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The Slaving Caravan
In the Mercenary Posts of Aggrazzat
158th Layer of the Abyss

Part 3 of the Purple Vortex Campaign


Entered from And into the Purple Vortex we go!!!!

To Part 4: Searching for the Others


[Angel Dreamer] - Angel Dreamer char
[BadCat] - BadCat Char
[buddha_mjs] - as himself
[Kim_Lundin] - Kim char
[Klyle] - as himself
[medianduel] - Aramil Nightbreeze (Medi)

Game Moderators:
[xido] - Vulcarisksk, Buddha Mahjdahaus of Downriver (partial, with [buddha_mjs]), Demons, Imorphixius, Brother Deren
[Nightshadow] (resigned) - Caylandra, Brother Deren


     As the remaining bug-demons that were involved in throwing Vulc and Buddha below now finish watching their descent, and it is noted the number of soldiers lost to opposition already, the Meths decide to end the trivial bickering, and all cast a Cause Fear spell, resulting in the party members being reduced to jibbering twitch-monkies, affronted by a nightmarish dream-state where the face of every Mezzoloth is your death a hundred-fold. As they take hold of your mumbling bodies, you can only watch as the nightmare unfolds, while they drag you to the surface, and the sulfiric, hot air enwraps your body once more. Before you, monsters of the most wrathful sort call for your bodies to be chained in a huge iron wagon, dead, grey wood covering the top. As you're hauled in, Medi can be heard gibbering once more of the flies, "....everywhere.....covering my face and arms.......oh, gods, the flies.....biting......."

Your arms and legs are quickly chained to posts, and after the caravan has been moving for nearly 25 minutes, you begin to relax, your bodies exhausted, lungs aching from the harsh air, skin irritated and itching profusely once more.

During the terror, angel had felt Buddha reach out to her once, and there was a message, but it was indistinct above the horror enwraping your minds. Upon awaking, the feeling of a magical void surrounds you; no power to draw from.

The pale light of the misty fields has become nearly as dark as night, although the brownish grey mist still lingers heavily in your vision. Mezzoloths ride upon the wooden covering above, and two stand near the front of the trailing wagon, pulled by four flame-maned horses. A large caravan of mounted infantry, demons, Loths, and iron & wood wagons lurches on through the night, horrible sounds of terrible demonic creatures and infantry commands heard from far ahead and in front of you.

"I wonder where they're taking us..." Kim sais "... but that we maybee don't want to know." he looks at the others "Is anyone seriously hurt?"

Angel shifts slightly against the chains, drawing them tightly around one of her ankles. To any that look at her, she's withdrawn into grief over Buddha. But the eyes that meet Medi's are dry. She looks pointedly at her boot and back at him, meaning that she still had that one dagger hidden there.

Medi sits there and begins to think,(ouch) trying to figure out a plan to get tehm all out of this alive. But right now he is curious as to where, or what the meths are taking them to. 

From the looks of the huge caravan, and the many tortured souls and creatures in the other wagons, it seems that you have been enslaved, to be sold in the hellish markets, alongside the other beasts and lost souls of the Abyssal lands. There are a few Mezzoloths (bug-demons) in sight, but now, it seems that there are many other horrible entities trotting alongside as well. Mounted sentries of beastly size and proportion ride on Nightmares, deep black steeds aflame at the manes, tails, and hooves. Among them, there walk two large, ant-like centaurish creatures, just about the height(length?) of a human. Each of these is accompanied by two-legged beastial creatures with huge mouths, that snarl and hiss as they travel along with the caravan and the wagons. In the cart behind you, you can make out the shape of a beast with the body of a lion, and the upper half of a dark-haired man, leaning against the iron bars of his cage-like vehicle, accompanied by a few other tall, scraggly individuals inside. 

None of them move, nor make any real sounds, all looking desparate and sad.

Atop some of the wagons are snarling gargoyle-like creatures, lithe and attentive, constantly looking to the skies, or watching the prisoners below. Most stay on the roofs of the huge caged carts, but every so often, one will leap, and take flight, soaring quickly to high above the parade of horror.

Kim looks at all the demons in the caravan "Well, we can't fight our way out of HERE that's for sure..." he sais. He looks at the lion-man creature. "Psst..." he sais "Can you speak?"

The creature is just far enough away to not hear you over the sounds of the moving caravan.

"Damn..." Kim sais and sits down again, thinking on what to do.

