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The Tiamat Chronicles


     Inspired by the works of Zecharia Sitchin, Sumerian/Egyptian mythology, and all religious/spiritual works of the planet Earth.



Introductories: Resting

     Tem-n'Khu leaned back on his elbows, sighing in one long stream of a single exhalation. Finally, a day of peace. The sun shone on the valley, the dew glistened on the tips of flower petals and jade-green leaves, and life was good. The wars were over, and all was well in the world again. The temples in the distance seemed to be vibrating with the morning sunlight on them. Tem imagined the First Days, how they may have been, when everything was different.

     "It has not always been this peaceful," the soft, soothing voice spoke from behind him as he laid back in an obvious posture of relaxation. "Rest is a gift to be appreciated, and you would do well to write that in your scripture."

     "Perhaps," replied Tem-n'Khu, "If I ever write a script as golden as the Testament, I will include that point in its glyphic letters."

     The lithe, serpentine figure of Aelluona came to pause at his side, then slowly kneeled next to him, lowering her long back and legs slowly into a coiled position around his backside. Her flesh was like the soft, battered satin of the traders from Lemuria; cool to the touch, but alive with sensation. It was an experience he had come to enjoy from the creature.

     "We are here, but we are not," Tem quotes from the Testament. "We both feel the sensation of flesh, but it is just a dream, like any other...? It is such a strange thing to think of the body like a tank; an empty vessel for Truth..."

     "Do not confuse or doubt yourself, Makele of Babylon, for your Temple is one of Truth. A vessel is never emtpy when there is an eye to open. Seeking Truth is the Eye's purpose, so the body becomes a Host for Truth. All Truth is Wonderful, Tem-ni."

     Tem-n'Khu, a sire of 28 years on Tiamat, looked up into her white irises. He tried to imagine that they were not there, and that this was all a dream. He could not accomplish it, no matter how hard or how much he concentrated on the idea. Surely, she was as real as he was.

     "You are real, because you are caught in the fabric of the Veil," she spoke to him in his mind. Her lovely lips did not move as she said the words. "I was once captured in its folds in a moment long ago, and so too was I indebted to those who saved me, but all mortals will see the Light. One day it will not seem like such a far cry from Truth. When you see me next, we will be in a different era, with different purposes, and saying the same things we say now, but it is the faith that your words are real that will get you there. Do not deceive yourself with doubt. Doubt misplaces you from the Truth."

     "Before you go...?" Tem began, unsure of how long the creature could remain before a new age was begun.

     "Yes?" Aelluona replied, this time being sure to move her lips and soothe the human man's heart with realism once more.

     "Could you tell me another story?" It was the same question as always. She smiled at him and tilted her head as she would do when she was joyful for his honesty. Not every human wanted to hear the stories. Some could simply not handle the truth. "Absolutely. I will tell you as many stories as you want to hear before I go."

     They were always so damn patient... It could get so sodden with redundancy after a short while. Breathing, Tem-n'Khu rushed the thoughts away from his mind, though he was sure she had already heard them.

     "I want to know about Anu, and the First Days," he inquired from her.

     "You are going to miss me, aren't you?" she asked him, and his face went flush with admiration and a sense of embarrasment, because he hated knowing how much she knew about him. There were so many secrets; dark mystries of his inner self that he use to think would deny him acceptance from the Pillar of Truth. Hidden away in his memory, he wished they never were. He watched her face for a reaction as she knew that she was hearing his doubt even now. Could it ever be different from this world; from this body; from this mind?

     "I can tell you about the First Days, but it means that you will be doing a lot of writing... Your testament gets longer by the moment, you know."

     "I am a scribe, milady. It is what I do. You can't... I won't let you leave me just yet. I want every last story I can get before you leave me to rot on this heap of dragon's flesh we call Tiamat," he replied tartly, sure that he had stepped over the boundary.

     As she always did when he got impatient, she raised her head as she delicately raised her hand to his chin, raising his slowly in unison with her own. "Chin up when you ask a question, and never call her a name she would call your children first," she responded with compassion and an assertive tone. He preferred when her lips moved, so she kept doing it to keep his focus in the right place.

     He felt awkward, like a child does when they know they have done wrong. The itch on his back, the ache in his lower leg from the last few days of walking, all the misfortunes of the flesh when it was succumbed to the fabric the the Veil created in the Filaments of the Cosmos.

     "I will tell you more." The Elohim entity who the human commonly referred to as a She took a deep breath to appear more life-like, and as she began to settle into a more comfortable mentality about her, she spoke a Credo; a Search for Truth.

