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Silver Silence
[Cascara Sagrada]

He lies waiting with me,
His eyes are open, but they do not see,
I cradle him in my silver arms,
And yet... I do not hold him, or keep him from harm.
My silver skin is stained rose-red,
His skin is cold, his body bled.
I was placed by footsteps on the ground,
He fell startled, then without a sound.
With a stroke, I kissed his spine,
His heart faltered, his voice sighed.
He fell limp in my grasp,
with dimming eyes and a final gasp.
I will hold him forever more,
His mind silent, his soul unsure,
He is only a memerof this violence,
His eyes staring forever, in my silver silence.

Entwined as One

On satin sheets entwined as one,
lip to lip and tongue to tongue,
Caresses are shared and kisses passed,
as passion grows and hearts beat fast.
From finger tip to deepest core,
sensations alight leaving us wanting more.
Our bodies shudder as climaxes are reached,
entwined as one on satin sheets.
Looking deep into each other's eyes,
smiling softly at the new sunrise.
We both relax, no longer in fear;
a new day has dawned and we are both still here.
It wasn't another dream for the night to keep,
entwined as one we drift off to sleep.
Later we will wake and make love slow and sweet,
wrapped up as one between satin sheets.

by: R. Scott Terry

Eternal Cowardice

So many lifetimes ago the last sunrise rose
burning into memory its golden glow;
its last hold on living flesh;
its last show for orbs that no longer see.
A wake of brilliance,
fitting farewell to mortallity.
Pain fills every fibre; every tick of time.
Born again in agony, a searing genisis,
screaming into darkness.
A silhouette of something, someone, long ago
cast in sepia shades across closed lids.
Thirst drives away reflection
with the rising of the moon.
All glamour left on the silver screen
and between the pages written by
those that dream;
Reality is so much darker,
leaving conscions to rail at the sins of
what truly is...
nothing more than cowerdice.

by: R. Scott Terry

Let's Pretend

Let's pretend that we are grown-up and doing the things that grown-ups do.
Being bankers and lawyers, all sophisticated and knowledgable,
Having conversations about the things that make the world turn.

I had many ideas when I was young about what being a grown-up was all about.
Grown-ups went to work every day, and had children and cars;
their pockets were always full of money.
They drove everywhere and had all of the answers to a small child's problems.
They were giants and super heroes, turck drivers and teachers; they were what made a child's birthday wishes come true.

I thought this was being a grown-up.
Now I am one, and I find that I was wrong.
I look around me at the other grown-ups I see everyday, and all that I see are over-grown children.
They are greedy and uncaring, and more than a little spoiled.
Their pranks were learned in grade school, and their conversations are about the sunday funnies.
They are still play that child's game...

a grand-scale game of, "Let's pretend."

by: R. Scott Terry

A Touch of Memory

Tears fall, shaken loose by silent sobs
liquid echoes of a love denied;
a love that never ceased to be.
Bound by heart, connected by souls,
transcending time and space.
Lips touch briefly in farewell,
coming away a little more complete;
a little more hollow.

by: R. Scott Terry

Please, no more

Please, no more
sploken in quiet tone
with all the power of life behind it
On and on it echoes
Since I first heard it years ago
those words have never left my ears
A morbid irony it seems
for those words now tumble
constantly from my own lips
tinged with sorrow
set adrift on tears
and like all those years ago
when first those words were spoken
no one is listening to the plea
The longer I wait for an answer
the more the request changes
where once those words begged for life
they have been tainted by regret
and cry out for an end to it all
Please, no more.

by: R. Scott Terry

Where Dreams Go To Die

Watercolor sky runs into my mind,
leaving stains of blue,
a shade deeper than my thoughts.
Restless memories trace its grain,
through seemingly endless yesterdays,
into the grey murk of too long ago.
Basking in the cold, unkown ambiance,
restless memories are reborn
in parrelel dimensions;
where every decision ever made
was made again
in a very different way.
And every stray thought that wanders off
takes the littlest piece of consciousness;
tiny sailors abandoning ship,
knowing more hope lies in the unknown,
leaving behind an empty shell...
where dreams go to die.

by: R. Scott Terry

No Deposits...No Returns

I feel like a bottle; no deposits, no returns
Made from glass so cheap, it doesn't melt but burns
Empty on the inside, except for a molding stain
And all that really is, is years of built up pain.

by: R. Scott Terry

Looking In

I look through myself with one good eye;
brains spray across the walls.

an un-rivallable disappointment.
Ten years made hazy by the flicker-flash of sunlight
through chain-links.
My nose rubbed in my every mistake;
house-breaking the man-animal.
It now slides prettily to the floor.

a drifting blur,
vaguely recognizable through the bottom of a bottle.
Pranks and petty crimes,
and the memories
that seem to be the only ones I will ever know.
They still hang, a rosy mist, in the air.

a vast string of adventures and a great sense of aloneness.
Just the odd times;
Learn, live, house-breaking the man-animal.
It trickles down my cheeks like tears.