Kim goes to the back of the wagon again "Hello!? Can you speak human-language!?" he shouts towards the lion-man again.

The Lamia looks up tiredly for a few moments, and glances up at the Mezzoloths on your wagon, who are looking down in distaste (if such an emotion can be seen on a bug...), but does nothing to stop the caulloring Kim. The Lamia shrugs, and looks away, and appears very sad. Dark eyes, set deep in his sockets are painted with thick black lines of kohl, scars on most of his body. Small patches of his long dark hair have been torn out of his head, and the rest hangs dirty and ratty on his shoulders, shaking around as the wagon saunters over the rough terrain.

"Can you hear me?" Kim shouts. He looks at the Mezzoloths "And what are YOU looking at?" he asks with anger "Isn't it enought you've inprisoned us, don't you let us talk either?"

The demon chitters through his insectoid jaw back at Kim, but looks away with brightened eyes towards the others to speak to each other in their own language.

Angel looks up at the guards, then gives them her opinion of them. She uses several phrases that she had picked up in her travels with Kaestra, going on to describe their ancestors and future offspring. This goes on for several minutes before she bores of it, and turns to inspecting the wagons, the occupants, and their guards. We can't use our magic, we're surrounded by guards, chained, and as far as I can tell there's only my spare dagger unless Medi's got something up his sleeve. "Buddha's dead, and we're screwed," came out, flat and emotionless.

The bugs chitter madly between themselves for several moments, eyes alight in fury, and the gargoyle beasts above begin snarling and roaring loudly, maybe attempting to out-do the frantic ravings of Angel. Quickly after, the meths begin shrieking, and chittering in their incessant tongue, and as both Kim and angel are scooped up, unchained only momentarily, the bugs begin to attach them to the back of the wagon in a very crucifixion-style manner. The black demons scurry about, lashing your arms out against the top of the outer edge of the wagon with thick, sticky black gauze-like material that they pull out of a chest on top of the wagon, filled with various torturing devices, etc. Your bodies are quickly enwrapped, pulled taught to the wagon in a very similar spread-eagle fashion, while the lion-bodied man, in full view of the incident, chuckles casually to himself while he watches.

The wagon top shakes horribly as the vehicle rides over top of thick roots and ruts in the 'trail' being driven, and the brains nearly rattle inside your own heads, as you hear Medi being lashed to the floor beneath you by the bugs. 

The Lamia calls out, "They wouldn't have cared if you had just given me some silly message! They love to torture, and if you give them something they like to watch, they'll make it worse!!" His face falling upon his crossed arms to watch the activity.

Above, the gargoyles begin snarling into your faces, leaping heavily from the wagon from beside your heads and shoulders to take quick flight, and one even latches back onto the wagon side via Kim's thick-strapped body. Shaking up and down violently, the beast pulls against Kim's strappings as he snarls and "laughs".

"Great..." Kim sais "Great, great, great... I think this is going to be SO much fun... CAN YOU WHO IS SITTING ON MY BACK STOP LAUGHTING!"

As soon as the thing strapping him to the floor gets finnished, Medi unfurls his wings, cutting throught the gauze stuff, and in a flash is reaching behind Kim, grabbing the gargoyle chin and crown. Giving it a powerful wrench he frees its skull of its neck. "Damn I hate those things."

The garg's body disseminates into a thick cloud of ash as it's destroyed, and Medi finds himself hacking at the end of his phrase, and the toxic-green soul of the beast flies screaming through the air, to return to the soil, crying out in vain as it descends, to be silenced once more as it is pulled into the death-filled soil.

One of the ant-centaurs looks at you with wide black eyes, and even with its lack of mandibles, speaks to you aloud in a resonating voice, "Slave! Stay down, and do not disturb the order of the caravan's progress! Do not defy, or I will be forced to compel you to comply! Be retuned to your peace!" as meths scurry about to return you to chained shackles to the wagon's iron bars. The meths' eyes do not glow in fury while the creature calls to you. Oddly enough, Angel and Kim never heard the being's words. Medi doesn't presently feel compelled to do anything, but the surrounding number of creatures would be a rather tough opposition, and none of them seem to be carrying on in the wake of the Formian's orders. 

The other of the two stands silently watching with its dark ant eyes. Their chitonous externities gleam in the torchlight, their shellings a deep orangish crimson. They both carry a spear in their dextrous hands, and approach slowly as the caravan is brought to a near-stop around you.

