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The Sith Lords


"Peace is a lie, there is only passion.
Through passion I gain strength.
Through strength I gain power.
Through power I gain victory.
Through victory my chains are broken.
The Force shall set me free."

[Use ONLY THIS BANNER for your house otherwise the guards will remove the other ones.]

The Sith Lords

<wikiimg:The Sith Lords@wiki:stuff/wk_sithlordsbnr.jpg>

As a note, this is not something to join to whine about rules at Elftown and the Guards. People who join this will still follow the rules or they will have their asses kicked out of here. You came here because you wanted to, not because we wanted you to, so we reserve the right to steal your lightsaber and your milk money when we forcefully eject you from this wiki.

Contact us here, or send one of the Lords a message about it. Also realize, if you act like a tard, you will be demoted to peon. You will be the equivalent of a red-shirt sent out to be a meat will be the guy in the movie that everyone thinks "wow...we didn't know him, that is why he died..."

That being said, have fun. >:)

The Sith Lords

<wikiimg:The Sith Lords@wiki:stuff/tsl_wiki1.gif>



Lord [Calico Tiger]: Darth Feral (Cali) - "I see your Shwartz is as big as mine."
** The Sith: Calico Tiger

Lord [Lerune]: Darth Reesza (Runey), The Sith: Darth Reesza - "The cute and sappy a problem with that?"

Lord [Ittai]: Pathelel Ittai / Darth Xalmavet - "I'll bite your legs off!"

Lord [Lothuriel]: Onyx (Night Sister: Sith Witch)

Lord [font]: Darth BoBo *is regularly molested by Darth Reesza*

Lord [ArcticTofu]: Darth Marit

Lord [Yuriona]: Darth Uryal, The Sith: Darth Uryal "I knew it! I'm surrounded by Assholes!"

Lord [Skydancer]: The Sith: Darth Azurian
Manufacturer of Sithian PhotoSabers {TM}

Lord [Paul Doyle]: Darth Paranoia - Don't let that friendly gold anthro-dragon exterior deceive you. His confuzzled pretentions reek of a foul stench of Sithiness. Or maybe he just had gas.

Lord [irulan]: The Sith: Darth Indiri

Lord [David the Good]:Darth Contif trained by Darth Bane

Lord [Ironballs "the Preposterous One"]: Darth Necronous

Lord [TheRogue]: Darth Vorhanus

Lord [Steve*O]: Darth Strider

Lord [Rennie]: Darth Roweena

Lord [Saray]: Darth Zhera

Lord [playslashwrite]: Darth Moroban - Because I am EVIL!

Lord [Bipolar Nonsense]: The Sith: Darth Illatris

Lord [-Britt-]: Darth Principatus

Lord [PredatorX]: Darth Dja'Kall- You could not escape my wrath...more than you could your own shadow!

Lord [Rain S.]:Darth Rain

Lady [Mirindyin]: Darth Mizan - Former apprentice of Darth Moroban!

Lady [-Orion-]: Darth Chiera - Former apprentice of Darth Moroban!


[DistantDream]: - Darth Korana - Apprentice to Lord [Calico Tiger]

[Ocean Soul]: Darth Aqua

[Kileaiya]: Darth Kieran - Apprentice to Darth Reesza- "I'll break your will and make you like it."
At one with The Force

[Duke of Angels]: Darth Tyrus

[Sir. Robert]: Darth Quoto

[Stephen]: Darth Jakia

[Badass]: Darth Zyth

[Jitter]: Darth Kupo Is trying to destroy pink

[Douche-Bag]: Name me!

[SuicidalEternalX]: Darth Honoria

[3.00 x 10^8 Meters/Second]: Darth Levios

[Pnelma Tirian]: Darth Pink. SNORKELING apprentice to Darth Paranoia. "ph33r m3."

[Random Pavarotti Disease]: Darth Mortis

[Paz]: Darth Zap (?) - "I am your father's, uncle's, cousin's, nephew's roomate"

[spincrus]: Darth Spincrus - Fallen Jedi - "It is hard to breathe through this mask, but at least keeps out the smell of burning hair when I slice my enemies in half."

[Chaos Sun]: Darth Chaos


[Fireblade K'Chona]: Darth Macabre - Apprenticed to Darth Moroban!

[Darth Segas]:

[Ikko]: Darth Rose

[The "Problem" Child]: Darth Durok

[Darth Jacein]: Darth Dedus

[Bladieboe]: Darth Paratus

[Helghast]: Darth Mauler

[morgan nynaeve]:

[Wulf Skjaldr]:

[Alexxei]: Darth Cahl

[Depressions soul]: Darth Crimsia

[DappaDan]: Darth Azriell.(Fear is the mind killer i will not show fear).

[Araglas]: Darth Deorm - Apprenticed to Darth Mizan

[Xeroh Kanoe]: Darth Zakir

Darth Rokar: Darth Rokar

[Talvikki]: Darth Rimfrost

[Lord Josmar]: Darth Josmar



<URL:> *The true Vader sez "NOOOOOOOOOO"*
<URL:> Femtroopers, attack!

