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The Tree of Saints

Manager: [Nait]     

 More sacred than Gods and Goddesses is the embodiment of nature itself: The Tree of Saints. This tree is the physical manifestation of nature or spirit of the World. Its location is unknown except by the Gods themselves.

 Eons ago a cosmic world-devouring evil from a place understood only as ‘The Black Galaxy’, came to the world and attempted to destroy the Tree of Saints. By doing so it would subsequently be able to harvest the souls of all living things and satisfy its vampiric great hunger. Hence, it sent a herald into the world to locate the Tree of Saints by means of an arcane compass that would seek out its location. This herald made pacts and associations with various power groups to help it in its quest. In return for their protection it offered them the chance to survive the coming apocalypse.

 However, the herald and his allies were eventually destroyed by a group of ancient evils and the compass fell into the hands of the wicked. Thankfully, these evil-doers were destroyed by the dangers on the way searching for The Tree of Saints. It was found and sold off by merchants a many, and to this day still exists. 

 The compass, along with the legend of The Tree of Saints has long been forgotten by many. Though rare it is, some prophets and elders still carry the tale and its rumored the compass lies somewhere within the quiet city of Parshia.

 In this campaign the heroes are to find and be entrusted with the compass when signs and portents reveal that another herald of the Black Galaxy has been sent to find the Tree of Saints. Even the guardians of the compass do not know the whereabouts of the Tree, but the compass will help the heroes to find it, hopefully before the herald does, so that they can defend it.

 What they do not know is that the compass is innately evil. Characters in the story who are slain after prolonged exposure to the compass awaken a few days later as a ‘dark’ version of themselves and attempt to thwart the adventurers.

 Although some evil powers seek to assist the herald in return for reward, others may decide they would rather not have the world ‘harvested’. The heroes can have a healthy mixture of alignments and races in this campaign and may receive help from unexpected sources.


 Will you choose the side of good and help save the world from the deadly apocolypse? Team up with others who are run for the same journey as you. Or are you in search of power and wish death to all living beings? The choice is yours.

Saints Char Application

Saints of Light

Saints of Chaos

 Send your Character Application to [Nait], and I'll message you back responding whether you are in or not.

Also, please read the rules before you begin playing.

 Tree of Saints Rules


If you wish to start your character in another territory(e.g. a forest), then message me and I'll place it as a seperate page.


NOTICE: We have combined with the wiki Pure Dragon Role Playing. Most gameplay will stay the same, but if you will, run through it and check things out.

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