"Thanks for taking that gargoyle off me..." [Kim_Lundin] sais "Tought that ant over there seems NOT to be so happy..."

Angel gets a distant look in her already-zoned face. Buddha? she calls, scarcely daring to hope for an answer. If their rings were still working right, then he was a long, long way away...

"Not a problem," says Medi from his shackles. "I just thought I would have a little fun at that things expense. Eh, he just told me to shut up and sit down."

A faint sound of sadness and longing drifts through Angel's mind. The formian taskmaster looks at Kim with a bit of reproach (again, can a bug have and show enotions?), and he watches as the meths buckle Medi back in, and the caravan's progress continues. The Lamia behind you chuckles. (OOC:Kim, you're not faced toward the are facing the lion-man behind your wagon)

The gargolyes continue snarling and squealing, leaping from the wagon tops occasionally, the rough trail rattling your brains once more.

"The meds don't mind if we speak?" Kim sais surprised to the Lamia "That doesn't sound really smart of them... what are you laughting at by the way?" he gets the feeling of being watched (because of the formian) and takes a quick look over his shoulder.

"The WHAT? Those bugs, the yugoloth mercenaries... No, they don't care. You can talk all you want, but if you make them angry, or they decide to torture you for a little pleasure, don't think that they won't do it.... They're mean, and yeah, a little stupid. But they know what's going on. And as far as they're concerned, you're just another brick in the wall, another slave for the machine of the Hells." Pausing to take the party in, he sais, "I laugh at your pettiness. It makes me think I'm better than you."

He looks down at Medi, and notices he isn't fully draconic.
"What are you? If you're what I think you are...." giving you a quizzical and demeaning stare.

The formian is now minding his own travels, noting to keep an eye on this particular wagon for the duration of the trip. The caravan moves on.

"That depends on what you think I am," says Medi to the Lamia, with a look of pure hatred for the look he is giving him, for Medi has seen that look on many people in his lifetime. He stretches his wings out to their full span, showing some nicks on the edges, and a few minute holes in the membranes.

The man raises an eyebrow, glaring, as both wagons go over a huge bump, which shakes the wagons, first one, then the next, with a vehement force. As the caravan continues, the lion-man exclaims, "Well, my, aren't WE an angry one? .......You know, a look like that could have gotten you a job with the traders, if you weren't involved with THEM..." nodding toward the crucified humans up top. "I'm sure someone would have payed good money.....maybe they still have a bodyguard like you."

Casually looking at you with profits in his eyes, he pauses to consider Medi's elven features. "Many elite would actually have enough nerve to call you an abomination, you know that? To have both bloods of fae and dragon is to be abhorrent to your world, is it not?" he prods with a scathing look of dislike and apathy.

The three hags behind him chuckle shortly in the dark.

" 'if you weren't involved with them'? " Kim sais with anger "And what do you mean with THAT!?"

The Lamia sneers, rolling his eyes apathetically, and the hags chuckle once more, one of them crawling closer to the iron bars to look at you. Her greenish skin looks horrid, and her facade is that of old age and warped mind. Her crossed eyes leer at you above a wrinkled face, topped with a mop of white, frizzled hair. She smacks her lips as she stares out at you curiously. The lamia seeing her approach, swiftly kicks her in the head with his huge paw, knocking her quickly to the iron and wood walls of the wagon, her screeching heard as she holds her head, backing away once more.

The lamia stares at her in anger, and looks back at you in condemnation, before turning away to look back inside, slumping his body to the wall.

Medi begins speaking in a laguage that sounds like nothing but a bunch of hisses and snaps to the others, and the gargoyles fly over to the cage-wagon he is in. He immediately grabs the first ones arm and jerks it from his torso spraying blood over himslef and the others in the cage. Taking the arm, Medi begins to beat the other thing about the head and shoulders.

Angel appears to be in a daze, the combined stress of the day and drain from the magic she had used finally catching up with her. Her head falls forward as she succumbs to unconciousness. Not much will wake her until her body recovers, which might be several hours. As she slips through the dark womb-like catatonic state, she hears the thin mental call of Buddha,   .......crawling...on me.......fuzzy.....cats...........
Through her bleary vision, blood spatter her face, and she nearly wonders if she's hallucinating.

