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2004-09-16 01:50:42
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The Ultimate Character Guestbook

This is where you can sign in, and tell me what you thought of the Character Guide. Did it help? Did you learn something new about a beloved character? Please comment! Thank you!

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this guide is awesome! i learned stuff about my own character i never knew, lol. thanks much for the guide [kanaseria]

Same as above! I went and filled this out using a character I thought I really knew well, and learned stuff!! It was really cool. Kudos for coming up with and sharing this! - [~Second.String~]

Much like fellow reviewers I have found this a learning guide. Much time had to be taken to come up with so many questions. Many people hide their ultimate bio/stats list, so many thanks for sharing. - [Shion-san]

This is great! Haven't done it yet, but I'm going to spend like 5 hours one day and fill out one of these for every one of my characters! It'll be so helpful. - [maryanne]

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