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2009-03-31 00:13:59
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The Phantom's Book


*Main Introduction*






The Phantom's Contest
The Phantom's Book - Page 2

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2009-03-30 [Rook.]: Oaky, out of pure curiosity.... WHO IS WATCHIGN THIS PAGE 'cept me?

I dont remember ever releasing it...

2009-03-30 [Astrid.]: I'm watching it.
Though I'm not too sure what it is.

2009-03-30 [nehirwen]: You've send out wiki invitations..

2009-03-30 [Rook.]: How did you find it....? I haven't pu tthe link out yet.... *is very confused*

2009-03-30 [Astrid.]: I'll begin manipulating photos and such for the page.

2009-03-30 [Rook.]: alright....? *is still confused*

2009-03-30 [Astrid.]: I read that you wanted manipulated photos for posters, dividers, ect.

2009-03-30 [Rook.]: oooh...wait...TAHTS RIGHT!!! isentout the invite to all of the people I knew were creative witht hese things XD
*laughs at own stupidness* sorry bout that XD

2009-03-30 [Artsieladie]: How about if you actually set up a contest for people to donate what you're looking for, for your RP? As a reward, the art and/or graphics would be used on/in your RP and on it's main page and the credit for the art/graphics used would go to the winner(s). [Jitter] is a big Phantom Of The Opera fan, I believe.

Besides, if you do make what you're loooking for into a contest, it will be advertised on MC and on Mainstreet's Calendar and since I try to include a brief idea and/or purpose of each contest, the brief description would likely include what you expect in the contest and what for, which would be your RP, and if it has a name/title, I could include this as well. There are little benefits that can be had. ;D

2009-03-30 [Rook.]: *smiles* thanks dear. I jsut dont really know how to do that...unless... *thinks* I can divide it up into two seperate pages...

Thanks, I'll take your advice!

2009-03-30 [Rook.]: The contest is called: The Phantom's Contest

and my wiki is called The Phantom's Book

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