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The Scars by William Tennant review

Admittedly, I downloaded a few free books for my Kindle, just to see how the whole process worked before I started spending money on other, more desirable books; The Scars happened to be one of those books.

The writing itself was absolutely readable, which is probably why I didn't just erase the book when the story went south. The vignettes at the start of the chapters, written photographs describing any number of memories, were quite interesting.

At the start of the story, I felt bad for the main character, Peter. After a very tragic, albeit unlikely, event involving his the love of his life dying from an aneurysm the night of their wedding, he eventually gets his life back together and starts teaching at a somewhat downtrodden school. After a series of events, failed attempts at dating and a situation where he intervened in a student's home life when he discovered she was being 'abused,' he unintentionally and unknowingly falls in love with the same fifteen-year-old student, and she gets kidnapped by an insane fellow teacher who seems like she's going to kill her but she really only wants to save her... in other words, blah, blah, blah.

In the end, he's still in love with the fifteen-year-old, who he never does anything untoward with, but promises he'll wait for her until she's old. Uhm, skeevy. That is all.
/ [Ms. Steel]

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