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Welcome to

The Ultimate DC Universe Contest!

Hosted by [Lothuriel]


Please see Contests Hosted by Lothuriel for more!

This is a DC Fan Art contest!! Please make sure your entry doesn't violate the Elftown uploading art rules and we're good. When this contest is over, this wiki will then be turned into a gallery for all things DC!

Here's the way it will work...
-If you'd like to participate, place your name below along with the name of the character you wish to represent.
-DO NOT choose a character that is already being represented. 
-You have 30 days to submit your entry. After that time your name will be taken off the list. You are welcome to renter when you feel you will have
the time to complete your entry.I will do this in order to give everyone a fair shot at their favorite character.
-Participants are allowed to enter as many times as they wish. 
-I will continue this until I decide we have a sufficient gallery. 

Not a DC fan? Prefer Marvel? The try out The Ultimate Marvel Universe Contest

Good luck and have fun!

Contestants go here...

01. [Ravenclaw] (Catwoman)
02. [Serwa] - Kobra
03. [XxTsomexX] - Cheetah

Ultimate DC Entries

Contests Hosted by Lothuriel

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2009-10-13 [Ravenclaw]: WOOT *first comment dance*

2009-10-13 [Lothuriel]: You get to choose your own hon. ^__^

2009-10-13 [Ravenclaw]: Oh, thought it was the same as the Marvel one. Blame me for not reading the rules lol.

2009-10-14 [Lothuriel]: lol it's ok :)

Nice choice [Serwa]. Have you by chance, been reading the JSA vs Kobra comic? It is freaking awesome!

2009-10-14 [Serwa]: Nop, have not read it, dont have any comic book stores in my area, will look around next time when im in Amsterdam :)

2009-10-14 [Ravenclaw]: Amsterdam? FUCKING AMSTERDAM! Take me with you!

2009-10-15 [Serwa]: Hehe, Amsterdam is a lovely city, can definately recommend it!

I have the linework finished for my entry, visit my profile if you wish to see it!

2011-06-24 [Eyonic]: o.o never tried to draw comic style...hrmmm

2011-06-24 [Lothuriel]: You so should!

2011-06-24 [Eyonic]: more of a marvel fan though hehe...

2011-06-24 [Eyonic]: i saw that :)

2011-07-21 [XxTsomexX]: XD Finished my sketch :D Now I just gotta transfer it to better paper and color it. Then I shall be done :)

2011-07-22 [Lothuriel]: <img:stuff/dand-gif.gif>

2012-01-05 [Ravenclaw]: Is this thing still going? And if so, can I change my entry? I kinda never got around to doing batgirl.


2012-01-07 [Lothuriel]: Heck, you don't have to change your entry if you don't want to. Just go ahead and add her! I love it!

2012-01-07 [Ravenclaw]: Thanks... but the entery page is empty...

2012-01-10 [Lothuriel]: that's because no one else has added anything yet. You'd be the first :)

2012-01-10 [XxTsomexX]: Ive been failing at my drawing life due to work D:

2012-01-10 [Lothuriel]: don't feel bad...I have too. All I do is work and go to school and then work some more and THEN come home and be Mommy. So, yeah...I know how it goes. No worries though. This is just for fun. :)

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