As Medi attacks the gargolyes in furious gore, the Formian has seen enough of the outbursts to remain uninterested. His black eyes glaze over for just a moment, his long antennae twitching, and casts Dominate person, as he cries within Medi's mind, Slave!!! Down to the floor with you!!! Prepared for the attack, Medi's brow furrows in his resistance to the ability for a few moments, before the ant-creature stops, looking at you through the bars, assessing how effective his attack had been. The horrid blue creatures at his heels snarl and snap in contentment at the outbreak of activity.

Medi hears the attack, but, having raised his mind-shield in time, refuses to obey the order and actually sends an attack of his own, a small thing that causes worry and paranoya, at the Formian's mind.

The bug shakes his stout head to the sides, and glares at you in anger, but nothing more. It seems the antimagic field is imparing both sides' attacks. The other one angers at the same time as the first, and they try once more, in unison, to overtake Medi's mind. The caravan continues on still, the ant-people marching along, glaring at you through the iron bars.

In Angel's head, the thin voice, many..............a girl..?.......angel....

Medi raises his shield, but is over powered by the combination of two minds. He sits down in the middle of the cage with a loud thud as his ass hits the cage floor.

Dazed, confused, unconscious, and otherwise despairing, our heroes have lost it all... Strength, love, life, and their homes. Even Kim has lost his will to speak, and the mortal adventurers' fates look grim. Medi sits placidly, jaw slacking, looking out the back of the wagon, mindless from the force of the Formians. Beasts and slave-drivers surround them, and it seems that all is in vain...

KEEP WATCH!!! Until next time, this is PURPLE VORTEX, courtesy of ABSS, the Abyss, a public station serving public interests to the hellish community since 35,000 BC!!!

Brought to you by:

Hellfire Toilet Paper, soft as the skin of mortals AND BY
Community Coal, a proud industry leader in effectively turning mortal souls into burning coals, one scream at a time.

I'm will thompson for xidoraven studios, Phoenix, and you're watching PURPLE VORTEX @ WIKI!!!!


A couple hours later, Angel blinks and shakes her head groggily. A couple of the bug-creatures were moving her from the back of the wagon to back inside, with Medi. Standing at the side, Angel stares at the city that was slowly drawing nearer. "What is that place?" she asked. Buddha? Where are you.... She leans against the bars and whispers softly "Where are we..."

"I have no idea..." [Kim_Lundin] sais "But I guess our friendly hosts are about to show us... very soon."

Rusting walls of nearly black, sooty iron and steel loom high against the horizon, growing like a vast wraith to shield the dull light from the sky, which now seems to be its normal grey foggy half-lit self again. The formians have released their grip on Medi, though the fuzz in his head still rings pretty strongly from the overpowering domination thought to be necessary by the ant-men. They now walk away from the wagon, heading to the front quickly, while the caravan slows. All of the Yugoloth and demons outside begin to head to the front of the parade of iron wagons. It seems that they are filtering into a huge grated doorway, left open for the mercenaries of the slaving caravan, while the wagons are slowly begun to be pulled into a dark shaft that leads into the huge fortress-like outer wall of Aggrazzat, the mercenary trading post of this layer.

All but two meths leave the wagon, and these two glare angrily (yay, bug emotions!!) at the group, once more inside the wagon, through their bulbous red-glowing eyes.
Nearly six or seven wagons ride between yours and the wall entrance.

"Hey, bugeyes! What are you looking so grumpy for?" Kim sais "It's not you that's locked into this wagon, right? You can at least still move your arms."

The mezzoloths chitter between each other, little squeals of 'laughter' in the midst of their small conversation, and proceed to attach shackles at his ankles, connecting him to the iron bars in yet one more fashion, then suddenly, hoisting his body up with a quick jerk, they push him through the iron bars without mercy, so that his body is hanging outside, after detaching his arm-shackles, letting go of him from behind, he hangs by the shackles out of the high wagon, less than half a meter(1' or so) from the tires and the ground.

Kim begins to shout words best not written up about the messolothsm, their ancestors and their coming children.

Angel mutters under her breath and begins pulling Kim back into the wagon by the chains. "Medi-a hand here? He's a bit bigger than I am."

Medi walks over to where Kim and Angel are and grabs him by an ankle and pulls him through the bars in a fashion much like the bugs when they pushed him through, not really pausing much to consider any pain it might cause.

Kim sais some more words he had forgot to say when he was hanging outside he then quiets and looks at the others. "Sorry... ow... they made me... OW!! Thanks... anyone here who knows healing or something... I think they totally messed up my shoulder."

