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2006-10-05 23:18:12
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Contest Closed!



Soooo, I know how anxious you all are to find out the winners so here they are:

HAHAHA you actually thought I'd give em' to ya? Well, I'm going to prolong the suspense for just a wee bit longer and send you off to this wiki hahahaha I love being evil HOOHOO
------> The Vampire Writing Contest Winners


The Vampire Writing Contest

Good Evening and welcome to my first contest aha aha aha. If you have any writing talent and wish to be inspired perhaps I may be able to help. The object of this contest is to write a story that has some link (however big or small) to the black and white picture below. Winners will receive a nifty badge and ,of course, the satisfaction of beating the butts of the other contestants. There will be a first and second place winner. (if I get that many contestants anyway)

The thing is, I need a story to match with it because I want to start a comic but, to put it bluntly, I suck at writing. So be creative! Give me a brilliant love square or a macabre tale of doom or even a satire comedy, I dont care. Just use your imagination and let your pen show you the way. (or in this case, your keyboard)

Questions? Message me, [The all powerful Midori]




I hate to have these but they're necessary so here they are:

~1- All characters must be featured at least ONCE in the story. They dont have to BE there. They could just turn up in a conversation but they all MUST be mentioned.

~2- changed to 800 words max. I dont want to be up all night reading. (this may be changed if you ask me nicely ^^)

~3- 20 word minimum (of course, if your story is only 20 words, I may not take it seriously)

~4- here is the picture. There is no other. If you want to write a story about a picture of your dog, fine by me, but do not enter it in this contest. Thats not what this is for.



1-[Jay Ladlehaus]
Dark Arrival
2-[High Princess of the Seraphim]
Crimson Stained Moon
The Moon's Curse
Souls of Aeon
Ditto! =-^_^-=
Good luck to all, win or lose, you all are good writers *bows*
Gongeto: Tales of a Vampire
6-[Titanium Tiger]
vamps at random
7-[~Le Ange Gothique~]
Sleep till Dusk
ink and parchment
The Song of a Vampiress (addapted)
Under my last moon
11-[The Fuzzily Psychotic Llama is Dead]
Life Begins...


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2006-11-30 [The all powerful Midori]: eggplant...cookies.............. I LOVE IT! Oh I supposed to be dead now? So that means I'm the Eggplant king of the Living dead. Woohoo I should have my own wiki ^^

2006-12-01 [Titanium Tiger]: lol yes !!let that would me kick I second the notion!!^^

2006-12-01 [Vampire Princess Twilight]: i third it i suppose.

2006-12-01 [Titanium Tiger]: ^^

2006-12-02 [The all powerful Midori]: ew man I just realized...if im the eggplant king of the living dead...I must be frikken ugly lol.

2006-12-02 [Titanium Tiger]: lol well I think ya beutiful!!

2006-12-02 [The all powerful Midori]: awwwww! (well technically you've never seen me but....thats ok! I'll take the compliment anyway! XDD)
Yur pwetty tooooo!!!!! ^^

2006-12-02 [Titanium Tiger]: *lol yeha!! true but I think everyone is beautifull!!^^ in there own way Im am a judge on personality!! not looks!! beautifull should really mean form the inside not the physical aperence!!

2006-12-02 [The all powerful Midori]: here here! Outside beauty should be called instead...proportion and symetrics. Beautiful people aren't beautiful, they're ...proportionally symetric ^^ Woo big ....gone.....

2006-12-02 [Titanium Tiger]: IT!! theres my big words for the day!!^^ yay GO ME!!!^^

2006-12-02 [The all powerful Midori]: *ish word dead* X.X

2006-12-03 [Titanium Tiger]: <img:img/mood/44166_1164145221.gif>

2007-08-29 [Titanium Tiger]: so whens the next writing constest?

2007-08-30 [The all powerful Midori]: lool I dunno...I started an art contest but its not doing too well so I might just revert back to writing ^^;;

2007-10-28 [Vampire Princess Twilight]: that might work better.

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