Noone here. Yet... >:)

Sith Moogle by [Calico Tiger]

Join us and you get your very own Sith Moogle to put in your house :O Only those who are members of this wiki have permission to display it in their houses.



How do the rankings work?
Everyone who joins is a knight. There is no long waiting list. Anyone from the Jedi Council that joins who was already a knight or master automatically becomes a Lord.

How do I become a Lord?
One of the Lords may take you as an apprentice. This is not a bad thing. Remember, Vader, one of the most powerful beings we have seen was an apprentice to the wrinkled butt head, Errr... Palpatine... the entire time. It's not a sign of being weak or anything. So don't focus on stupid shit like that :P When your Master deems you worthy of being a Lord (and that's totally up to them when that is. It could be anywhere from days to months depending on you and your master), you will be made a Lord.

Is there a limit to the number of Lords and Knights?
No. The only limit is the number of members. You can't have 20 Lords if you only have 3 members ;)

Are you serious about the peon thing?
Damn right! If you act like a moron (silly is not counted in that. Being silly is absolutely fine), or you start harassing other members and making everyone's lives miserable, or start breaking the Elftown rules, you will be busted down to peon and have to earn your way back to knight. You will be the equivalent of a jedi youngling again. In some cases, depending on the situation, some people may just be kicked out.

Does everyone who asks to join get to join?
No. You must follow the rules of Elftown. As stated at the top, this page is not for whining about the guards and the rules here. You will be a good Elftown citizen. Yes, you can have made mistakes in the past. People who ask to join will be checked on to see if they're one of the "I hate the guards" people (gawd, those wikis are lame), or just someone who didn't understand the rules or know they were there (many people don't know the Uploading Art Rules exist.)

Do I have to be some big evil bad guy/gal?
No. Absolutely not. You play your character and your personality as you see fit. You could be petty evil, you could just be a naughty pervert (too much so for the jedi council to overlook), you could be bent on destroying all ewoks just because they're cute, you could want to take over the galaxy, you could like pulling the wings off of flies, you could hang out with heartless bounty hunters who get a thrill from using Jedi Council members as target practice (submitted by [Lothuriel]), whatever floats your boat. You may not go harass people via messages. You may not go harass people on their wiki pages if they ask you to leave. Don't be a dick.

Can I be in more than one Sith (or other) group?
Personally, I don't care. You could be in 8 of them at once if you want. Granted, it's up to the other groups you're in as well. But here, we don't care. We're not here to bogart your time and attention. So if the jedi don't care if you're here and with them (not likely, but it could happen!), good for you. I believe it's good to have agents and allies in many places, so have fun.


Fun or Interesting Links

<URL:> - Tons of funny stuff (link provided by [ArcticTofu])

I've got this thing for the bad guys... - [Lerune]'s fan page for the bad guys. Yummy!

Darth Molten Cake - for a taste of the Darkside!

Runey and Cali - A comic about Darth Reesza and Darth Feral ([Lerune] and [Calico Tiger]) as both Sith and Jedi

Sithian PhotoSabers {TM}

The Power of the Dork Side - The funniest Star Wars pictures in the galaxy!

<URL:> - Bizarre, strangely fun look at the daily trials and tribulations suffered by Darth Vader . . . the Pez dispenser :P

<URL:> Think of something and Vader will try to guess what that is within 30 questions.

<URL:> Darth Fabulous!

<URL:> Fun with abusing your apprentice

Star Wars Fan films
(1.)"Wrath of the Mandalorian" (Boba Fett; between Eps 3+4; 12 min; 94 MB)
(2.)"Revelations" (Seers; between Eps 3+4; 47 min; 410 MB)
(3.) <URL:>  Lots of goodies to be found here ^_^
(4.)<URL:> Spoof trailer for Episode III; you will laugh yourself to death ^^
<URL:> - Why you should beware of Wookies
<URL:> - Vader is teh awsum
<URL:> Ever wonder how Scout Walkers make love? Well, neither did I. Yet because I am evil, here you go anyway. Tips are gladly accepted at the door. :PPP [Paul Doyle]
<URL:> Forever purging memories of horrific Meco monstrosities ("Star Wars Disco', "Ewok Celebration", etc) from back in the day, for those of us old enough to remember o___O  ROCK AND ROLL!
<URL:> Funny Staw Wars vids provided by Windspire Entertainment. My personal favourite is "Fett's Vette".
Star Wars: Confess to Pope Lando Read it, confess and weep.
<URL:> - Darth Vader Calls the Emperor. Really funny! Link submitted by [TheRogue]

Not Star Wars, But at Least Evil

This section has links that aren't Star Wars or Sith related, but at least have the element of evil in it:

<URL:> - The Shorties: Quest to BlizzCon - Submitted by [PredatorX]

<URL:;q=illegal> - Illegal Danish: Super Snacks - The Horde Rave Scene is awesome


[Wiki Advertising Rules!!]