Sighing, Angel says, "If they undid whatever it is keeping our magic from working, I'd fix your it is, I think all you can do is let it heal naturally." She gently examines his shoulder. "I don't think anything's broken really..."

The meths chitter back and forth at each other, pleased to see their torturings working so well, as the wagon enters the dark tunnel into the city.

The air smells like a metal factory, complete with smoke, chemical stench, and metallic, tangy smells that leave a bad taste in the back of your throat.

The thick soot present in the air makes breathing a little more difficult, and all of you find yourself coughing occasionally.

As the rest of the wagons are pulled into the dark tunnel, the thick barred gate closes down behind the procession, and the Mezzos take leave from the wagon, chittering in Kim's face, and one even spits on Angel's arm as they depart, leaving the wagon in the dark to wait for the next unknown step in the process of demonic slavery. It is not long after that the tunnel, full of screeching, howling, and distempered slave-wagons is emptied, the wagons being pulled, unaccompanied, into the city dungeons.

Kim coughs "What is this with demons and smoke? You NEVER finds a horde of demons without lots of smoke, darkness and... screams?"

Angel absently wipes the spit off onto her tunic. "The smoke's probably a by-product of the demons' incessant farting....they're disgusting enough for it." She abruptly falls on her butt as the wagons hit a pothole. "I dont want to think about the screams..."

The chains between the wagons clink, chink and rattle as the line is pulled into the dark iron cavern, grated doors heading off from the nearby walls, all locked heavily.
Presently, a small imp the height of a dog has escaped his wagon in some way, and runs past. One more follows, and within moments, both are pierced with huge metal contraptions that shoot out from one of the grated tunnels through the holes. There are nearly six that shoot out at the imps' passing of the booby traps that look like needled spider-legs, and move by an odd mechanical means. With as chaotic as most everything else has been in this realm, they seem almost out of place in their planned structure.

The bleeding, convulsing bodies of the gremlin-like imps twitch and dangle from the ends of the taloned spider-legs, prohibiting the arms from returning to within the tunnel from where they came like the others had done. One stares almost directly at Medi through the iron bars, his glazed eyes staring blankly off, before lolling back into his head.
Despite the horror, the caravan line continues being pulled into the city in the dark.

Angel's stomach growls, reminding her of how long ago the pizza at the tavern had been. The idiocy of the situation hits her, and she gives the bars in front of her a sharp jerk. "God DAMMIT all I am NOT going to stay here!!!" She yells. Her anger rouses her magic enough that it jolts through her and into the bars, blasting them off. Angel's eyes go wide, and she glances around to see if any of the demons had seen the fireworks.

Fortunately, the sparks were few and fleeting, and in the loud caulor, not a hellish soul would have noticed a new voice added to the roar, and the bars fall in toward her, to sit in her hands, still warm.

Nearly instinctively, another burst is directed toward the shackles on her hands and feet (ooc:known to scholar sorcerors as tremors, a residual energy still active after an outburst, or 'over-direction'), and they fall limp as well.

Medi thinks of an odd familiarity with draconic sorcery as he watches this happen.

The tunnel continues, although it takes a sharp turn some distance, instead of continuing on the left fork, a nearly straight path. The right fork is a bit smaller, and the roar is an echoing entity nearly all its own, a huge sonic mass enveloping the caravan. Everyone fears for their hearing as they get closer.

Angel is hurried in thought, and even misses a call. (oops:P)

Kim looks worried at the, now open, 'wall' "I don't think the demons will be happy when they sees that the wagon's open." he sais.

Medi grabs the bar across the top of the wagon and swings up onto the top, where he can get a better view. "I don't see anything we should worry about too bad, but I think we should find a place to hide and stick around the caravan for a few minutes."

"I've got an idea," says Medi, "we could fix the bars and I could kill the demons still driving our wagon. Then I could probly just drive us out of the city and we could go home or any number of things."

Angel suddenly whips around and stares at a distant point in the city. Buddha?
"We can't leave this place yet, Medi. Buddha's here." She begins to climb out of the wagon, all of the dangers forgotten in her haste to find her husband.

Medi jumps down in front of Angel, "Hold on there, we ca..." Just then one of the spears shoots out of the wall and Medi grabs Angel on his way to the ground, causing the spear to narrowly miss impaling them both. He starts to crawl to the back of the wagon and motions for Angel to follow.

