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          The Romance Hotel
   Several people have been chosen to spend a week at Romance Hotel. You have an all expense-paid trip to do what ever you want with the opposite sex for a week. Where would you start?

What to do:
1.go to The Romance Hotel Rules
2. go to The Romance Hotel Rooms. read about and decide on a room.
3. go to The Romance Hotel Entry. fill out the description and tell me what room you want. i will also take requests on who you spend your week with.
4. go to watch this wiki so you will know when i add you. i will try to message you too.
5. Spend a week with your room mate in your room. The only other person besides the two of you that can get into your room is me.
6. Summerize what happened in your room and send it to [kagome babe]
7. i will use it in my story called, The Romace Hotel. I will not use usernames, but character names.

Next step, click on this link the romance hotel rules

Username (or number or email):


2005-07-28 [Snowblind Lion]: The Romance Hotel Rules

2005-07-28 [kagome babe]: thanx

2005-07-28 [Deadlock jester]: If I am aloud to give advice: I would put the links up like this the romance hotel rules

2005-07-28 [kagome babe]: i'll work on that

2005-07-28 [SouL ReaVeR]: hey..

2005-07-28 [kagome babe]: will you join?

2005-07-28 [:.]: sounds interesting

2005-07-29 [Rhymes With Orange]: yah. i'll join

2005-07-29 [sexyblueyes44]: hey mtngirl ill join

2005-07-29 [kagome babe]: k, just follow the links.

2005-07-29 [:.]: i'll join

2005-07-29 [De Vierde Macht]: hi people, i'm here to join, rachel asked me to

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