DO NOT advertise your wiki page or any other wiki page in the comments section or on the page itself unless it has something to do with the Sith, Star Wars, Evilness, Drooling over Evil Bad Guys, or something that at least fits the theme or genre. Those who violate this rule (not counting any that have been posted before as this rule wasn't in place before) will have the comment deleted and will be thoroughly mocked for not reading.

If a member of the wiki page violates it and adds it to the wiki page links secion, they will be mocked, lose a rank (Lords will become Knights, Knights will become Peons, Peons will get kicked out), and be tortured with nudey pics of Roseanne Bar (or some other insidiously evil plan).


More Sith Moogles!

Do not take any of these without the artists' permission and give proper credit! It's not only about being polite!

By [Jitter]
(Note: You can have them at your house if you want but please give me proper credit! -Jitterbug Perfume)

By [Skydancer]

By [Sir. Robert]

By [TheRogue]

By [Ocean Soul]

By [spincrus]

(Note: Give credit when adding this to your house please!)
(Oh, and here's the house-friendly version due to transparency issues: <img:>)

by [TheRogue]


Image drawn by [travs the bean] and used with his permission

A trial for the Sith: from Lord [Calico Tiger] - Adapted from the original by Master [travs the bean]

My dear Knights in your quest to become Lords, there are many trials you must face and feats you must accomplish. Even those that are Lords must progress and grow. So a challenge is given to you - and that is to create a piece of art, written or drawn of a battle between you and a jedi (there are many jedi around. See The Jedi Council for a list of jedi to battle). Master Travs the bean has taken on the dangerous sith mistress [Calico Tiger]. To keep the galaxy on its toes I would advise you to keep an eye out, your pen andy and the art flowing. Good luck my Knights and fellow Lords **note you cannot kill another character without their permision- just draw or write the battle**

Pred versus Sunny- [PredatorX] and [Sunny Silverunicorn] duke it out in a battle where only the Force can decide the victor.


See also The Jedi Council

See also The Sith Brotherhood

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2008-05-21 [playslashwrite]: hmpf, *carries you to your bed and throws you on it:p*

2008-05-21 [Fireblade K'Chona]: So I'm reading this book my friend handed me and told me was good, and the main character is a sexual masochist. We find this out in great detail. O.o


2008-05-22 [Pnelma Tirian]: Kushiel's Dart?

2008-05-22 [Fireblade K'Chona]: Ah, I see you know it. Yep, that's it.

2008-05-22 [Mirindyin]: you should not read things like that. I rots brain. you should rather read erotic vampire/demon/whatever fantasy being stories. they have a great tendency to make any day look better.

2008-05-22 [Pnelma Tirian]: My friend is also quite obsessed with the Kushiel series, but I have escaped reading it by...I don't remember how. Sorry. XD But bear with it, apparently it gets good.

Iunno about that erotic vamp/demon/whatev fantasy being story thing. I tried a couple of 'em. I wasn't particularly tittilated by the story.

2008-05-22 [Mirindyin]: you read wrong stories then :o

2008-05-22 [Araglas]: I have never heard of it..

2008-05-23 [Darth Jacein]: ...i read starwars, and the drizzt books

2008-06-09 [Mirindyin]: why, this page is dead once again. are everyone just sunbathing and loafing around?

2008-06-09 [Araglas]: I do not know..I am here...but it quiet last post was almost a month or two ago....

2008-06-09 [Mirindyin]: hummmmh. maybe people are just being lazy now that there's no interesting topic to talk about :x

2008-06-09 [Araglas]: ...maybe we should start throwing lightning around randomly...??

2008-06-09 [Mirindyin]: but they might get angry :x

2008-06-09 [Araglas]: would get them talking.... <_< >_>

2008-06-09 [Mirindyin]: definitely. but do you really want to be spanked by them for zapping them with lighting?

2008-06-09 [Araglas]: *blink* spanked??

2008-06-09 [Mirindyin]: yeah, spanked :x just think of trennie giving you a spanking.. it's not something you want to experience.

2008-06-09 [Paul Doyle]: *emerges from personal meditation chamber/bathroom*
*flushing toilet sound in the background*

Wooweee, do NOT go in there! Grawwwr, I feel twenty pounds lighter!

2008-06-09 [Mirindyin]: ewwwwwh, we do not need information like that! *zaps darth paranoia with a thunderbolt*

2008-06-09 [Araglas]: *nods and bows to Darth Paranoia* Greetings...*waves*

2008-06-09 [Mirindyin]: you can zap him if you want to. I'll protect you from his wrath.

2008-06-09 [Araglas]: *shakes head* No disrespect Mistress, but...I would wrather not, unless he says or does something to offend me

2008-06-09 [Mirindyin]: *sighs and rolls her eyes* zap or be zapped, that's the law.

2008-06-09 [Araglas]: *giggles and zaps self* Ouch....hey...that tickled..*zaps self again*

2008-06-09 [Mirindyin]: *covers her face with her hands and shakes her head ruefully* oh dear..