I looked through me with my one good eye.
I only saw the wall.

by: [valeshadow]

Sparkle, flare, fade
by: [O_O]

From the darkness calls
a simple shadow
playing upon the cornered walls
undulating upon its flow
a moth knows its name
and alights upon a simple seam
of Time and Space's bane
sparkle, flare, fade,
and the moth is gone with a gleam

From the darkness calls
a lithe and daring shadow
slinking beside the cornered walls
and seeking with its velvet nose
the place the moth had gone
and touched so slightly the very place
to which the moth had drawn
sparkle, flare, fade
And a girl found her cat misplaced

Now before the cat a new world glittered
green and glistening with dew
and just before him the little moth flittered
And away from the cat withdrew
The place was strange and bright
like the glittering flash that brought them there
sparkle, flare, fade
the telltale flash of light.

"Born on Halloween"
by [Count_Mana]

You would have thought that i'd be a loner, but no,
Everyone has an ounce of respect for me
Because i am a special person
Born on a special day
I was born on Halloween.

Being born on Halloween
Is a lot better than you may think
According to old wives' tales,
I should be able to see spirits
But no i can't do this

On Halloween it's like every one
Is celebrating my birth
There is never no one to celebrate with,
Because everyone is celebrating already.

I am a special person,
Because i was born on Halloween.

4)(A Reprise)

But you and I, though burning plains,
though darkness of the earth,
affirm the world, its people,
the heavens that gave them birth,
the breath that passes between us,
this new home where we stand,
and all those things made larger by
the vows between woman and man.

[Sk8erGirl Kitiara]

Lacus Mortis I wrote this when I was 10 years old so don't mock me too much...
Shrouded in a veil of shadows
Lacus Mortis lies,
No sun shall shine -
For light is divine
Here evil and darkness reign.
Dead trees overhang my black lake of death
For the birds of doom to rest upon.

Tall in his malicious splendour,
Untold depth within his eyes.
I bid thee take me painlessly,
I swear my winged knight -
I will follow over dark and misty water
And into your endless embrace.
[Alfirin Lindlea]

the day faith died

the day that faith died
is one i remember so well
It was dark and overcast
the perfect day to match your mood
you lost faith in everything,including yourself
i stood there helpless
as your will to fight
died with your faith
you're one of the strongest people I know
but now you're giving up
and you lost faith
what will become of a world
without it's champion?

Angel tears

Some say that raindrops
are just the tears of angels
crying to wash away the sins of man
and for those moments
both man and angels are equal
crying for everything lost

Self Destructive
[I the exotic dancing fairy]
don't look at me like i'm the one that wins
cuz everytime you say that,
i wince and twinge and cringe
i didn't mean to freak and freakin' binge
and i didn't REALLY mean to steal that bitches purple benz
i just HAVE to, sometimes
when the urge gets too great
when the wind and sunshine
just seems to grate
upon my fragilest nerve
to make it break and ache
and shudder to break something
as it has been broken
and so before i know it
   i have.
broken something i mean
so please, you couldn't send me away
for doing the natural thing,
the thing that suits me best
to upset and excite and-
well, you know the rest.
i can't really say
i'll never do it again
for while i mean it now
i'll never mean it again
i MUST find the excitement i crave
and really every single night i pray
to make this urge just go away
but every time i pray it comes back again
so i go and do something wronger,
like make my friends' hearts lurch
by breaking into the house near the church
and painting"god is watching us" on the wall.

a poem for you
i wanted to write you a poem
but i didn't know what to say
except"your eyes freakin' unnerve me"
and that's more than i wanted to say.

to tell the truth,
this was supposed to be
a bubbly, friendly sort of poem
kind of the way you seem to me.

but now that i sit to write
i can't think of anything quite right
that i could really say to you
because your eyes are all i see
they're really kind of a marvelous blue.

so tomorrow, when i see you
i'll probably just smile and say
'when it comes to you i have nothing to say'.
but maybe, just maybe, i'll give this to you
[I the exotic dancing fairy]


A fallen champion,to a fallen world
his hands sullied in the blood
of those he's killed
he was hitokiri,an assasin
born of pure darkness
born into a role
he couldn't escape
hatred burns in his eyes
he will show you
the true hell born
of an assasin's blade


He's still wrapped around
your little finger
you still hold his heart
in the palm of your hand
and it's tearing mine in two
can't you tell him
you've let go
so his heart can break?
I'll be there to pick up the pieces
maybe then he'll forget about you.


A sweet lonely nocturne
The moon is a pearl
The water a glass
That burns silver
And I am a mist
That trails in the grass
And vanishes
Into the dawn

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