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2007-04-13 19:34:52
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The Training Yard

As you go out into the sunlight, sounds of steel on steel and of magic fill your ears.
As you follow the sounds, you see men and women in mock battle, some sporting bruises, others busy at work with their training.
A few young boys sit, watching and mumbling about their wishes to be able to fight like that.
There are a few people barking out orders and a man and women sporting a few scars between them come forward to speak with you.

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2007-03-20 [absent-minded]: "who?"

2007-03-20 [Silver Moon]: "his Saverad....he is a soulforger too."

2007-03-20 [absent-minded]: " maybe he'll help us?"

2007-03-20 [Silver Moon]: "if we could find him....he is a friend of mine. He is the Leader of the Shadow order"

2007-03-20 [absent-minded]: "we'll find him" *smiles*
*feeling my legs becoming heavy, its hard to stand up straight* " I haven't rested propperly in a while it seems" *looks curiously at the man* " he never called you by name, it was always my son..what is your name?"

2007-03-20 [Silver Moon]: "I am named after him Kyate. You can rest in the healers."

2007-03-20 [absent-minded]: "ah, thankyou" *smiles and bows slightly, walks away dissapering in the shadows*

2007-03-20 [Silver Moon]: *********************************************************

2007-05-02 [Breenn]: *walks up, takes a swig form his flask, and becomes immediately intoxicated, weaving slightly* OY! Any of you crazy people want to challenge me to a practice fight? I won't even use any weapons! I'll fight you with only me fists!

2007-05-02 [Silver Moon]: A dwarf with a black beard and hair comes forward smiling

2007-05-02 [Breenn]: *looks over at him with glazed over eyes, still weaving* So, there are other dwarves in this elfy place. So, you want to fight? *puts fists up, stumbling around*

2007-05-02 [Silver Moon]: *Laughs* "Your not steady on your feet"

2007-05-02 [Breenn]: "Is ok, I alwaysh fight like thish. It'sh called a false senshe..of...luring your enemy into securi..tricking the guy. Now come on."

2007-05-02 [Silver Moon]: Ok *Starts to attack carefully*

2007-05-02 [Breenn]: *pulls his arm back for a punch, but loses his balance, bends over backward. He leans forward again, and turns the motion into a headbutt*

2007-05-02 [Silver Moon]: *Dances around him quickly*

2007-05-02 [Breenn]: *loses his balance, and falls on his face*

2007-05-02 [Silver Moon]: *Laughs and kicks him in the butt*

2007-05-02 [Breenn]: *stands up again* "Oh, you think you're shoooo good, since you can kick a man in the arse. Try this shmart man. *starts spinning around in a circle, arms outstretched, but vomits after 3 revolutions*

2007-05-02 [Silver Moon]: *Laughs harder* "You'll slay me by making me laugh!"

2007-05-02 [Breenn]: *wipes his mouth with his hand* Thatsh the idea...I think. I can't remember. *lurches forward with surprising speed, aiming a fist at the dwarf's stomach*

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