2008-06-09 [playslashwrite]: i see you have your new boytoy well under control..

2008-06-09 [Mirindyin]: *zaps trennas* look who's talking. I bet great mistress saray keeps you well under control as well.

2008-06-09 [playslashwrite]: *catches the zap and boomerang-eleqtrocutes your hair with it* oh, you'd like to think so don't you?:p

2008-06-09 [Mirindyin]: I'll just ask her. *reflects the zap with her new wide-brimmed hat and redirects it to the ceiling*

2008-06-09 [playslashwrite]: oh sure, be careful she doesn't snap your neck though ^^ she tends to do that with people who ask pointless and annoying questions:p

2008-06-09 [Mirindyin]: I'm sure that she won't snap this neck of mine.. besides, not everyone are as mean as you :p

2008-06-09 [Paul Doyle]: *farts at Mindy, unfazed by the force lightning*

Mull that one over.

2008-06-09 [playslashwrite]: you're absolutely right ^^ saray is at least twice as mean as me ^^

2008-06-09 [Mirindyin]: darth paranoia is an old meanie :p but trenny, I'm positive that she will agree with me. you are her toyboy, after all..

2008-06-09 [Paul Doyle]: Graawr, why don't you tell us more about the antics of Toyboy!

2008-06-09 [playslashwrite]: its more like we are each others toy, in the evil sense of course:p

2008-06-09 [Fireblade K'Chona]: ...

Random question-do you think that rubber boots would neutralize force lightning? I mean, yes, it's force lightning, but it is still lightning and a natural force.

2008-06-09 [playslashwrite]: its quite poissible i think..

2008-06-09 [Saray]: Hmm, I think your innards would still be bacon, or your heart will explode from the voltage, but beats me!

I think we need a Dreadlock Sith powah we can hit people with. We can dance around on Bob, and windmill our heads to lash out.

... Wait. I don't need the force for that XD

2008-06-09 [Araglas]: *sits by quietly and reads a book*

2008-06-09 [Paul Doyle]: Just make sure the rubber boots aren't reinforced with steel.

Who is Bob?

2008-06-09 [playslashwrite]: bob marley man.. or bob ross, not sure which one..

2008-06-09 [Paul Doyle]: They are both dead, but we still love them. Ross: "Happy little trees . . . blocking the Rastafrians' ganja field."

2008-06-10 [Mirindyin]: *sighs* for some reason, I suddenly feel very young and ignorant..

2008-06-10 [playslashwrite]: *pet pet* glad you found your place again ^^

2008-06-10 [Saray]: I hope for god not Bob Ross, that guy can put me to sleep in like... 0.0000000000000000000000000000000000000001 parasec. (and yeah, I know a parasec is a metric somthing to mesure distance, not time :P)

2008-06-10 [Araglas]: *nods* I feel very young and out of I even want to ask who bob is?

2008-06-10 [Saray]: <img:>

You kids need to listen to good music some more XD

2008-06-10 [Darth Jacein]: zomg its marley!!!!

2008-06-10 [Paul Doyle]: He is smiling at you.


2008-06-10 [Paul Doyle]: Hmm, I wonder what a Photoshop job crossing Ross and Marley would reveal . . .

2008-06-10 [Darth Jacein]: satan..or god..

2008-06-11 [Saray]: Pure dead nasty evil.

2008-06-11 [playslashwrite]: which sings while painting..

2008-06-11 [Saray]: Har har har.

2008-06-11 [Mirindyin]: very funny. *pokes trenny*

2008-06-11 [Paul Doyle]: Perhaps a mixed-clone of Marley and Ross could be artificially imbued with midi-chlorians, and brought up on the Dark Side of the Force? Darth Rasta-Ross . . . just think of the mayhem that might ensue. Outside they're smiling, but inside they're really wearing a frown?

2008-06-11 [Darth Jacein]: lol awesome

2008-06-12 [Mirindyin]: ugly and unfair.

2008-06-12 [Paul Doyle]: Personally, I'd take Darth Rasta-Ross over Darth Diana Ross any day of the week. That woman is supposed to be unbelievably bitchy and controlling.

2008-12-09 [Tragedy In Trend]: Oh is this still running, or did I swing by too late?

And I would love to imagine a Darth Diana Ross, I think she could kick some ass actually...

2008-12-09 [playslashwrite]: it is running.. very low XD not much action here lately:p

2008-12-09 [Tragedy In Trend]: Oh so can I join then? hehe

I have a Zabrak named Jael. She's pretty insane actually...

2008-12-09 [playslashwrite]: you can still join yes XD

oh those blasted Zabraks:p horny buggers they are!:p

2008-12-09 [Darth Jacein]: lol lurv zabraks

2008-12-10 [playslashwrite]: zabraks! horny buggers!!

im kind of in repeat mode aren't i?:p

2008-12-10 [Fireblade K'Chona]: Just a little, Master.

2008-12-10 [Paul Doyle]: *Darth Paranoia coughs up a hairball even though he's an anthrodragon*

2008-12-10 [playslashwrite]: scaleball?

