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Done by [Willow Rose]




In a great and ancient forest, in the middle of a clearing, is a large tower made of gems that shine with an inner light, with an enchantment of protection upon it.The inhabitants wear blue robes with arcane runes on the hem.This is the Tower of Seletar.

NOTE! This section must be looked at by new players!
~~Guide to the Tower of Seletar~~

~~The Rules of Seletar~~

~~The Seletar Story~~

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add your character's name @ that link.

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~~Semedia: Dragon Knights~~

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~RP Rooms:~

The Hall of Seletar
The Grounds of Seletar
The City of Dowen
The Woods of Semedia
Claw Rift Mountains
Semedia: Dragon Knights
The Northern Caves
The Cursed Woods of Admore


Please place your requests below in the comment boxes Deities of Seletar


Semedia: Dragon Knights

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2007-10-31 [Dezmond]: i didn't know that lol i thought faery was the original lol

2007-10-31 [Silver Moon]: nope Gaelic and the British isles have the origin derived from fay

2007-10-31 [Dezmond]: lol that's interestin you do learn somethin new everyday lol

2007-10-31 [Silver Moon]: yup ^-^

2007-10-31 [Dezmond]: lol

2007-10-31 [Silver Moon]: did you know in Gaelic legends, fay would often tempt mortals with food?

2007-10-31 [Dezmond]: i didn't know that either lol

2007-10-31 [Silver Moon]: lol yup. It was said that if a mortal ate their food they would be their slave for a number of years.

2007-10-31 [Dezmond]: lol thats sorta creepy loli thought fairy's were beings that helped humans lol

2007-10-31 [Silver Moon]: not all of them these stories helped contribute to the legends of the fairy rings

2007-10-31 [Dezmond]: and that would be???

2007-10-31 [Silver Moon]: the stories of people dissapearing near "fairy rings" was said to be because the were lured there by food. 

2007-10-31 [Dezmond]: ah lol what are fairy rings???

2007-10-31 [Silver Moon]: there suppossed to be rings of grass or flowers that are portals to the realm of fay..I can't remember the term for the world of fay though.

2007-10-31 [Dezmond]: its aight i know what you are talking about now i remember reading something about that accept the rings were mushrooms not grass lol

2007-10-31 [Silver Moon]: it can be, anything that is related to nature, but it was usually something small and inconspicuous.

2007-10-31 [Dezmond]: ah lol

2007-10-31 [Silver Moon]: yup

2007-11-01 [Bloody Remnant]: ok. enlighten me. why didn't silver effect him? that's one of the rules to a werewolf isn't it. they are allergic to silver.

2007-11-01 [Dezmond]: huh???

2007-11-01 [Ravendust]: silver with werewolves is a myth, nobody knows that for certain... so, if somebody doesn't let silver affect them as a werewolf, that's their own decision. *shrugs*

2007-11-01 [Silver Moon]: There are several things that effect different werewolves in this world. That one wasn't effected by silver, he has a different weakness

2007-11-01 [Dezmond]: try cutting them in half ;)

2007-11-01 [Silver Moon]: lol might work, but could be messy

2007-11-01 [Bloody Remnant]: ok. but werewolves themselves are a myth. i figured the silver thing just went with the territory.

2007-11-01 [Silver Moon]: in this world there are variations. Some follow the silver tradition and others follow something else, depends on the tribe.

2007-11-01 [Bloody Remnant]: ok. that makes better sense than what raven said.

2007-11-01 [Bloody Remnant]: i figured they'd still have some allergic reaction at least. just some are effected worse than others. since silver is the main weakness to them in all the movies.

2007-11-01 [Ravendust]: Well, I know I didn't make much sense- I'm kinda half asleep^^;;

2007-11-01 [Silver Moon]: my world doesn't follow all the legends in the movies since it is set in another world

2007-11-01 [Bloody Remnant]: ok.

2007-11-01 [Ravendust]: yeah, that's more or less what I was getting at^^;;

2007-11-08 [Bloody Remnant]: i have to go.
just knoch out my character or something.

2007-11-08 [Silver Moon]: lol kk

2007-11-08 [Bloody Remnant]: should be back in a couple hours.

