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March 21 at 3:56 p.m
Sid walked back to the entrance of his shop, pulling the butt off the cigarette out of his mouth he dropped it, stamping it out and looking at his shop, rummaging around in his pockets for the keys he looked over, seeing the the drunk of the town stumbling this way "Shit, it only what?" he looked at his watch "Four o'clock, and he is already drunk" Sid rolled his eyes and finally found his keys, opening the front door he walked into the shop, taking a deep breath at the scent of bottles and fresh carpet. Sid reached behind the door and pulled off the 'back in an hour' sign and headed over to the counter, flicking on the lights and pulling out another cigarette, lighting it, he looked around the shop and flicked another switch, the sign flickered out the front once before shining brightly 'open' the neon read. Sitting back on a stool he checked under the counter and smiled, feeling his bat there still. Rummaging around in the drawer's he found the folder he was looking for and began to write down the stock he needed, marking it off as he waited for a customer.

March 21, 4:57 p.m.
Coming to a stop outside the liquor store, Karly parallel parked her vehicle right out front. She hopped out, leaving her coat and the coffee inside the car. Shoving the keys in her pocket, she walked into the store, her breath a blast of white against the cold. She had her hands in the pockets of her vest and walked over to the isles where the stock was healthier foods. Grabbing a package of granola bars, she walked to the counter and set it down. She watched as the man checked off a few things. "Hi," she said, cheerily.

Glancing up from the checklist Sid smiled "Hey." He said and rose from the chair, picking up the scanner "That all?" He asked going to the register and keying in a few things, going back to the book he marked off 'granola bars' and smiled at her "Thats (We're just gonna say they're like...$5 for the box.)"

Karly nodded when he asked if that was all and pulled out a ten. She glanced out to her vehicle before turning back to the man and looking him over quickly. "How long have you been here?" she asked, conversationally.

Sid chuckled plesantly "Too long." Came the quiet answer as he moved over the regester, pressing another button as the draw popped out "I've been here a couple of years. Enough to get myself a boat anyway." He admitted as he pulled out change and gave her the five as he slid the draw shut "It's quite a beaut." He said chuckling and handed her the fiver "Here's your change, have a nice day. Oh, and come back soon huh?" He said with a smile then returned to his seat.

"I'd love to see it sometime," Karly replied, closing her hand over the money. With her opposite hand she picked up the box and headed towards the door. "Is there any way I could see it today?" she asked, the money now in her pocket and that hand on the door handle.

Sid smiled "Yeah sure, If you come down here around 9 o'clock tonight I'll close up a bit early and we can go down, if you want that is." He said with a calm smile.

Karly smiled and nodded. "9 it is," she said, opening the door. "See you then." She exited the store and pulled out her keys, taking her time to look back in through the window at the man. She grabbed the key and unlocked the door, opening it and stepped in. She placed the box on the empty front passenger seat and buckled her seat belt. She inserted the key in the ignition and started the car, reving it once before putting it in gear and pulling away, heading to her apartment.

March 21, 8:57 p.m.
Karly's car came to a stop just outside the building. She only hoped that the cashier was still there. Hopping out of her car, Karly quickly moved into the store, pulling at the door, but it was locked and had a closed sign. She looked around and saw that the lights were still on, so she tapped at the glass lightly, hoping that the guy would see it was her.

Sid came from the back where he was replenishing, he looked out the front and saw her, his eyes widened slightly in recognition, he walked up to the front and clicked the lock pulling the door open "Hey there, is it time already?"

Kida smiled and nodded. "Yeah," she said. "I kinda slept until a few minutes ago." She looked back to her car before looking back to the store clerk. "You know, I don't think I ever caught your name," she said, matter-of-factly. "I'm Karly, by the way." She held out her hand to him.

Sid smiled "I'm Sid, nice to meet you." he said and shook her hand warmly before he looked back in the shop "I've got to finish packing a few things, why don't you come in till I'm done?" he said stepping back and offering her a way in.

Smiling widely and entering, Karly looked around for a moment before turning back to Sid. She leaned against the end of one isle without an extra stand and crossed her arms to wait. "Can't wait to see the boat," she commented.

Sid smiled at her as he knelt down, putting more things into the fridge from the carton "Hey I can't wait to show it to you either, I hope you like it."

Karly smiled, noding, fully aware he couldn't see her nod. She glanced absently to her vehicle before she looked back to Sid. "Do you want a bit of help with that?" she asked, sraightening her stance so she was no longer leaning against the isle's rack. She'd taken a few steps towards him, just in case he agreed.

Sid shrugged slightly "Yeah sure, I suppose so, here just grab that case there and start filling the shelf."

Nodding, Karly picked up the bottles and set them down in front of the fridge she'd be filling, and pulled open the door. She pushed the case in front of the door, holding it open for her. "How often do you restock the store?" she asked, conversationally as she began filling the bottle shelves before moving up by one.

Sid shrugged as he packed the shelf "Oh I don't know, about once two to three days." he said looking over at her "It varies really, near the end of the school year though suddenly demand is skyrocketed, and I have to hire an assistant to restock about half way through the night."

Karly smiled. "Too bad my times here fluctuate," she said. She'd just finished the fourth from the bottom and moved on to the fifth. "What kind of boat is she?" At the moment, she was making conversation. She'd taken off her jacket before beginning the fifth shelf, though.

Sid smiled as he finished his crate and stood "A forty footer, sailboat." He said proudly cracking his back and picking up his empty crate and walking around to behind the freezers.

Karly smiled lightly at Sid as he had finished, then looked down to her own empty crate, still holding three bottles. She placed them on the shelves then picked hers up, following Sid but not entering the room behind the freezers, simply standing in the doorway. "It must be beautiful, on the lake," she said, her eyes looking to an unexperienced memory of summer-time on a wavy Lake Superior.

Sid smiled slightly "it is gorgeous." he said taking her crate and stacking it to the side before walking out, pulling a set of keys out "right, ready to go?"

Having moved back to grab her coat then followed him out the door, Karly looked towards her vehicle. "Yeah," she said. "Mind if I ride with you? It'd be a hastle if we had to take two cars." She slipped on her coat before looking to Sid.

Sid chuckled softly "I was just about to ask you the same thing." he said gesturing her out of the shop then following her and closing the door, locking it carefully, the only light being from the fridge, Side walked over to his truck and pressed a button, the car beeped and the doors unlocked "Hop on in." he said walking around to the drivers side.

Having followed Sid to his car, Karly slid into the front passenger side, buckling the seat belt and closing the door at the same time. She smiled lightly and glanced around, basically around his car.

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