2008-12-11 [Paul Doyle]: Hmm, what was for dinner . . .

2008-12-11 [Pnelma Tirian]: Has anyone seen my cat? I've been looking for the little bastard all day....*wanders off down the hall...*

2008-12-11 [Paul Doyle]: So it's possible I coughed up a hairball. . . of something that also coughed up a hairball? Do we find evidence of one to prove the other? Grawwr? And why do I not remember what I ate . . . or did it have something to do something to do with "eating" that does not involve mastication and digestion?

*scratches chinny-chin* *ish confuzzled*

2008-12-11 [Pnelma Tirian]: Ladies and gentlemen, my work here is done. *satisfied with result, even if it may have cost her a cat* Schrodinger!! where are you?!

2008-12-11 [playslashwrite]: well done! too bad about the cat though..

2008-12-11 [Paul Doyle]: Hell with the cat . . . too bad about my short-term memory?

2008-12-11 [playslashwrite]: nope, I like your memory just like that ^^

2008-12-11 [Paul Doyle]: I've got a Schrodinger. That much I definitely know.

*speaks up* Hey cat! If you don't stop thinking you're Jonesie from the first "Alien" movie, you've got some Force lightning coming your way! So get back to your beloved Darth, already! Quit pulling a Jonesie!

2008-12-11 [playslashwrite]: would be fun to see it start to tapdance though:p

2008-12-11 [Tragedy In Trend]: Okay I am soo lost...But *tackle hugs the nearest person* HI EVERYBODY ^.^

I think I fit right in here quite frankly. Meanwhile, HI You can call me Jael', and I'm an insane Jedi. *waits for a druged-welcome from a rehab clinic type environment*

2008-12-11 [Darth Jacein]: hi jael

2008-12-12 [playslashwrite]: ola Jael! are you gonna tell us how long you have been sober?:p

2008-12-12 [Pnelma Tirian]: Schrodinger's not Jonesie, silly master, Schrodinger's Jonesie! Can't help that, now, can we?

2008-12-12 [Fireblade K'Chona]: Maybe it's like an owl pellet instead of a hairball.

2008-12-12 [Paul Doyle]: *nods* so this, then might help explain Schrodinger's Cat to a a throughly nerdy audience? Alter a few lyrics to "Iron Man" so it's about Schrodinger's Cat, and Black Sabbath has a new song to sing!


2008-12-12 [Paul Doyle]: (Or maybe the silly anthrodragon went muffdiving again?)

2008-12-15 [Tragedy In Trend]: I'm not sober, I've been lying but SHH don't tell the cops I'm driving.

Not really driving but they said they'd take my lawn mower away too =(

And okay, what's with this cat?

2008-12-16 [Darth Jacein]: physics buff maybe?

2009-01-16 [Mirindyin]: *comes in, covered with frost and icicles* so much trouble for that so-called "global warming" and now it does not exist anymore. *grumbles* two winters in a row without as much as a snowflake and suddenly temperature drops 20 degrees below zero and there's snow everywhere *grumbles more* whose evil plan is this? I promise I will spank that goose-brain until he or she cannot sit for a month.

2009-01-16 [Skydancer]: Actually the global warming causes these wild fluctuations in temperatures and climate. Extreme cold as well as extreme heat. Australia now is having dangerously hot days, and they are continuing, while in the US, the jet stream is being shifted causing more polar air to spill into the deep south. And as more and more fresh water melts into the north atlantic, the gulf stream is in jeopardy and if it stops then all of the european coast and the UK will see much much colder weather year round. That area is actually at the same latitudes as siberia, its only the deep ocean currents that bring warmth from the equator that modertates the climate.

2009-01-17 [Paul Doyle]: I thought it rather interesting how the really cold winter air's been displaced. Here in southeast Connecticut, on my commute home from work, temperatures bottomed out around -7F, which I realize is nothing at all next to what they get elsewhere. (Typical January high/low temps around here are roughly 30F/15F.) Accessing the "WeatherBug" application, I found it interesting how one of the usually truly frigid spots---Fairbanks, Alaska---is having temperatures of 35-40 above zero, which I'm guessing is really atypical since there's often temperatures of 35 below or colder. That displaced warmer air had to go somewhere . . . but within a week it looks like subzero temperatures will be back in Fairbanks, and chilly but not terrible temperatures will be back in southeast Connecticut.

(At what temperature does excess chill impede the "ignite" button on a lightsaber? I'm just asking this so we don't go way too offtopic here . . . )

2009-01-17 [Mirindyin]: Why Skydancer, thankyou for pointing out the obvious. Finland is supposed to grow much warmer, not to have ridiculously cold winters. I suppose that the ignite button of a light saber does not stop working short of -100 degrees of celsius (seeing how Luke used his on the ice planet Hoth, which, as we know, is an excessively cold place)

2009-01-17 [Skydancer]: Obvious to a few of us, not so much to most people, and certainly one good way to kill a planet using a good sith stealth method, helping them to destroy themselves by manipulating the industries and the greedy people that control the trade federations and the manufacturing sectors. Toss in a few corrupt officials, and soon you have the planet just where you want it, vulnerable.