2007-11-08 [Silver Moon]: kk see ya

2007-11-08 [Bloody Remnant]: back

2007-11-08 [Silver Moon]: I am heading off soon but I will try to stay on a little longer

2007-11-08 [Bloody Remnant]: ok.

2007-11-08 [Ravendust]: Same here Silver...

2007-11-08 [Silver Moon]: night all I am about to drop and I have several things tomorrow to do night all

2007-12-24 [Bloody Remnant]: what happened? this place died. where'd everyone go?

2007-12-24 [Silver Moon]: I came back home I have been busy and am now on dial up. it hasn't died we are still running

2007-12-24 [Bloody Remnant]: ok. just nothinig has happened here in who knows how long.

2008-01-12 [Silver Moon]: I am back to college things should speed up when I can get on now ^-^

2008-01-13 [Fearathress]: Okay.

2008-01-15 [Ravendust]: Net access limited currently, got an idiot for a brother who fucked with my computer *sigh*

2008-01-16 [Fearathress]: okay.. i only get on about once a day... to much school work. XD

2008-01-16 [Ravendust]: I wish I had more time online, I've been bored and stuck in my house for over a week. e.e Supposedly I might be going out this weekend, but it's still up in the air.

*yawns* I hate when I can't sleep, got maybe, maybe two hours last night... My mind doesn't quit working anymore when I'm tired, really sucks.

2008-01-17 [Fearathress]: *nods* I know the feeling.

2008-01-31 [Silver Moon]: sorry guys, classes are keeping me busy I will try to post when I can

2008-02-05 [Fearathress]: Its okay... take your time.

2008-02-12 [Bloody Remnant]: got an estimated date this place might start picking up again?

2008-02-12 [Ravendust]: whenever some of the members can gain more access to the net again. Life doesn't take breaks for RPs... no matter how much any of us wish it did ;)

2008-03-13 [Silver Moon]: Sorry guys. I will get on when I can, classes are killing me

2008-03-13 [Fearathress]: Its okay silver. Take your time.

2008-04-20 [Silver Moon]: thanks for the understanding

2008-04-20 [loonygirl2005]: Now Silver you are a vitial member we love you.

2008-04-20 [Silver Moon]: *hugs* thanks

2008-04-20 [loonygirl2005]: *hugs* Your welcome.

2008-04-20 [Silver Moon]: How have you been?

2008-04-20 [loonygirl2005]: I have been fine. I have been relaxed. I know what it is like to fret over finances for school.

2008-04-20 [Silver Moon]: how are classes for you or are they done for now?

2008-04-20 [loonygirl2005]: no I still have a couple of weeks. Finals don't start until may

2008-04-20 [Silver Moon]: same here and I have my last final on my B-day!
Btw where was Resino do you remember?

2008-04-20 [loonygirl2005]: I think he was in their room and he was worried about Lilian going by herself but he also could have went to check on her brother.

2008-04-20 [loonygirl2005]: I will have to leave soon and let my mom get on the computer but I will try to be back on if you are still on.

2008-04-20 [Silver Moon]: yea I think he did leave.

2008-04-20 [loonygirl2005]: well I will try to be on later ok?

2008-04-20 [Silver Moon]: ok I gotta go soon too by *hugs*

2008-04-20 [loonygirl2005]: bye! *hugs*

2008-04-20 [Silver Moon]: ^-^

2008-04-23 [Night Prowler]: gonna take a bit to get the swing on this right again

2008-05-01 [Bloody Remnant]: i'm clocking out for the night.

2008-05-01 [Ravendust]: I've got 3 days (not including today) left of my access until who knows when...

2008-05-03 [Bloody Remnant]: i'm clocking out for the night.

2008-05-03 [Ravendust]: g'night then^^ I'm not on much longer myself XD, I should be in bed already as it is, I've gotta be up in only a few hours >>;;

2008-08-16 [Bloody Remnant]: this place died again. *pokes it with a stick*

2008-08-16 [Lirerial]: lol yea it did *takes out shocker things* clear!

2008-08-17 [Ravendust]: Not smart! *Quickly douses the fire* don't you know that electronics and shocker things don't work together? <img:44166_1164144907.gif>

2008-08-17 [Lirerial]: *pouts* but aren't they the same thing??

