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2011-09-13 00:47:27
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The Powder Room


For Ladies Model Entries Only


Please place your entries below the the img200: tag, along with your name & title of your submission.

1. "Tilt your chin" - [Blaithin]






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2010-08-11 [smakeupfx]: this sounds promising :D

2010-08-11 [Cillamoon]: Here's hoping my efforts to breathe life once again into my contests works. *crosses fingers*

2010-08-12 [Nioniel]: Good luck! :)

2010-08-12 [Cillamoon]: Thanks! :)

2010-08-12 [Nioniel]: Yup.

2010-08-19 [Skydancer]: Brilliant, more folk to join in.

2010-08-20 [Nioniel]: It's not great, but it's something.

2011-01-18 [Skydancer]: While I did vote for my own image, I really really applaud Melissa for getting one in, its brilliant. I only went with technical merit. smiles.

2011-01-18 [Nioniel]: Yours is the better photo. :D

2011-01-18 [Skydancer]: Well, I did have advantages. :) Yours is the braver of the two however.

2011-01-19 [Cillamoon]: Thanks for the participation guys. Does anyone want to participate in another round on this contest?

2011-01-19 [Captain Rachel Black]: I might like to try again!

2011-01-19 [Nioniel]: :)
Another round might be fun.

2011-01-20 [Skydancer]: Will do the best I can, might have to go pay a pizza for a model. :D

2011-09-11 [Blaithin]: I have a photo that I think might work!

2011-09-12 [Cillamoon]: Awesome!

2011-09-13 [Blaithin]: Does that work? :/

2011-09-13 [Cillamoon]: VERY nice! Love it!

2011-09-13 [Blaithin]: Sweet :)

2011-10-24 [Cillamoon]: For all watchers, this round will be ending next week so get your submissions in while you can please!

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