2009-01-17 [-Orion-]: Min my dear, by calling this winter ridiculously cold is a joke. The kind of a weather we're having at the moment is the NORMAL winter weather... For most of this winter it hasn't even dropped below zero. That's pretty damn warm for a winter over here. The cold just takes you by surprise since it's been abnormally warm and we haven't therefore got used to it. *pats Min's head*

2009-01-19 [Mirindyin]: I would appreciate it a lot if you did not pat me on my head.

2009-01-19 [playslashwrite]: don't listen to her; she appreciates the hell out of it:p

2009-01-19 [-Orion-]: I do as I please. *smiles sweetly*

2009-01-27 [Tragedy In Trend]: About the Global Warming bit, I must admit I'm amazed, it just never snows in North Carolina, and yet I got out of school last week for three days because of the iced over roads (and I think the principal wanted to play in the snow).

2009-05-25 [Mirindyin]: why is this place so quiet? I hope everyone is carrying around a towel today since it's the towel day today (use google in case you don't have a clue).

2009-05-25 [Sir. Robert]: If you want to survive out here, you've got to know where your towel is...

2009-05-25 [playslashwrite]: I just bought new towels!

2009-05-28 [Paul Doyle]: *mad scientist rant*

It's alive . . . . ALIVVVVVE!!!

*crackling electricity*

2009-05-30 [Fireblade K'Chona]: Your towel is alive?

2009-05-30 [Sir. Robert]: I am guessing he is referring to the wiki as it was quiet/dead for close to 4 months, but the notion of zombie towels is novel.

2009-06-02 [playslashwrite]: Day 14:

After several more experiments, I found that merely pumping electricity through a towel does not bring it to life.. I suspect there may be other things necessary to do just that.. maybe a human heart or something..

2009-06-02 [Pnelma Tirian]: Allow me to hypothesize--electricity and a human heart combined with a towel will only splash blood and heartfluidstuffs on the towel, and would not be advisable in the event of needing aforementioned towel for later use.

2009-06-02 [Paul Doyle]: Zombie towels? Someone find those teleporter pods from the remake of "The Fly", already!

2009-06-03 [playslashwrite]: Day 17: After the teleporter experiment I found something quite astonishing! A little patch of towel fabric growing on my shoulder! Could I have succeeded?!

2009-06-03 [Sir. Robert]: I may have to keep you under observation *begins to load shotgun* ...and stick around to give you a plumbum booster shot in case there are any negative side effects

2009-06-03 [Paul Doyle]: *transmorgifies everyone*

2009-06-03 [Fireblade K'Chona]: Boink!

2009-06-04 [playslashwrite]: *slowly turns into a towel*

2009-06-04 [Paul Doyle]: Turns into a dork with a mustache *GASP*

2009-06-05 [Lerune]: I miss being a Sith Lord. ;_;

2009-06-09 [playslashwrite]: but you still are Runey!:p

2009-06-09 [Sir. Robert]: I thought we were all transmorgified -_-

2009-06-09 [Paul Doyle]: Make sure not every part of you was transmorgified ^_~

2009-06-10 [playslashwrite]: *is being towely*

2009-06-10 [Paul Doyle]: *uses Sith rat-tail towel-snap maneuver on some flunkys' asses, and sends them flying*

2009-06-11 [playslashwrite]: at least my ass isn't anywhere near flunky :p

2009-06-13 [Calico Tiger]: Miss being one?? When did you stop being one, foo? *wedgies Runey*

2009-06-13 [Paul Doyle]: *breathes anthrodragon-fire on some towels*

2009-07-14 [Lord Josmar]: Hmmm. Where do I APPLY!?

2009-07-14 [playslashwrite]: right here :p

2009-07-14 [Lord Josmar]: Hm. that was easy. I would like to join.

2009-07-15 [Paul Doyle]: Would it be OK if I linked this page on Elftown Comedians?

2009-07-15 [playslashwrite]: Depends, are you a Sith Lord Comedian? XD

2009-07-15 [playslashwrite]: Josmar, you are knighted. Pick your Sith Name!

2009-07-15 [Lord Josmar]: Acutally, Josmar is my sith name so if I could use that it would be greatly appreciated.

2009-07-15 [playslashwrite]: well chosen!

2009-07-15 [Lord Josmar]: Thank you.

2009-07-15 [playslashwrite]: *zaps you with lightning*

Don't thank me, whelp!

2009-07-15 [Lord Josmar]: *falls to ground in pain. Gets up kneeling* My apologizes, I am not worthy of your comments and punishment.

2009-07-15 [playslashwrite]: Damn straight you're not.

*zaps again*

And that's for groveling!

