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[♀Kotton Kandy♀ the ♀American Witch♀]  Risika

age:unknown hair:chocolate brown with hint of blonde eyes:waterblue occupation: ex-slave

little is known about the young maiden that stumbled upon the tower of seletar except that she is an ex-slave...she seem's friendly and powers have been slowly emerging in this one she seems to automatically know how to use them even though to her knowlage she has never been trained to do so... She's secretly loved Roke for so long.. and now their love is blooming


[Your Little Vampyre] Galilayia

Age 1239.
Hair: A deep red.
Eyes;Bright emerald Green
Occupation: Her family is of the lowest nobility.

She comes from the land of Calidonnia. He parents own a small plot of land. her father is a Royal Black smith. And her mother is a teacher to the royal children. She too watched over them for a time. She joined the elven army. She wanted to travel and see the world. She then stumbled to this beautiful tower she's heard tales about.

[absent-minded] Mayana

Age: 18
Hair: Blonde reaches to her shoulders 
Eyes: Dark blue, almost black
Occupation: Doesn't have any

She comes from an island from the far north. Her mind is fixed on only one thing, revenge. She wants to kill the sorcerer who slaughterd her family and her people. All she has left is her father's sword and her mothers pendant. She figures that if anyone knows anything at all about this evil sorcerer they must be here in this tower.

Mayanas people: She belongs to a people known as shadow walkers. They are often used as spies or assasins because of their great ability to "dissapear" into the shadows and moving like the wind without a sound. Mayana's father was the head of the head of the shadow walkers. He refused to let the sorcerer corrupt his people, turning them into murderers and spies for the dark side. As a reply the sorcerer killed all. Mayana was lucky and escaped by the help of her mother.

[loonygirl2005] Lilian

Age: Just turned 19
Hair: Honey Brown just shoulder length.
Eyes: Gentle green
Occupation: None at this time

A graduate from the only school in the southwest country of Esire. Her professor had told the graduates to go out into the world and use the knowlege we had gained, but unfortunately for Lilian her mother(an elected queen) was murdered and her father was stricken mad with grief forgetting everything except the good old days. It wasn't three days when she returned home to a broken into house and her father dead on the floor. Outraged she packed all the stuff she had and walked dead set going on a journey. The only thing of value she has of her family was a pendent engraved with the phrase: Intellegence is a part of a grand puzzle, meet others who can teach you other skills to enhance your intellegence. Love mom and dad. Also she wonders how her little sister is doing in the care of her fathers clan. Now she has found out she is married and has twins named Raine and Elden. She has also found out she is considered a monarch. She has also found her little sister again. Now her twin brother(Severad) has the crest but she remembers the phrase.
[Fluna] Minoku Cat Demon with a line of blood lust.
Age: 17
Hair: Sun light blonde
Occupation: Cat Priestess who has an attitude.
      Eyes: Hazel

My name is Minoku; my dear father (states in sarcasm) separated me from my sister. I don’t know what happened to him because I have not heard from him in months. Yes I have been raised in a clan of cat demons. I had a dream a few weeks ago that my sister is in need of my help. Mother contacted me and said Go to this tower of seletar and I will find my sister. Two Problems; The people urging me not to go and said something about a battle and that my sister could possibly be dead, and two WHERE IS THIS TOWER I AM LOST!

[AngusMacLeod] Gabriel Viante'
Age: 120
Hair Color: Goldish blonde
Race: Sun Elf
Class: Wizard
Weapon: Staff and long sword
Powers: Generalist wizard
Background: Gabriel has studied at the school of Eldrich in Hondur and is now a fledgling Wizard and ready to use his powers against the forces of evil. His companion is a Raven named Azram. He is greatly respected as the only apprentice to get to Adept stage the quickest in over two centuries. He overthrew his master Necronos in the Battle of Seven Friends which he barely got out of alive. Now he is ready to get on with a new quest.

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