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When I was younger I really enjoyed watching the Simpsons, so at one point a few years back, I was gifted with the Simpsons Chess Set. I never really was much of a fan of Chess, but seeing as how I was given a brand new set of my very own, I couldn’t really refuse to learn to play the game anymore.

The Simpsons Chess Set greatly resembles almost every other Chess Set. The whole Set comes in a metal box which features Homer Simpson on the front of it. The pieces inside of the box are impressive, while the actual Chess Board is not. The Chess Board for the Simpsons Chess Set is simply a piece of cardboard that looks like a Chess Board and features Simpsons characters in the squares. It is incredibly flimsy and not at all functional or durable. Therefore, when playing with my Simpsons Chess Set, I tend to use a Chess Board that I bought separately that is much more durable than the one that the Set came with. The Chess pieces are much nicer than the Chess Board though.

The Chess pieces for the Simpsons Chess Set are not traditional in their coloring. Instead, each of the thirty-two pieces features Simpsons characters. There are two Kings in this set, both of which feature Homer Simpson. Homer wears a robe, holds a bear and carries a scepter. Atop Homer’s head is a kingly crown. The two Queens of the Simpsons Chess Set are both Marge Simpson. Marge is also wearing a robe similar to Homer’s. Marge holds flowers and has a crown atop her head as well. Each of the four Bishops features Bart Simpson. Bart holds a sword and a shield, and he wears a cape. Obviously, Lisa Simpson is featured next on the four Rooks. Lisa wears a small crown. Krusty the Clown is featured as the Knights (4) of the Simpsons Chess Set, and he is inside of a wooden horse! Lastly, the sixteen Pawns feature Maggie Simpson, who is clutching an actual Chess Pawn.

Each of the Chess pieces from this game is sculpted to look marvelously like the characters from the Simpsons show. The pieces are beautifully colored and are fun to play with. 

I’m not sure that I would recommend this set. I suppose that for the die-hard Simpsons fans, it is a good addition to their collections. However, for the casual Simpsons watcher, this may not be the best gift to give, especially as the playing board is such a flimsy thing. 

/ [Nioniel]

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