2008-08-17 [Ravendust]: well, they're both electronics, but try sending a lightning bolt through your computer ;)

2008-08-18 [Lirerial]: *hikes outside in the middle of a thunder storm and sets up a lightning pole* there... EEEKKK!!! *gets zapped by lightning and staggers back inside* nevermind....*passes out with hair smoking* lol

2008-08-18 [Ravendust]: lol... well, I hate to say I told you so but... nah, never mind XP...

2008-08-18 [Lirerial]: hehe^^;;

2008-08-18 [Ravendust]: I am so bored... And yet no RPs are active right now ><;; half tempted to create yet ANOTHER one... XP

2008-08-18 [Lirerial]: yea i agree its like everyone died

2008-08-18 [Bloody Remnant]: yup.

2008-08-18 [Ravendust]: Well, at least there're three of us that survived... hmmm *strokes chin*

2008-08-20 [Lirerial]: yay for the survivors!! *sits* so....wat now??

2008-08-20 [Ravendust]: Oooh, you know what? That gives me an idea... :D

2008-08-20 [Lirerial]: wat wat wat!?!?!?!

2008-08-20 [Ravendust]: Makes me want to start an Rp... perhaps around survivors? XD... hmmm...

2008-08-21 [Lirerial]: what do you mean survivors?? like fantasy?? 'cause if you do I'll join!!

2008-08-21 [Ravendust]: that's precisely what I mean- it'll have to wait until tomorrow though... I've got work in the morning D:

2008-08-21 [Night Prowler]: I'd hit that...with a stick..shwack.

2008-08-21 [Ravendust]: haha... XD... You know, I could use aid in the creation of a new RP? *looks for volunteers*

2008-08-21 [Night Prowler]: what kind is it? liek...Kombat and walking trees type stuff?

2008-08-21 [Ravendust]: I'm still not quite sure... might be something similar to this one... Only alive XD

2008-08-21 [Night Prowler]: this one dead..i believe a maggot just fell out ma disk drive.

2008-08-21 [Ravendust]: lol, yeah. But see? That's why I need a bit of aid in the creation. That way, people can follow their own plots, etc, you know?

2008-08-21 [Night Prowler]: hmm...i had one half started, it was similar to this one but branched into all kinds of different wiki for shopes and such..but it was too big and i never got around to deleting the unnecessary ones, Silvermoon Bloody Remnant and I were working on it but ran out of guess we just weren't too committed:P
If you have a small idea that is capable of growth I could try to help you i just got internet back today and I'm looking for something to do so it could be fun

2008-08-21 [Ravendust]: Well, it's going to be in the realm of a fantasy RP... As I said, there'll be different places to RP, and the fun part is, we don't have to create many rooms off the bat- as the RP grows and matures, more can be added for the necessity, you know?

2008-08-21 [Night Prowler]: Hum...Neat, well..have you ever watched or heard of the anime "Melody Of Oblivian" or "Erementar Gerad" (haven't looked in a while so I'm not confident in the spelling)
I was thinking of making up some kind of short story like those two and a bit of RahXephon influence..never got around to it, but if possible it might be kind of neat to try an RP, just with more ideas added to it......and it could be planned out better as well

2008-08-21 [Ravendust]: I generally plan out my Rps pretty well... but then the deter from the path XD

Never saw either of those anime... or heard of them for that matter o.O I'd have to look. (who knew, anime that I wouldn't know? XD)

2008-08-21 [Night Prowler]: I liked them when I watched them...but I don't watch much anime so I don't have much to compare them to..I'd really check out or help with any RP so long as there was no master plan right off the start, or main characters, just let everyone get the feel for it and after a week or two cause a few problems, then let it snowball from there.

2008-08-21 [Ravendust]: lol... that sounds like a plan to me... *strokes chin* Now what to call it...

2008-08-21 [Night Prowler]: lol yeah, that's a thinker...

2008-08-21 [Night Prowler]: Peculiar Hole In The Sky?

lol it's got nothing to do with the story, maybe, just watching the whole world through your peculiar hole in the sky:P

2008-08-21 [Ravendust]: XD, sounds interesting

2008-08-21 [Night Prowler]: and everyone gets one...just by going to the wiki..won't they feel special?!:D

2008-08-21 [Ravendust]: lol, yeah.

2008-08-21 [Ravendust]: well... Peculiar Hole in the Sky it's at least semi-set up...

