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The Princess and the Golbin review

Directed by József Gémes

Starring Claire Bloom, Joss Ackland and Roy Kinnear

This movie was another amazing thrift store find for me (in fact, I might have gotten it along with Little Nemo, I can't quite remember however), and I'm so happy I found it. I am sad, however, that when I called the 1-800 number for the phone card that was P & G themed, the number was out of service. Sad days. :( (Although to be fair I called in about... Oh... Two years ago maybe? :P)

This is about a princess named Irene. She has a cat friend who followed her everywhere, and one day while her nurse falls asleep, she wanders off into the woods and is attacked by goblins! Luckily a miner boy Curty saves her (and her cat). Her father must leave the castle, and she is left alone. She meets the spirit of her great, great, great-grandmother in the attic, and she gives her several magical gifts (including an awesome ball of string).

Meanwhile, the goblin prince and his mother are plotting to overthrow the "sun-dwellers", and have him marry the princess!

I think this is a cute movie, and I rather enjoyed it. I think it's great for kids, and the art isn't bad either. The music is cute, and isn't too annoying, so that's a plus as well.

/ [Akayume]

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2011-06-21 [Alexi Ice]: I love this movie when I was a kid!!!

2011-06-21 [Akayume]: :D Me too!

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