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2007-04-13 19:34:52
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The Training Yard

As you go out into the sunlight, sounds of steel on steel and of magic fill your ears.
As you follow the sounds, you see men and women in mock battle, some sporting bruises, others busy at work with their training.
A few young boys sit, watching and mumbling about their wishes to be able to fight like that.
There are a few people barking out orders and a man and women sporting a few scars between them come forward to speak with you.

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2007-01-20 [Silver Moon]: A man stands fighting a fake target

2007-01-20 [absent-minded]: *walks over to the man* "sorry to disturb you, but could you tell me who the head fighter of this place is?"

2007-01-20 [Silver Moon]: "That would be Grenivic or Roke."

2007-01-20 [absent-minded]: " are they here?"

2007-01-20 [Silver Moon]: "Roke I balieve is in the tower,I am not sure about the general. I could get you the third in command."

2007-01-20 [absent-minded]: "that would be great, thankyou" *bows slightly*

2007-01-20 [Silver Moon]: *Bows and goes to fetch the other*

2007-01-21 [Silver Moon]: "May I help you?" *A strong woman asks.*

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