2008-08-21 [Night Prowler]: awesome, have you thought up the character sheets or whatever yet?

2008-08-21 [Ravendust]: haven't gotten around to it XD

2008-08-21 [Night Prowler]: how about they're just totally made up, they can be aliens or anything, super powers, as long as you can make the character and/or his/her powers make sense then it works..classes and whatsoever too, it can all be 100% totally made-up, no imagination;no character!:D

2008-08-21 [Ravendust]: lol, sounds good to me^^

2008-08-21 [Night Prowler]: although...some people need a little push, like some extra help, so we could set up some rudimentary type sheet..with eye color, species, race, stuff like that.

2008-08-21 [Ravendust]: yeah...

2008-08-21 [Night Prowler]: it would be funny if a few jedi appearXD

2008-08-21 [Ravendust]: lol, yeah, but I think I'd let it swing, fanfiction, original, whatever anybody wants :P

2008-08-22 [Lirerial]: hm I'll help! if you till need it (sry I missed the whole conversation)

2008-08-22 [Ravendust]: Tis fine, tis fine. Go right on head and aid me^^ I could use it XP.

2008-08-23 [Night Prowler]: lol power granting marbles capable of becoming a living being!YEAHYEAH!
Just an idea...Maybe

2008-08-23 [Lirerial]: huh?? wow it sounds like it'll be strange^^ lol

2008-08-23 [Ravendust]: lol

2008-08-24 [The Last Dragoon]: I've got some ideas too

2008-08-24 [Ravendust]: Go ahead, in all honesty, feel free to add them^^

2008-08-24 [The Last Dragoon]: I was thinking of Elementals, living incarnations of the elements

2008-08-24 [Ravendust]: This RP goes in any and every direction possible^^ So, if you want living incarnations of elements it can definitely happen. by the way- why don't we take this convo to the other page?

2008-08-24 [The Last Dragoon]: sounds like a plan ^>^

2008-09-28 [Night Prowler]: shouldn't something happen here...just for poops'n giggles?

2008-10-08 [Bloody Remnant]: i dont care what silver moon says. this place died.

2008-10-08 [Ravendust]: She's just been busy lately, when things settle down for her this RP will be ready to kick butt again^^

2008-10-08 [Bloody Remnant]: i hope so. this place was one of the few things that kept me entertained.

2008-10-19 [Silver Moon]: I apologize for not being on I have been trying to track done a way to pay for college and the campus lost my loan application *growls*
Anyway I will try to check posts @ least once a day if able aside from Tuesdays.
It may change a little if I get another job

2008-10-20 [Ravendust]: yay, which means we'll be able to talk a little more often^^ Hope things start going better for ya *hugs*

2008-10-20 [Silver Moon]: thanks *hugs back*

2008-10-20 [Night Prowler]: woohoo!

2008-10-20 [Fearathress]: Yea!!!

2008-10-20 [Silver Moon]: ^-^ thanks guys

2008-10-20 [Silver Moon]: Family hug! All loyal members!!

2008-10-20 [Ravendust]: *hugs*

2008-10-20 [Lirerial]: *hugs* lol Welcome back Silver

2008-10-20 [Silver Moon]: thanks ^-^

2008-10-21 [Night Prowler]: my mouse busted, so i'm stuck using the Tab key:(
it i'll either have to use my bro's (when he's NOT on WoW) or continue with the tab key...which is annoying as heeeeell

2008-10-21 [Silver Moon]: sorry about your mouse, hope it works for you

2008-10-21 [Fearathress]: *hugs*

And to think in a year's time i will be attending UTEP... I really am thinking of a private college at this rate.. unless they all screw ppl over...

2008-10-21 [Silver Moon]: *hugs* what do you mean?

2008-10-22 [Fearathress]: Ehh.. my experince so far as a duel credit student isnt a very good one.. they have screwed me out of 3hrs so far and they are trying to make it 6hrs.

2008-10-25 [Night Prowler]: the new pics are sweet...what made you decide to put 'em up?

2008-10-25 [Silver Moon]: I want to have a pic for every page and the people I asked tomdo art haven't done it so these will be in place till we get our on art up

2008-10-25 [Night Prowler]: i would help but i'm only half decent..with illustrator so just outlines>>

2008-10-25 [Silver Moon]: np

2008-10-25 [Night Prowler]: if you could find someone to color them it would probably work, but i try too hard when it comes to that so i always mess 'em up.

