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2006-04-07 22:51:03
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Welcome aboard me ship, mates. This here's a pirate vessel, and I'm cap'n Edward Turner. This here is a hard life, so all that aren't ready for it, leave. But, before you join, you have to sign the articles. Here they are.

1.Every man shall be given a vote in all affairs of moment and every man shall obey civil command.
2.If any man shall board a Prize (ship taken in battle) and not declare a find of gold, silver, plate, jewels or money above the worth of a piece of eight and so seek to defraud the company, he shall suffer marooning, landed in some desert place with one bottle of powder, one bottle of water, pistol and shot.
3.all fights will be settled on shore, with a pistol and sword, including only those involved and their chosen "seconds", who will take their place if, for some reason, they become unable to fight without being killed.
4. Shares of profits:
Captain:5 shares
Officers:4 shares
Officer's mates: 3 shares
Junior Officers:2 shares
Able Bodied Seamen:1 share

Mail me, [Black_Dragon_123], if you want to join. I will decide on your rank (If you don't like your rank, message me, and we can disscuss it).

Those are our rules. Here follows the signatures.
[your username] / rank(or character's name) / character's name(or rank) / (position on the ship the rank holds)
[Black_Dragon_123] Cap'n (Will fill in for cook until we get a new one)/ Edward Turner / (captain)
[Sphynx] First Mate / Jack / (officer)
[Pinkpants] Doctor / Jayare / (officer)
[Peregrine] Bosun / Lady peregrine / (officer)
[~Arus~] Helmsman / Arus / (officer)
[inukasha] Kasha / carpenter / (officer)
[raynesprite]Trace / crow's nest/ (Junior officer)
[Nakednightelf] El Romero /Middle Deck Starboard Gun Crew /(Able Bodied Seaman)
[~Lunacy Fringe~] Lyra /navigator/(officer)
[alli.DEADFAYCE.] Nariu /Middle Deck Port Gun Crew /(Able bodied Seaman)
[~`~Wolf~`~] Sam /Aft Gun Crew /(Able bodied Seaman)
[*Freak*Show*] Steph / Lower Deck Port Gun Crew / (Able bodied Seaman)
[Yoshifan823] Nicko/ Lower Deck Starboard Gun Crew/(Able bodied Seaman)

once we have enough crew members, we're goin' on a voyage, me hearties!!!

remaining positions to be filled:
before voyage: 1
NOTICE: When all the positions are filled, you can still join, but you'll just be a normal deckhand. You can NEVER have too many deckhands!!! Those are just specific duties on the ship...

Member Notices

We need more members before we can go on our voyage! So go out and advertise, my crew! Tell as many people as you can about The Phantom Shadow!!! --your captain, [Black_Dragon_123].

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2006-04-07 [alli.DEADFAYCE.]: you better

2006-04-07 [Black_Dragon_123]: Ok... so ummm... Wolf! you should go to the Fighters RP World, or whatever it's called, and make your character, and put your name on the user list, and such!

2006-04-07 [~`~Wolf~`~]: hello

2006-04-07 [Black_Dragon_123]: Yeah!

2006-04-07 [~`~Wolf~`~]: what?

2006-04-07 [Black_Dragon_123]: That means you!

2006-04-07 [~`~Wolf~`~]: huh.....

2006-04-07 [Black_Dragon_123]: yeah... >> <<

2006-04-07 [~`~Wolf~`~]: shut up....

2006-04-08 [*Freak*Show*]: huh?

2006-04-08 [~`~Wolf~`~]: what?

2006-04-08 [*Freak*Show*]: ummmm

2006-04-08 [Black_Dragon_123]: What?

2006-04-08 [*Freak*Show*]: hello!!!

2006-04-08 [Black_Dragon_123]: Hi. ^^'

2006-04-08 [*Freak*Show*]: I like pie!!!! lol

2006-04-08 [Black_Dragon_123]: lol... ok...

2006-04-08 [*Freak*Show*]: dont ask I'm hyper...I played with a pointy knife and now I's hyper

2006-11-03 [~`~Wolf~`~]: black dragon?

2006-11-03 [alli.DEADFAYCE.]: Hey black dragon!

2006-12-20 [Black_Dragon_123]: Sorry I've been missing. But I'm back. What needs you?

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