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The Protector review

Tony Jaa stars in this martial arts action flick that takes place, briefly in Thailand and, primarily, in Sydney, Australia. Tony Jaa plays Kham, a man that was raised in the jungle of Thailand with his father and a few elephants that they treat like family. One day, during a local festival, they take their elephants into town to see if the adult is worthy of use by the royal family. However, it turns out to be a scam and their elephants are stolen.

After a rather brief investigation (beat down followed by boat chase) Kham finds out that they have been taken to Sydney and leaves immediately to find them and bring them back. While there he finds an ally in a Thai police officer in the Sydney department. Together they try to track down the elephants and find the culprits and bring them to justice, flying double knee to the chest and through a glass door kind of justice.

This movie is one of my all-time favorite martial arts flicks. It features Tony Jaa of Ong-Bak fame who is exceptional in the movie. Another notable actor is Nathan Jones who has been in such films as Troy, Fearless, and The Condemned.

By far the best thing about this movie is the fight scenes. They make great use of the environment around them and do some spectacular things with or without the awesome sets. Creative camera use also adds to the scenes by giving you less visual information then you would expect, by not following right behind the Tony Jaa.

Definitely pick this up the next chance you get, and if you can find it you should get the special two disc version with the international uncut version which is, as usual, fifty times better then the American cut.
/ [Lord Josmar]

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