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The silent muse

Poem by [Linderel]

Morpheus (my master)
painter of fantasies
let me stand under your wing
teach me everything of sleep's (lethal) might
and hold open the door
that leads me astray

Morpheus (my saviour)
soother of souls
allow me tears in your kingdom
sing me lullabies of old (forgotten) times
and provide the shaky support
that bruises my palms

Morpheus (my love)
weaver of dreams
take me into your dark embrace
show me lands of unknown (savage) beauty
and grant the fragile visions
that preserve my (in)sanity

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2009-01-19 [Skydancer]: Very very nicely done, not dark, more.. ummm victorian melancholy to me. :)

2009-01-19 [Linderel]: Also a bit old - this was written in 2005. October, if I'm not terribly mistaken :D *checks* Only off by one month. November.

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