Creation: Conception, Fruition, the Pillar, and the Benei'Elohim

     "Enoch, or En-Me-Dur-An-Ki," began Aelluona, "was also a wise sage such as you, and in the Eyes of Truth, he was found to be a worthy man of Truth, Love, Faith and Devotion. And so, the Seraphim and Elohim beckoned the Great Pillar to reveal its Secrets to Mankind through him and his bretheren. We asked the Pillar to reveal the birth of Days, and to seek a Resolution to their end. The Council met in Truth, and the Pillar gave to Enoch a great vision. This vision will one day save your people, but not within your time here on Tiamat this revolution, and it will most certainly not happen while you live here on this world. One day, your chlidren's children will have changed, and these words will show them the way. But first, you must know it began. Anu was not always the omnipotent force that he exhibits himself to be. The Wars were long, and gruesome. It is terrifying and harrowing to have seen what lacking the fear of the power of death can be to those of innocence caught between the walls of the Wars between Immortals. The 'Gods' have no souls, for they fight over the souls of their mortal creations. This tale is one you should remember from this moment forth, and commit it to a script of every tongue; For even in the End of the Days of this aeon, every letter spelled out shall be Sought through an Endless Journey, a Path of Truth - Seeking. There will be many tongues, and many more, for many many years shall pass."

     "Close your eyes," the serpentine creature beckoned Tem-ni, and he did as she commanded. "Now, remember the stars in the sky, the River of Stars, the Spiral Goddess. Remember Her. Do you see it all?"

     He could, in fact, see them with crystal clarity in his mind's eye. The question was simply repetition for his conscious mind to stay active, a mere question for him to actively participate in the solidified consciousness.

     "Yes," he replied softly, the galaxy of the Milky Way - a River of Stars - flowing in a spiral path out from the center, the Heart of the Mother Nuit; the belly of the Vast.

     "In the beginning, before all that as and was had become itself, all was but the Word, the Law upon which the Prana wait to be borne amidst. The Divine, a Force so Omnipotent that even we Benei'Elohin, the Angels of Seraphim, the Titans and Rephaim, and the Dragons of the Abyss, and of all of the future cities of greatness: Babylon, Syria and Goya; even we angels could not have understood its Magnitude. With this Love and Beauty, the Divine Pillar came up from the Center of these Cosmos to be a Force on Tiamat's great back, and to wrestle her to be still, so that your forebearers, children, and your children's children and kin will inhabit in war and with haste, and become a People such as even we angels were not worthy of without this Force, even we must become beckoned to its Purpose, for without this Prana, the Divine Prize of the Mounting Heavens, the World we know would be nought. The Laws of the One Truth were fourty-nine fold our imaginations could bear without flowering to fruition."

     "So be still, sweet mortal soul, so that within your circle, the Spark of Divinity within your Temple will become Alight and Aligned, to orbit the One True Pillar, the Center of our Endless Vast, in a Circle both expansive and bountiful. In this place, see what the Divine shows you: A Wonder. The First Day."

     And Tem-n'Khu saw this in his mind's eye. It was Bold; Beauty and the Boundless - an Endless Expanse.

     "And the Pillar came like a force into Manifestation, to divide what is from what is not; these things were day and night - the Light and the Shadow; Vision and Mystery, the First Daughters of the Greatness."

     "When all had become real, from the milky soup came forth diversity and fruitfulness. The stars were born of fire, and the earth and its neighbors of the many stones formed when the fires of the cosmos burned brightly in those first days. Circles begat circles begat circles, and onward. Like the waves upon a sea, within a torum of space and time, all of the living and non-living were created from space, mass, time, and the energy of the Great Wonder."

     "It was then that the great Archangel Spirit-Gods saw within the daughters of Light and Shadow the potential for greatness, and so entered them as Children Souls, entering into a pact with the Great Wonder that would come to create all of History and Life. The Benei'Elohim, the Children of the Pillar, had come to enter the world of man as Creators, and saw to many great Works creating life in the Cosmos, seeding the realms with bios, logos, and ethos in their great imaginations."

     "When the time came for another great eon to pass, the Arch-Gods allowed their time to end, and with them the legend of the Great Daughters became less known. Vision soaked up the real worlds, and Mystery became her enblazoned nemesis. Sophia, a power of Her own, took on the Shroud of Pain in order to gain great power. Her followers lost sight of the One True Pillar, and the Sons of Darkness had been born to Apathy's grasp."





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2007-01-10 [xido]:

Tiamat is the old name for Earth.

So that is the setting.

