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         The Seletar Story

This is an rpg played in the world of Semedia. Stories will alter as this is a world this is the main story that is going on right now, but you will find other stories and quests if you venture into other areas.

From the point of view of the "Good Side": The Warlords came from another land several years ago. They brought with them war and sorcery. They slowly began to take over, destroying all the ruling class and replacing them with their own.
The first battle we fought resulted in the deaths of some of their warlords, though others escaped.
During an attempt at a peace treaty Lord Seletar and his wife were ambushed and slain, leaving behind their daughter who was forced to take up the role of ruler.
Her twin went to war and nothing has been heard of him for over a year.

From the point of view of the "Evil Side": We have returned to take what is rightfully ours.
Long ago the witches (Mages) stole our lands. They claim we are responsible for the deaths and sickness when it is they that are responsible.
The first battle was even further humiliating, as they killed some of our brethren.
We are trying to establish a proper code of laws and the proper king will rule, as he should.
This war is not ours but theirs: the thieves of our land and rights! We have even been forced to take some harsh actions, such as assassination attempts, though it shames us to do so. We are left with little choice, for they will listen to no reason.

There is a prophecy that seems to be a danger to the "Good Side" in the way that the warlords seem to do anything in their power to stop it (including killing those the prophecy speaks of).

The prophecy for the "Evil Side" seems to pose a danger to their power. They do what they can to prevent it from happening, though it is implied that some of the prophecy has already taken place.
It seems that those who know what the prophecy contains have not spoken freely of its content, some even taking it to the grave.
The Tower of Seletar

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