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The Training Yard

As you go out into the sunlight, sounds of steel on steel and of magic fill your ears.
As you follow the sounds, you see men and women in mock battle, some sporting bruises, others busy at work with their training.
A few young boys sit, watching and mumbling about their wishes to be able to fight like that.
There are a few people barking out orders and a man and women sporting a few scars between them come forward to speak with you.

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2007-01-21 [Silver Moon]: "May I help you?" *A strong woman asks.*

2007-01-21 [absent-minded]: "yes, I undersnad you have experiance in fighting sorcerers and magical creatures? I was wondering if you could teach me how to fight them" *looking hopefully at the strong woman*

2007-01-21 [Silver Moon]: *Woman studies you carefully.* "Do you have confidence in others as well as yourself?"

2007-01-21 [absent-minded]: *looks her stright in the eyes, tightening my fists* "I know who to trust yes, and I am confident"

2007-01-21 [Silver Moon]: *Smiles* "Will you be willing to give up your hatred?"

2007-01-21 [absent-minded]: "I... I don't know if I can" *sighs*

2007-01-21 [Silver Moon]: *Looks sympathetic* "I know it is hard but you must try or you will be unable to reach your true potential.I had to give my anger up I believe you can too."

2007-01-21 [absent-minded]: *closing my eyes, taking a deep breath and letting out*
"what will have to do?"

2007-01-21 [Silver Moon]: "Calm yourself and place yourself in a medetative state find every thing that makes you hate and realease it, but remember we will bring them to justice and remember the wrongs,but don't let the hatred take over."

2007-01-21 [absent-minded]: *looks terrified, looks down in order to hide it*
"alright..I'll do it"

2007-01-21 [Silver Moon]: "It will be all right." *sounds soothing.*

2007-01-21 [absent-minded]: *looks up at the woman* " but how will I know?"

2007-01-21 [Silver Moon]: "Now what?"

2007-01-21 [absent-minded]: *changing my mind* " nevermind, it wasn't important, all I want is justice for my people and if this is what it takes I'll do it, where do I go now?"

2007-01-21 [Silver Moon]: "You can start to defend yourself with this training sword." *Gets one out and throws it to you,gets one for herself and gets in a crouch.*

2007-01-21 [absent-minded]: *grabs the sword and gets into a defencive possition*

2007-01-21 [Silver Moon]: *Starts to drill you on defense and offence.* "In a bit and I won't tell you when I will stop calling the moves, and you will have to act on instinct and skill."

2007-01-21 [absent-minded]: *listens carefully and follows instructions, nods head*

2007-01-21 [Silver Moon]: *Stops calling out commands and starts goin g into intricate move in a type of dance.*

2007-01-21 [absent-minded]: *follows her moves and blocks the attacks*

2007-01-21 [Silver Moon]: *As the moves increase a few slip through and you can feel minor stings and know you will have a few bruises.*

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