2009-07-15 [Lord Josmar]: *After the shocking was finished, gets up, bows, and quickly leaves*

2009-07-15 [playslashwrite]: Run you coward! RUN! MWAHAHAHA-

*turns into a towel*

Crap, not again >.<

2009-07-15 [Lord Josmar]: Lolz

2009-07-15 [-Orion-]: *rolls her eyes*

2009-07-15 [playslashwrite]: *pats Orion with tip of the towel*

2009-07-15 [-Orion-]: Yes? *tilts her head*

2009-07-15 [playslashwrite]: Would you be so kind to change me back?

2009-07-15 [-Orion-]: I figured it'd be something like that~ Of course I would be kind enough for that.

*changes Trennie back*

2009-07-15 [playslashwrite]: Thank you!

2009-07-15 [-Orion-]: You're welcome, dear, you can go back to zapping now if you will. *smirk*

2009-07-19 [Mirindyin]: It seems that poking this place with a long and sharp stick had the same effect as kicking an anthill...

2009-07-19 [Sir. Robert]: You get your shoe dirty?

2009-07-19 [playslashwrite]: not to mention ants in your boots :p

2009-07-19 [-Orion-]: Lovely.

2009-08-10 [Mirindyin]: seesh, who is responsible for this pandemia thingy called swine flu? I want his/her head severed and served with garlic sauce in front of me right now.

2009-08-10 [Mirindyin]: and to spread the better kind of damage:

2010-02-03 [Darth Jacein]: *rushes in panting, his dark blue robes billowing behind him* My lords!*he says kneeling, and looking to the floor* The legolandians have finished our..your fleet. The invasion of the Mega Blok Empire will beguin shortly.

2010-02-04 [Paul Doyle]: Have no fear, on this page we have also accumulated lots of Force Dust and Force Tumbleweeds. Force Sandblast Attack, anyone? Grrawrr!

2010-02-04 [Darth Jacein]: That is a most exellent idea my lord...

2010-02-04 [playslashwrite]: ooh a giant statue :p

2010-02-04 [Darth Jacein]: lego statue at that

2010-02-07 [playslashwrite]: a GIANT one!

2010-02-08 [Darth Jacein]: there might be a giant lego penis

2010-02-08 [playslashwrite]: there better be!

2010-03-05 [Darth Jacein]: urg i've searched and searched.. i dont think there is a single Starwars Role play in action..

2010-03-19 [Araglas]: Mine died a long time ago....I wish there was an active one I'd love to be apart of it.

2010-03-28 [playslashwrite]: I think they're all dead :p

2010-03-29 [Lord Josmar]: I just dont think they last very long for some reason.

2010-03-29 [Araglas]: *sigh* Its sad really they make awesome rps.....

2010-03-29 [Lord Josmar]: I know, lol. I do all my star wars rping on myspace.

2010-03-30 [playslashwrite]: I'll just wait for the Old Republic to come out next year :p

2010-03-31 [Lord Josmar]: Lolz.

2010-03-31 [Darth Jacein]: omigawd i had a geekgasm when i read about it..actually trennas i think it was you who showed it to me wasnt it?

2010-03-31 [Araglas]: *wanders aimlessly* Hmmm......

2010-04-01 [playslashwrite]: could be, don't really remember. but it's planned for a spring 2011 release, so thats just another year :)

2010-04-03 [Darth Jacein]: i cant wait..

2010-04-05 [playslashwrite]: yeah me neither! Should be fun!

2010-05-19 [Darth Jacein]: som umm i found a role play thats starting.. its in need of people.. anyone interested? its set during malaks rule

2010-05-19 [playslashwrite]: My lack of time would just disturb the game, so not interested.

2011-05-10 [Sideways]: Wow when I clicked on the Sith Lords link I did not expect a page dedicated to Final Fantasy animals cosplaying Star Wars or Spaceballs o_O;

2011-07-11 [Lerune]: It...kinda...well, exploded. It started off great but then there was the incident with the moogle and things got out of control after that. *hangs head in shame*

2011-07-11 [Calico Tiger]: I say suck it :) If you don't like it, then add other stuff to it. I will NOT hang my head in shame. You're free to be as you are here. If that's a little silly, then fine. This is not a place to just be angsty (although some of that is fine as well). Darkness comes in all flavors: Brutal; twisted humor; angsty; covert; etc...

2011-07-11 [Calico Tiger]: Granted, I'm no longer technically the owner of this page anymore (despite what the sidebar says). I passed in on to [playslashwrite] since I hadn't had the time. So if you all wish to rip it up and start over, that's your choice.

2011-07-13 [Lerune]: *whispers* That was sarcasm. *sideways glances, then tickles*

2011-07-13 [Paul Doyle]: I think the Star Wars fad among prequel fans (all eight of them) has long since come and gone. However, it's up to those of us who loved the original trilogy in the theaters before all that "Special Edition" stuff, to keep this place going. Maybe it simply needs a reboot, since so many people here are no longer active on Elftown?

*sits back and enjoys the forthcoming ticklefest, having wistful fun memories of a stripey mooning bum and Runey's shenanigans*

2011-07-13 [Calico Tiger]: I think my apprentice took off to eat ewoks.... Damned wayward apprentices...

