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2005-03-15 23:46:46
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The Show of Life

 Woe be woman
 whose fate it is to serve.
 may thy tongue shrivel
 that it spews such falsehoods.
 ah, but does not a man pull thy strings?
 We are all but puppets
 of greater powers.
 Puppets? As in the show of life?
 Truly, birth doth
 draw wide the curtains.
 And woman, are thy lines scripted?
 In that I can be no one but myself,
 I can say only my lines.
 So sad, to be so constrained.
 It is I who fell for thee.
 Thine own role and fate
 has ever been written,
 while mine own
 changes with each breath.
 Yea, tho puppet to be,
 it is hope, faith and love
 that pulls my strings....

From the game "Secret of Evermore"

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