The wagons are still being pulled away into the tunnel, and Kim becomes a little frantic without his comrades. Even more noticable is a persistent itch that seems to get more intense as time draws on. The wagon he's in is only two wagons away from turning into the loud, cramped side-passage, and the other tracks leading straight ahead are looking really nice compared to the roaring of the beasts inside the side tunnel, the noise already a bit deafening.

Two more mechanical needle-legged spindles shoot out above your heads, but without success (Whew!!), and you feel hurried to get out of view as more wagons pass by.

In the wagon behind your own, the lamia watches you escape, and begins to cry out for the guards, although his voice is lost in the roar as well. The hags screech and squeal in laughter at seeing you free, maybe just out of spite to the angry lamia, whose aggression and attitude must have been wonderfully gleeful on their own journey. One of them tosses a small brown sack out of the bars and winks with her crossed eye, the green-skinned lid shutting halfway over the other. Kim, in a bit of panic, begins trying to free himself of his shackles, and to no reward. Shouting a bit, he can barely be heard from the ground nearby, where Medi crawls to the wagon-side.

An explosion erupts from inside the cramped side-tunnel, and the inhabitants of the remaining wagons begin to scream and howl in fearful anticipation, enflamed by the fear of what caused the erratic explosion, hoping dearly that another will not occur. It's a safe bet that alot of the wagons' riders were destroyed in the blast.

The itch on the back of Kim's head persists in a quite annoying manner.

A demon nearly claws at Medi's body as he passes.

"Hello!" Kim shouts "Can anyone help me with theese!?"

Angel climbs back into the wagon after Medi knocks the sense back into her. She offers Kim her boot dagger. "Hope you or Medi can pick locks cause I can't, and I'm out of magic tricks."

From where he is Medi casts a Open Lock spell hoping that anything blocking magick would not block this.

Alive and aware with adrenaline and force, Medi forces his power through the barrier to burst the lock off Kim's wrists and ankles. Angel scurries to help him, retrieving her dagger quickly once more, and the small tunnel closes in quickly.

The itch does not cease to irritate the back of Kim's head.

The brown sack from the hags sits where it was thrown, near to Medi on the stone path beside the wagon-line. The lamia growls through clenched teeth at the group, who looks like they may escape.

Unlit torches line the wall of the larger tunnel leading straight through, while the side-tunnel continues to roar with noise, dark and unwelcoming. Kim and Angel's blood pumps hard through their veins as the entrance closes in on their wagon.
Medi's anticipation rises, watching them free Kim from his bonds.

"Thanks." Kim sais and begins to scratch his head "Those things began to be really uncomfortable." he looks around "I guess we should look for some good place to hide really fast... that damned lion thing don't seem to be happy we succeded to get out of the wagon."

Angel nods and glances around for a way out of the tunnels. She catches the lamia's eye, and gives him a smirk followed by a one-fingered salute. Noticing the brown bag, Angel pokes Medi and asks "Hey, what's that?"

Medi picks up the bag and tosses it to Angel as he gets up into the wagon again as another of the spikes shoots out of the wall. "I dunno, but its too light to be weapons." Medi also salutes the lamia, but with both hands. "We better decide what to do soon."

"We don't want to be forced to fight, that's for sure." Kim sais.

The lamia sneers at the gestures, and grins at seeing the three of you getting BACK INTO the wagon. (o.O)
The metal spike grazes the back of Medi's calf, opening a small wound.

The only exit seems to be the straightaway tunnel quickly relinquishing itself as an option. The roaring side-tunnel is nearly upon you.

(its safer from the spikey things in the wagon ^_^)
Angel points at the straitaway tunnel and yells to be heard over the noise. "We'd better run for over there fast or else we're going to get trapped in the other tunnel."

"I guess it's now or never..." Kim sais and begins to run towards the tunnel.

Medi flips back up to the top of the wagon and leaps into the air with one mighty flap of his wings. Flying over Kim, Medi grabs him under his armpits and lifts him out of the way as another spike shoots out of the wall.

Angel makes a face at the guys' backs for just running off without her (:P). She climbs up on top of the wagon and shifts into a small, light blue dragon (about the same size as the human Angel). Spreading her wings, Angel glides across the space and lands just past the tunnel entrance, then shifts back to human.

"WHAT!?..." Kim screams when he's lifted up in the air. He looks down at the spike "Oh... Thanks, Medi." He sais.

Medi sets Kim down and then lands himself. "Okay, that was the easy part. Now we've got to find the others."


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