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2005-03-31 21:04:05
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[The Organization originally is the product of KH:COM and KH2, and truely owned by SquareEnix. Let it be known that this is a more emphasized Role-Play, due to my obsession.


The Organization is a group which consists of 12 (or more) members, who seek the secrets of the heart. This group's members contain with them each their own unique role or power. They are also known as the "Unknowns" with their signature hooded black robes.

DiZ was once "The Superior", until he was bounded by Shini and Kalika and contained(or put away for safe keeping) in the underground sect of Castle Oblivion. His true nature is still an enigma, but he is an existence neither of darkness or light, also known as "NEO".

There is also an 'Army of Beasts', which can also be called 'No.Bodies' which are held and bred under the Unknowns. Most are massive winged creatures, which can be mounted, ordered from the ground, or controlled telepathically. Other favoured beasts are earthbound, which usually hold a telepathic bind with their partner.

The No.Bodies Force is as followed:
Gargoyles- lethal grotesque creatures with stealthy flying abilities
Invisibles- hold the power of living up to their name; they are completely black in colour with small wings, tendrils for hair, and pure yellow orbs for eyes, they hold a meter long sword with numerous designs which they can use to resurrect themselves
Behemoths: Gargantuan earth/darkness based creatures; they are four legged, with hooves; they have one horn which proves as a weak point, but also their strongest point.

Kurt Zisa
Guard Mech
Monoblos (triceratops-like wyvern)
Basarios (rocky-like wyvern)
Hell Hounds
More will be added later, as it progresses.


Castle Oblivion is the headquarters of The Organization. This mysterious fortress supports itself upon a massive plot of hovering land, shimmering gold and teal, despite the gloomy and eerie environment it is part of. Two other hovering plots of earth stand on opposite sides of the fortress, holding ruins of the once larger Castle Oblivion. There are numerous floors, within, the walls painted white, as though new, the floors marble, etched with exotic patterns. Yet, there comes a warning, the higher you climb, the more that is forgotten, to those random visitors, and new members.

Members - Unknown/Position

2.Shinigami-Vice Superior
6. (Omega General)
7.Icye-Weaponry Sage
9.Damien Eros-Assassin
10. (Assassin)
11. (Assassin)
12. (Soldier)
13. (Soldier)
14. (Soldier)
15. (Soldier)
16. (Soldier)
17. (Soldier)
18. (Soldier)
19. (Soldier)
20. (Soldier)
Members are unlimited.

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2005-03-28 [UzumakiKurai]: Mails should be sent to me or a comment can we wrote, if you wish to join.

2005-03-29 [Shijin]: I would like to...but I don't know how much time I will get to play.

2005-03-29 [Konobi]: Eee ^_^ This looks great! Finally, a good rp center

2005-04-05 [Acidic Khemica]: this place looks great

2005-04-17 [Aurorum]: i'd like to join..... i've just started Rp'ing and the one im in is sooo slow.. i like to have alot of time put in something... let me know something ?

2005-04-17 [Acidic Khemica]: ^_^

2005-05-13 [UzumakiKurai]: Thank you for the comment, Acidic. If you would like to join Aurorum, mail my house.

2005-05-13 [Acidic Khemica]: i would like to join also

2005-05-29 [UzumakiKurai]: I would like to apologize to all who have posted their comments. In a few weeks things hopefully will begin to kick off. Once again I apologize. 

2005-10-06 [the 13th Star]: Cool!!! Kingdom Hearts is my favorite game...

2005-10-09 [UzumakiKurai]: Aw. It is one of my favourites as well. n_n Ahem... Any-ways, once again, any of those who would like to join, please message my house with completed character profiles(race,age[if known],attributes,etc.). Thank you.

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