means a greek god;)

2004-11-20 [Little Red Riding Hoodrat]: ahh.... Then Jon Jon is a deus...

2004-11-20 [Flor]: hheheeh deus grego;)

2004-11-22 [Little Red Riding Hoodrat]: Okay, Jon Jon is deus grego...

2004-12-01 [Miss Brightside]: Hey...who's fat and likes to hang out with midgets and children???? NOT SANTA!!!!!

2004-12-01 [Little Red Riding Hoodrat]: Mr. Curly?

2004-12-02 [urbanfairy]: People. Can i join. I don't think i'm vain but everyone sais i'm an egocentric.eek)

2004-12-03 [Flor]: a great movei is "devils advocate"and the most beautiful line is the one where al the mighty says:"vanity.well,definetely my favorite sin!" i love it!

2004-12-05 [Little Red Riding Hoodrat]: sure urbanfaery,. just add yourself.

2004-12-05 [urbanfairy]: Thankums.

2004-12-06 [urbanfairy]: Are you the one with the curly hair or the one with the straight hair? :D

2005-03-29 [Spanakopida]: Can we be vain without being beautiful?

2005-03-30 [Flor]: beauty comes from inside ya...if you think you're can the others believe it!?being vain has to do with your inside you...sure you can add yourself dear:)

2005-03-31 [Spanakopida]: Vanity does not equal beauty, though.

2005-03-31 [Flor]: sure...but if i for exemple i'm really ugly but i do think i'm so damn pretty and i'm quite matters what i think of me to be vain i think...

2005-03-31 [urbanfairy]: yeah. I think that being vain means liking the way you look and enjoying seeing yourself and spending time on yourself, not necissarily having other people like the way you look. Its more about yourself than others really...

2005-04-01 [Spanakopida]: I thought that being vain meant that you cared about the way you look to yourself and others.

2005-04-01 [Flor]: nah not that i think vanity is when WE think we rock,we are beautiful,intelligent blah blah....and we strongly believe it even if the others may not share the same beliefs:)

2005-04-05 [Little Red Riding Hoodrat]: i think it's all about self glorification. we're all divas, rock stars, models, celebrities, classic beauties. we just have to take the time to maintain certain degrees of vanity and mirror time to truly bring it out. it's all about confidence. and there's also a difference between beign vain and beign conceited. however fine the line is...

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