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For all your character storing needs. Here you can share your characters and summarize what it is you are looking for in an rp.

You will need to fill out a little form:

User Name : Character Wiki : Brief (4-6 sentences) statement about what types of rps you're interested in/specific characters you want to rp with/whatever you find relevant.

Please look through other people's characters. If you see an rper/character that catches your eye, comment on their wiki and ask to set up an rp. You do not need to link to the rp here. It is up to you how public it will be. Also, feel free to use the comments to advertise new rps.

[NOOOPE] : M Babes : I prefer to rp via IM, so if you have MSN/Yahoo/AIM I'msa there. I can rp here if you'd prefer and in whatever format you're comfortable with. I'm ok with every level of maturity (gay men are HOTTER) though I hate vamps/werewolves/tolkien races/fan based/anime inspired/or furry stuff. I will not rp with such things. I don't do high fantasy (obviously), I do like modern fantasy, however and I especially like scifi (ex. post apocalypse, steam punk, aliens, etc).

[Aeolynn]: RP Characters of Aeolynn : I like Novel-based RPing, where there are no bolds on the character names and no HR tags. I do prefer mature roleplays, but I have been known to be in some without any sexy action. I am along lines with M! that I dislike vamps/werewolves/tolkien races/fan based/anime inspired/or furry stuff.

[Erubeus]; Writing Skills; I like rather literate roleplays, though I'm not too anal about it. The only thing I hate is when my rping partner types up two sentences when I have posted up a couple of paragraphs... It annoys me. If you are unable to produce a quick paragraph, don't even go through my character sheet. Kthnx. I tend to lean towards yaoi rps, but I'm game for straight, yo. Unlike the above two, I'll do Night-walker or Lycanthrope rps, but only if there is a good plot behind it.

[shadow of darkness]: Characters of SoD: I enjoy a great multitude of different styles of RPing. I'm rather conditioned to playing with the bold and HR tags as I have been doing so for the entirety of my time here on Elftown...Mature and sexy RPs are fine with me and some of my characters have done some crazy things along those lines. I'm real into the vamps, werewolves, fanbased, and anime inspired kinda stuff, as I said I've got a pretty wide range of styles I enjoy.

[Veltzeh]: Veltzeh's characters. For an enjoyable RPG, the important things are obeying any rules and writing good English. I do fine with or without mature subjects, and for genre, everything except "our plain ordinary everyday world" goes, but I prefer sci-fi and no magic. The most important base of all is the game world. There has to be a clear world before I can make a character, and I'm always willing to make new characters. Since I'm good at making worlds, I can make the world order but someone else needs to bring the conflict/plot into it.

[XxTsomexX]: Tsome's RP Characters I will literally RP anything, and if I don't have a character that fits, I will make a brand new one up. The ones on that page are ones I use a lot, or I have on a public wiki that I will use more in the future. The page is still under construction, unfortunately, so please be patient. Thank you :)

[Crankychangeling]: The Grand and Wonderful Character Page! I'm up for almost anything if the plot is structurally sound and creative without being cliche. I have absolutely no issues with mature content. Also, having good grammar is very important. To quote the great M, "I hate vamps/werewolves/tolkien races/fan based/anime inspired/or furry stuff." Therefore, I won't be in rps that involve them.

[Chel.]: Chel's Minions: I love all things sexy and gory. Preferably together! I can't stand people who use anime pics in their character's bios or who never let their character's fail. Torment is so much more fun! I'm also an avid rper. I demand a high posting to day rate. I get the shakes without my daily posting.

[Dezmond] Dezzy's creations: Sex, drugs, mind numbing violence, love it all. All I ask is that you at least give me decent posts, and a decent amount of them. Gotta get my fix yo...*twitch* Also, I don't like cliche` crap, so please...gimme something original...I'm not really that picky.

[kay-chan] Kay's Pure, Undiluted Sexiness: For some peoples I'm willing to play. For specifics on my roleplaying desires (oh baby): Kay Roleplays!

[The Femme Fatale Problem] Femme Fatale's Character Storage I prefer the RPS I participate in to be formatted more like a novel and therefore to have decent grammar and spelling. I have a tendency to lean towards mature RPs with some sexual content (though not required, obviously). I'm not into fan-fic, anime, traditional werewolves and I won't participate in those RPs. I'm just no into cliches. If you have a new RP coming up, I have no opposition to making a new character if any on my list do not fit.

[Elwyne]Elwyne's Character List I'm not very picky about rp's though I usually stick to high fantasy types. I've also played in space sci-fi and steam punk rps and X-men mutant types. I do like to look an rp over before joining and I try to be on at least once a day... although lately I've been a bit distracted. I never give up completely on an rp though and have them on watch until something changes. If my characters don't fit I tend to adapt them to the rp. Sometimes that helps me to create the ideas for a new character. Feel free to invite me.

[Celtore]Aina's Character Realm I've played just about every type of character possible. I'm interested in every type of rp there is, I'm not picky I just love to rp. I've also created several of my own but I'm looking to joining a few new ones to broaden my horizon. *Giggles* I get on every day just to check and make sure that it's not my time to post. Normally I'm on constantly, So don't hesitate to invite me!

[Ravendust] -- Raven's- well, I don't have anything witty to say. I'm an avid Rper and will take the opportunity to join just about any type of RP that catches my fancy. Lately I tend to create fantasy/sci-fi type characters and RPs. I am on practically every day and look forward to broadening my horizons with new and exciting RPs. I not only RP via wikis here in elftown, but on messengers. Currently I've got yahoo and skype to play with because my computer is being anti-me right now and refuses to load MSN or AIM. :-(... Feel free to ask me into some Rps, more than likely I'll join and if my current characters aren't up to par I'm almost always inspired to create new ones. :D

[Pnelma Tirian] -- Pnelma Tirian's Gallery of Masks I've been rping for five years now and I still don't know what the hell I'm doing. :) All I know is that I'm a great antagonist, a lazy GM, and a stickler for grammar and spelling. I'm always looking for an opportunity to play characters I've never played before in scenarios I never thought of!

[Eyden13] -- Character of Eyden I'm into all types of rps, fantasy, fanfiction, and random others; however, I hate it when it dies off. I like IMing rps, and those that have many rooms. I, at most, go two days without rping and give warning if I'm going to disappear. Right now I own one rp and am looking for new ones to try out a few new characters. So just let me know if need anyone for an rp, and expecially if you want a small group or one on one. And I'm really ino romance so if ou need a partner or have a supper sappy rp let me know.

[Flisky] -- Flisky's Character Collection It doesn't really matter what type of RP it is, I'll try it at least for a while. I prefer small, dedicated groups, but large groups are fine too. My character page is always being updated as new characters join, and someday I might actually sort it out. ^_^

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2009-08-12 [Ravendust]: figured I was on the old one, may as well join up with the new page. always, always looking for new opportunities to use my creative juices. XD

Anyway... *whistles* Distorted Perceptions ;)

2009-09-15 [hammersmashface]: <looking for a fresh started RP so i can make a new character>

2009-09-15 [NOOOPE]: Well, this is an excellent place. There's also Text Adventures

2009-09-15 [hammersmashface]: yeah but hte ones in text adv. all already have long historys and stuff going on...that how i found this place :)

2010-03-22 [Amanda Bastian]: I think i might put a list of characters for this :) I like it a lot!

2010-05-12 [Amanda Bastian]: I forgot about this page :\ lol

2011-12-17 [Celtore]: If any of you are still active and looking for rps to be apart of let me know!!! I've got mine started up again and their all looking for members!

2011-12-17 [Veltzeh]: I can always take a look at least.

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