The principal Sumerian sites (from North to South) were the cities of:
Mari, Agade, Kish (Tell Uheimir & Ingharra), Borsippa (Birs Nimrud), Nippur (Nuffar), Isin (Ishan al-Bahriyat), Adab (Tell Bismaya), Shuruppak (Fara), Girsu (Tello), Lagash (Al-Hiba), Bad-Tibira (Al Medina), Uruk (Warka), Larsa (Tell as-Senkereh), Ur (al Muqayyar), Eridu (Abu Shahrain)

minor cities:
Sippar (Abu Habba), Kutha (Tell Ibrahim), Dilbat (Tell ed-Duleim), Marad ((Wanna es-) Sadun), Kisurra (Abu Hatab), Zabala (Tell Ibzeikh), Umma (Tell Jokha), Kisiga (Tell el-Lahm), Awan, Hamazi, Eshnunna, Akshak, Zimbir


Intro (contemplation, Elohim, and the Seeker, _____)
Tell me the story...
Dinosaurs, Dragons and Titans
The Coming of an Empire
The Garden: a World of Resources and Slaves
Adamu and Eva, the First Hybrids
The Pyramid Wars
Atlantis and Lemuria
The Great Fall
The Rise of Modern Man
History, Prophecy, Mystery and Secrecy
Revelation of the Messiahs
Revelation of the Return (Equinox of the Gods)
1,000 years of peace, or 1,000 years of war?
The Other Side

2007-01-10 [xido]: Characters:
Humans: (25,000 years BCE+)

1st Dynasty Kings of Sumeria, in order:
Alulim of Eridu(g), Alalgar of Eridug, En-Men-Lu-Ana of Bad-Tibira, En-Men-Ana 1 & 2, En-Men-Gal-Ana of Bad-Tibira, Dumuzi of Bad-Tibira, the shepherd, En-Sipad-Zid-Ana of Larag, En-Men-Dur-Ana of Zimbir, Ubara-Tutu of Shuruppag, Zin-Suddu

All of Kish, Early second Dynasty, in order:
Jushur, Kullassina-bel, Nangishlishma, En-Tarah-Ana, Babum, Puannum, Kalibum, Kalumum, Zuqaqip, Atab, Mashda, Arwium, Etana, Balih, En-Me-Nuna, Melem-Kish, Barsal-Nuna, Zamug, Tizqar, Ilku, Iltasadum, En-Men-Barage-Si, Aga

All of Unug, First Dynasty of Uruk, in order:
Mesh-ki-ang-gasher, Enmerkar, Lugalbanda, Dumuzid, Barage-Si, Gilgamesh, Ur-Nungal, Udul-Kalama, La-Ba'shum, En-Nun-Tarah-Ana, Mesh-He, Melem-Ana, Lugal-Kitun

All of Urim, First Dynasty of Ur
Mesh-Ane-Pada, Mesh-Ki-Ang-Nanna, Elulu, Balulu


Tiamat (future avatar - Artemis/Innana/Ishtar/ after CN/CG-align)
Bahamut/Behemoth (one entity, M/F)



Angels/Elohim: ...
Appearance: sim. Kaminoan (



Anu/Anubis/Anshar (father of Sol-Ra/Ea and Set)
Amun-Ra/Ea/Shamash (killed Apsu in sleep)
Osiris/Orion/Mithras/Yahweh/Allah (father of Thoth/Hermes/Mercury)
Mu/Nammu/Mammetum (mother of )
Apsu/Zeus (father of the Titans, Anu, )

Greys (title/mode/niche/duty):

2007-01-21 [xido]: I need a family tree and fast:

I was going to draw one up, but I can't bring myself to do it right now.

2007-01-21 [Sairafaen]: Character Ideas... hmmm... are you asking simply for names, or do you want the whole kit-&-kaboodle?

2007-02-08 [xido]: Tem-n'Khu ("Tem-ni-khoo"): 28yo Male from La / Babylon / Eridu / Abu Shahrain ???

Aquarius Sun, Taurus Moon, Gemini Ascendant
Curious, always wants to know 'Why?'
Doesn't take the simple route
Takes everything at face valuein reality, takes nothing at face value in ideology or human motivation
Enjoys history
Dislikes incredulous lying

Green eyes, d. brown hair, olive skin, scar on neck and jaw (L side), lean, thin figure (13th gen. Adamu dehybridization)

Prof / Niche:
Scribe / Poet / Neophyte Cleric

Father: Physician/Shaman
Mother: Nursemaid, non-harem
- Emna-Tu-K'si : 31yo Female Capricorn
- Jamna-et-Ka : 22yo Female Virgo
- Atku-el-m'Jeht : 17yo Male Scorpio

2007-02-09 [xido]: Hey Jen, what pages did you collect those city names from? I need them for APA Formatting this page. ;)

2008-03-01 that guy: (Enoch 2 - the Mysteries)

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