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March 21, 7:06
Alan arived at the station working his way to the front desk and clocking in. Shaking off the weird look that the lady at the front desk gave him, he went to his office and sat behind a pile of papers that looked endless. Sighing, he started to fill them out. 
March 21, 4:50 p.m.

Nate entered the building and headed straight into Alan's office, "I need to talk to you about the Bethany Kingston case."

"Uh sure. Let me pull the file out." Alan said leaning over to a cabnet and opened it. He then flipped to k, pulled out the file and plopped it out on the desk. "What do you need to know Nate?"

"I need Celia Kingston's address. We need to have a little chat." Nate replied.

"Sure thing." Alan said putting his glasses on and pulling the requested information out of the file and handing it to the man. "And if you need any thing... Call me." Alan said removing his glasses.

"Will do." Nate snatched the file and ran out the door. He back-tracked into Alan's office again, "And if you see Cale, let him know to dig up any information on the Kingston girl that he can." And he ran out of the office. As Nate walked out of the building, he skimmed through Celia's file, "714 East Birming Avenue. Next stop." He muttered as he got into his car and drove to Celia Kingston's apartment.

March 21, 5:10 p.m.

"Hey Alan, Where's Nate at? I'd expect him to be lounging out in here, you know.. Drinking some coffee, readinf some files, that sort of thing." Cale said as he walked in. He wasn't sceduled today until 5:20, but he decided to come in a little early.

"He's out doin' something at one Celia Kingston's house... Did you call him?" Alan said taking a sip of water.

"Ah, no. Honestly, I really didn't think he'd be on a little investigation today. Is something up?" He sat down at his desk and pulled back one of the drawers, triffling through it.

"You'd have to ask him. I told him to call me if anythings going down. I wonder if its a personal thing." He said trailing off slightly, then taking another sip or more of a gulp of the contents of the Dixie cup.

"Okie dokie!" He said rather cheerfully as he pulled out a folder from the drawer. He opened it and pulled out a couple sheets of paper, reading over them.

"He took the file with the addresses... Here let me print it out for ya." Alan said shaking the mouse of his computer for the screen to light up. He then typed in the file name in a file search engine and it appeared on the screen. He clicked print as he finished the water in his cup.

"Thanks." Cale said, getting up and walking over to the printer to retreave the paperwork. "So, what do you plan on doing after work today? Pretty dull day if I do say so myself, nothing really to do but go and drive around."

"I have nothing planned but goin and getting food for my cat... up for a bite? I'll pay." He said looking for anything to look forward to.

"Sure." He said as he read over the file, putting it down after a few moments and taking back up his former papers.

"All right then... See ya." He said picking up a stress sand bag and leaning back in his chair almost dozing off.

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