2008-10-25 [Silver Moon]: well you could send them to me I know a few people who could.

2008-10-25 [Night Prowler]: k, i'll see what i can see^^

2008-10-25 [Night Prowler]: well i have to hit the sack, would stay up for a while but i'm going to the junkyard tomorrow and need rest=/


2009-06-26 [Flisky]: *grins* Tried to read as much as possible. (Don't count the fact that it was well past 1 in the AM and I was slightly delirious...)

2009-06-26 [Silver Moon]: lol that's ok. If it helps you could have your character come from a distant land and he or she could learn m,ore about what is going on from the towns folk

2009-06-26 [Silver Moon]: all members. If you haven't already hit the fan button please do so I would really appreciate it ^-^

2009-06-27 [Gypsy Mystik]: This wiki is and has been running for a long time....

2009-07-15 [♀Kotton Kandy♀ the ♀American Witch♀]: hmmmmmmmmm.. its been quite awhile sinces I've been here

2009-07-16 [Silver Moon]: *hugs* I missed you too buddy

2009-07-17 [♀Kotton Kandy♀ the ♀American Witch♀]: your referring to me?

2009-07-18 [Silver Moon]: Yup how are you?

2009-07-20 [Lirerial]: how do u hit the fan button?? I can't find it anywhere...

2009-07-20 [Lirerial]: nvm lol just found it

2009-07-21 [Silver Moon]: yay another fan^-^

2009-07-21 [Gypsy Mystik]: lol ^_^ Silver I'll fan it...but I don't know how I'd really be able to get into this one

2009-07-21 [Silver Moon]: that's fine love

2009-07-21 [Gypsy Mystik]: ^_^

2009-07-22 [♀Kotton Kandy♀ the ♀American Witch♀]: the whole trying to log on everyday thing isn't going as well as planned I'm afraid >.<

2009-07-22 [Gypsy Mystik]: awww  :(

2009-07-22 [♀Kotton Kandy♀ the ♀American Witch♀]: but I have been itching to start rping again.. I might be a bit rusty but I'm sure when I get the top layer off I'll be good again lol

2009-07-22 [Silver Moon]: lol well I am working on another rpg The Slave Hold if you want to join when I have it running

2009-07-22 [Gypsy Mystik]: I am co-owner of The Slave Hold  ^_^

2009-07-22 [Silver Moon]: *hugs* I know ^-^

2009-07-22 [Gypsy Mystik]: Yep *hugs back*

2009-07-22 [Silver Moon]: ^-^ So Twiztid how are you?

2009-07-22 [♀Kotton Kandy♀ the ♀American Witch♀]: very tired

chasing a 18month old boy isn't as easy as people would think lol

2009-07-22 [Gypsy Mystik]: lol

2009-07-22 [♀Kotton Kandy♀ the ♀American Witch♀]: hmmmmmmmmmmmm...

2009-07-22 [Silver Moon]: How is he?

2009-07-22 [♀Kotton Kandy♀ the ♀American Witch♀]: he has a double ear infection :(

2009-07-22 [Gypsy Mystik]: awwww  :(

2009-07-22 [♀Kotton Kandy♀ the ♀American Witch♀]: yeah he's not a happy camper

2009-07-22 [Silver Moon]: aww does he have meds for it?

2009-07-22 [♀Kotton Kandy♀ the ♀American Witch♀]: oh yeah he's getting over it slowly but surely

I've created something new

Marie's Dwelling

2009-07-30 [Ravendust]: I can't remember where my charries are, been a while :-[ I may just throw them helter skelter in somewhere... but where?

2009-08-01 [Silver Moon]: you can throw them in. It's up to you but I think one of them was are Dowen farm. I have so many posts I am trying to keep track of it gets hard...sorry.

2009-08-02 [Ravendust]: I understand completely.

2009-08-02 [Silver Moon]: ^-^

2013-01-27 [Kbird]: PLEASE TAKE MY POLL!!I'm Silver's sis and the poll has to do with Silver!!!XO

2013-03-30 [Lirerial]: Where is my character? I don't remember her name lol

2013-03-30 [Silver Moon]: Shade was one...

2013-03-30 [Silver Moon]: I think in the mountains

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