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The Tenth Circle review

Trixie stone is a fourteen year old girl, who falls apart as her first relationship fails. Her mother is a professor who teaches about Dante's Inferno, while her her father is a comic book writer. Using the idea of nine circles of hell Trixie's father, Daniel, narrators majority of the story each stage of heel as the family faces a single act of violence that turns the family inside out.

The book is amazing as it talks about humanity and the sins that people create. Daniel relates each sin back to family and himself, while bringing to light the fact that secrets never stay secret. The author used amazing vivid imagery and psychological behavior to create a fantastic dark story.

The only thing I can say that could be improved is that the character Trixie is static for a certain about of time. There could have been more development for this character.

/ [Eyden13]

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