2011-07-13 [Lerune]: Good times, Pauly, good times... XD

2011-07-14 [Paul Doyle]: Yes! I'm thinking maybe we could satisfy both the *coughcough* Serious Star Wars Nerds and those of us who'll take any concept and have fun with it , if need be. Why not have both a "serious" Sith lords thing that would require actual SW sentient species as Sith Lords, as well as the fun crazy mayhem where anything goes (that's the one that would have Sith Moogles, Pauly the Anthro-Dragon as a Sith Lord, electrostaitc llamas and so forth). I'm sure we could come up with a canonical solution to the "there can only be two Sith Lords" problem (Lesser-powered Sith Acolytes and Sith Witches, perhaps?) and stay in canon. I like to think we (the people) are a fairly talented bunch who could whip up something a hell of a lot better, storywise, than the first two prequels.

(Though I will admit a comic bunch of noncanon Siths sitting around bullshitting and having a few laughs at some peons' expense is more compelling and a heck of a lot less pretentious!)

Jedi are predictable and boring. Let's make the most of a dual reboot (a "serious" page and a "funny" page) . . . that is, if anyone else is interested?

2011-07-14 [Calico Tiger]: That bullcrap of "there can only be two sith lords" is something Yoda and them came up with (or the more recent sith lords). For thousands of years there were far more sith lords than that at once. You have to take in the whole history, not just Luke's :D

My view on it is that the "current" jedi were given false information to make them breathe easily that there were only two sith as opposed to a bunch so that they wouldn't try more actively hunting them down for being a bigger threat.

2011-07-14 [Lord Josmar]: Darth Bane came up with the rule of two, not Yoda.

2011-07-15 [Paul Doyle]: Star Wars "canon" is damn infuriating at times, mostly because of the usual movie-to-movie inconsistencies (classic trilogy versus prequels, such as Obi-Wan not remembering the droids) and also because of the fact most people simply don't have time to read all of those books . . . fire a cannon at the canon, try to make sense of it all, and do whatever feels best?

I sense a Sith plot to hunt down and torture George Lucas for all these inconsistencies is in order, somewhere along the line of this: ("George Lucas Strikes Back" trailer)

2011-07-15 [Calico Tiger]: You know what another "canon" problem is? Noone would be permitted to make their own character. Afterall, they're not in the story. They're not "canon". And it's entirely boring to play someone else's premade character.

2011-07-17 [playslashwrite]: *pokes head around* wow, this place still alive? We actually have COMMENTS? O.O

2011-07-17 [-Orion-]: That sounds way too unbelievable to be true.... รณ_O

2011-07-17 [playslashwrite]: Indeed, it does!

2011-07-17 [Paul Doyle]: I was thinking of the "canon" (whatever that is) that would appeal to future quality ET newbies who happen to be hardcore Wookiepedia-thumping Star wars geeks. As for the rest of us? We could have our own place to do whatever the hell we want to. More fun for us, since going in-character as established characters is terribly boring in the end. After all, you can't make quick-moving (Sith-Riverdancing?) Darth Maul stop what he's doing and through the Force do the Safety Dance . . . because he is being challenged by the original Dazzler (disco-era) from Marvel Comics/Casablanca Records.

My point? Concede some stultifying canonical tedium to the hardcore George Lucas-worshiping people, but keep the lion's share of the time and energy for us, for whatever we'd like to do, canon or Ion Cannon or whatever else there may be. One restrictive by-the-book place for them, an evil fun zone of endless opportunities for the rest of us :3

2011-07-17 [Calico Tiger]: If new people who aren't here might want to some day do some hard core canon roleplaying, then why not let them create their own wiki page? :) It's not like we hold the copyrights to sith wiki pages, hehe.

2011-07-17 [Calico Tiger]: And, as a matter of fact, there's at least one other sith lords wiki page. Sith Lords is one, but I can't recall the other one that had more content than that one...

2011-07-17 [Paul Doyle]: maybe we could promote both of 'em then. no poopypants to spoil our fun! >:-D

(Though Darth Maul fighting Dazzler in a disco dancefest while the rest of us watch and comment, might be a bit too dorky even by my standards . .. :P)

2011-07-18 [playslashwrite]: I'm inclined to agree with you on that :p

2011-07-25 [Jewl]: Knights of the Old Republic??

2011-07-25 [Calico Tiger]: It took them so long to finally get that thing ready for public consumption, that I no longer have time to play the game >_< I have to wait till my baby is older x) But I'd totally play a Mandalorian Sith (and a bounty hunter).

And w00t for getting to add both Mandalorian and Sith to my Firefox dictionary >:D

2011-08-02 [Jewl]: hahaha!!

2011-09-04 [Darth Jacein]: down for the dual reboot idea..

2011-09-04 [Paul Doyle]: I'm up up for lowering George Lucas into the Sarlacc Pit for screwing with the original trilogy again. Or to quote Darth Vader in the new Blu-Ray Luke-zapping scene: "No . . . NOOO!!!"

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